Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 99 [Alone In A Confined Space] (Part 2/4)


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Batting away the dust that Garfiel’s departure had kicked up, Subaru decided to check over the room once more before leaving.

Regardless of Garfiel’s hasty conclusions, would Lewes really disappear without leaving any trace behind? Or at least, she might have left some hints about where she was going――

[Subaru: But then again, if there was anything, the guy who’s known her for ages should’ve noticed it. My nose isn’t as sharp as his and my eyes aren’t any better…]

After five minutes of searching and finding nothing, Subaru sighed with that self-deprecating lament. Heading out of the cabin, he gazed in the direction of the village, in thought.

[Subaru: ――――]

Emilia and Lewes Theta, those two had almost simultaneously disappeared.
Chances were, both of them left their buildings of their own accord, and were trying to hide from Subaru and everyone else. There was even a possibility that they were working together.

[Subaru: I don’t remember Emilia and Lewes-san being close, but……]

Ever since arriving in the Sanctuary, Emilia’s mind had been occupied by the Trials and the Royal Selection. Subaru couldn’t recall a single instance where she casually interacted with anyone here.
At most, she had some conversations with Subaru, Ram, Otto, but she rarely ever spoke with Lewes or Garfiel.

Thinking about it now, her lack of interaction with others might’ve been the reason she was so fixated on her lonely sense of duty, and it was Subaru’s fault for not paying enough attention to her. If Subaru had done more to smooth things out, Emilia would not have had so many emotions pent up inside, and perhaps they would’ve found a clearer solution to their problems.

[Subaru: But it’s a bit late for that, isn’t it……]

This wasn’t the time to be thinking about the underlying causes of Emilia’s disappearance. More importantly, delving into it would only push Subaru further into blaming himself.
There was no time to wallow in self-loathing now.

[Subaru: It’s a good thing Garfiel doesn’t know that Emilia’s also missing…… not that he’d prioritize looking for her before looking for Lewes-san, but there’s no knowing what he’d say if given the pretext]

Even this small relief would be pointless if he doesn’t find Emilia soon. But finding Lewes Theta wasn’t a matter he could put off, either.
If he doesn’t find Theta before Garfiel does, it won’t be easy getting past the overprotective Garfiel after that.
In other words, what Subaru needed to do could be summed up as:

[Subaru: Secure Emilia and Lewes Theta before Garfiel does, figure out Theta’s reasons for opposing the Sanctuary’s liberation, get Emilia back on her feet, have her challenge the Trials, and do all of that within half a day…… huh]

[???: ……Natsuki-san, just how brambled does the path have to be before you’re satisfied?]

As Subaru came to that rather bleak conclusion, Otto showed up by the door just in time to butt in.
Arriving quite a bit later than Subaru, who sprinted here, Otto looked around the shack’s dishevelled interior and furrowed his brows.

[Otto: Even if you’re rummaging through a house, you could’ve been more elegant about it. Though, your conversation with Garfiel seems to have concluded safely]

[Subaru: Concluded safely, but can’t say I got anything out of it. Anyway, I’ve reaffirmed the situation and our next course of action is just as I mumbled]

[Otto: All I got from that mumble was that we have some new problems piled on top of the old ones and now it’s all a jumbled mess, more or less]

[Subaru: .………]

Unable to weasel around Otto’s accurate impression, Subaru slumped his shoulders.
Nevertheless, the fact that Subaru was feeling more at ease than before was no doubt because Otto’s presence meant he would no longer have to agonize over it alone.

[Otto: ……I’ll feel troubled if you keep giving me that blatantly-relieved look, you know]

[Subaru: ――? What?]

[Otto: ……forget I said anything. You don’t seem to realize it, huh. No way you do. Aaaaagh but if you do and you’re doing this to me on purpose then I’m totally getting led by the nose here, aren’t I…]

Watching Otto messing up his gray hair, Subaru tilted his head. But, without answering Subaru’s confused expression, [Anyway!], Otto shouted,

[Otto: There’s no doubt that the already hopeless situation just got even worse. So what do we do? Now that the circumstances that already made me want to run for it as it is managed to plummet even further, how’re we getting out of this? I have a feeling that if we hurry now we could still dump everything and make a run for it]

[Subaru: After everything you’ve seen and heard, you still think we can drop everything and run away? Neither of us is the kind of people who can do something that irresponsible, right?]

[Otto: ……But it looks like Emilia-sama has done exactly that]

Looking away, Otto muttered with a sigh.
It wasn’t out of spite. Otto was simply venting the dissatisfaction pent up in his chest. Realizing this, Subaru did not blame him for it.
Subaru only lightly shook his head,

[Subaru: Emilia isn’t the kind of girl who’d turn tail and run in the face of her problems……]

[Otto: But, how can you say that? Natsuki-san. I’ve been meaning to say this for a while now, but, are you sure you’re not too fixated on only Emilia-sama’s attractive side?]

[Subaru: ……What’s that supposed to mean. Well, yeah, Emilia is so beautiful that my eyes could explode]

[Otto: While I definitely agree with that, I’m sure you know that’s not what I meant]

Seeing his lame joke easily swept aside, Subaru twisted his lips under Otto’s gaze.
As if finding it a bit painful to watch, Otto raised a finger with, [You listening?],

[Otto: I understand why you’d only want to see the good side of someone you have a crush on. I’m sure that kind of thing is very common. So I don’t blame you for projecting your ideals on her]

[Subaru: ――――]

[Otto: But Emilia-sama is not a perfect person. In fact, she has quite a few problems. And that includes the factors that are totally outside of her control. Her origin, her standing, and all the other issues that come with it]

Listening to Otto’s fluent speech, Subaru figured Otto must’ve wanted to lecture him on this for quite some time now and had prepared those words beforehand.
And indeed, his words were sound and left no room for rebuttal.

[Otto: Naturally, those external factors are unrelated to Emilia-sama’s inner purity. And her outward beauty only adds to her charm. But, Natsuki-san. Emilia-sama is only a mortal…… she’s just an ordinary girl. And just like ordinary girls, she has her share of worries, weaknesses, and unattractive aspects to her as well]

[Subaru: No but, only Emilia……]

[Otto: Don’t you find it strange that you’re only blindly seeing Emilia-sama in a different light? Natsuki-san, since coming to the Sanctuary, you must have seen plenty of Emilia-sama’s shortcomings first-hand, right? Those shortcomings won’t be limited to this place but will come up again and again in the future as well. Emilia-sama’s aspirations are too high above the reach of ordinary people, after all]

That was Otto’s opinion of the height of Emilia’s aspirations―― the Throne.
A pinnacle which many others, just like Emilia, were also aspiring to reach.

There was Crusch Karsten, noble and sincere, of high-minded ideals and undeniable ability.
There was Priscilla Barielle, arrogant and insidious, and consequently unshakable in her will.
There was Anastasia Hoshin, greedy and calculating, devoting everything to realizing her dream, having reached her current station by her unmatched competitive spirit.
And there was Felt, poor and weak in her initial position, but driven by an upwards ambition far beyond her young age that would not allow herself to stop still.

Every other Royal Selection candidate was in possession of peerless determination and virtue.
Faced with these worthy opponents, was Emilia really fit to stand among them?
She was kind, kinder than anyone else. But was that really enough?

[Otto: Right now, Emilia-sama is still lacking in all sorts of things. She isn’t ready. And the way she is now, she’ll probably want to flinch and run away in the face of hardships. This would be one of those times she chose to flee. Why can’t you see it, Natsuki-san?]

[Subaru: ……but that’s… I don’t… Emilia would never……]

Never. But as much as Subaru wanted to continue, he couldn’t.
He couldn’t find the words. The feeling was certainly there, his feelings about Emilia. But how could he form it into words here so Otto would understand?

[Subaru: ――――]

[Otto: ……You’re really stubborn, you know that?]

Subaru bit down on his lip and only stared at Otto with resistance in his eyes. But, seeing that gaze, Otto looked away.
He shrugged with an astounded shake of his head and turned his eyes towards the village,

[Otto: We don’t have to reach a conclusion on this right now. Just talking about it won’t change the situation, anyway. We’ll still have to find Emilia-sama and Lewes-san]

[Subaru: ……Sorry. I know there are lots of things we should properly talk about]

[Otto: I’ll overlook it since we’re friends. ――So, what do we do now?]

Jerking his chin―― indicating the Sanctuary, Otto left the next course of action up to Subaru.
Should they run, or fight? And which one of the two missing people should they search for first? The fact that he’d leave those decisions to Subaru was just proof of how much Otto trusted him.
Though he had no intention of taking that trust lightly, Subaru couldn’t help but smile to himself for the blessing he’d been given.

[Subaru: Garfiel doesn’t know that Emilia’s missing. And even if Garfiel does find Emilia, it’s not too much of an issue. ――The worst case would be that Garfiel finds Lewes-san before we do. If we lose the chance to talk with Lewes-san, we’ll be getting even further away from the perfect ending]

[Otto: ……In other words?]

[Subaru: ――We’ll search for Lewes-san first. We find her before Garfiel, and hear what she has to say]

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※




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Chapter 99 Live Draft:


Next Part 3/4:

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  7. One thing I do love is even though Rem has her memories erased and such, she still hasnt been forgotten and written completely off by the author. Subaru constantly thinks about her, visits her, and goes back to save her sleeping form at the mansion and shit. I was originally quite upset about the demon maid being put to sleep but the way the story goes with that subject is sweet and gives Subaru a pretty badass”main” objective throughout the next few arcs. I can’t wait until she eventually wakes up (hopefully in arc 6) and sees how much Subaru has grown. Even though none of what I said has anything to do with this chapter either way thanks for the translations Chicken-sama, you are truly the hero we all need but dont deserve.

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  10. Couple minor corrections:
    “There was no time to wallow self-loathing now.”
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    1. Um there is difference between having flaws and not being good at anything which is not what Otto is saying. Otto is telling Subaru that Emilia has reached her limit emotionally and she cannot handle the pressure of this distorbed situation anymore. That’s why she ran and the direct reason why will made clear in the next chapters.


      1. yeah i know ‘flaws’ in general which is what sub is not seeing . I meant as a royal candidate all the ‘what ifs’ iv read sub did everything also what otto is saying about emelia is that she cant handle it. from a view point other then sub and us that know of the bad ends n the future/ emelia has basically done nothing before/after elsa but depended on sub and others like smoothing relations between the villagers and sanctuary is one thing. she is avoiding them altogether making no attempt whatsoever other then trying and FAILING the trails. can we really blame roshit for not having faith that emelia can pass the trails? even when she can pass she is still far behind the other candidates sigh anyone that would pick emelia over crush at this point would be the crazy ones. this goes with pretty much all the other female characters even when tappei himself points out the flaws his readers are arguing the opposite. completely illogical. gotta love the character developments. xd


        1. Except Otto has pointed out that villages not responding to her and all issue all the results of people not even giving her a chance becasue of “muh racism”. Whether she can do the job or not can’t even be gleamed becasue she puts up some BS from upfront that other candidates don’t have to deal with. Roswaal lack of faith in her is because she just meant to his pawn all along. He doesn’t see her wining anyone becasue she a half elf who looks like everyone’s hated enemy. She has already made attempts to talk to the villagers, but people have either rebuffed or denied her any opportunity without her almost using force. She never depended on Subaru doing a single thing nor did ever ask him to do anything for her which is why he’s always in anguish. He did all that stuff his own and Subaru have deal with discrimination for it so that argument doesn’t hold up. Hell he doesn’t even improved the relationship between Emilia and villagers anyway.

          I agree she will have get even tougher, but it’s not as she not tried.

          And none of the other candidates are really much better. None of them perfect. Not mention wants to break the pact with Dragon for personal reason which nobody wants and they don’t care how good her ability is or not. It’s come down to ideas and accomplishments during the 3 years.


          1. roshit is just going along with what dona writes not thinking that she could be wrong or there might be another path. true on racism tho giving up from the start welp i never read much effort. n things have improve otherwise the villagers would never feel comfortable with sending petra to the mansion >forgetting that?everything< and there was not one complaint from emelia. sub was supposed to do the 'ideas and accomplishments' of emelia. only after much effort does sub get through to her in facing her past. w,e others keep pointing things out and it gets ignored ottos point exactly


  13. You sound like where Emilia is right now Chicken. XD

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  15. Emilia is “ordinary”, except the fact that she was chosen by the Dragon as worthy to be dragon maiden out of all people in this world. Yeah, seems right. Otto is actually doing things worse. There is literally zero point in this conversation right now, which can only have negative outcome. Otto is so “smart” and “perceptive”, that can talk shit about other people and “see” their never shown “flaws”, but still fucking can’t realize that all they have to do is use his fucking divine protection, just how retarded must he be? My irritation at Otto is escalating. If that will take a lot of time for them to understand that, I will be disappointed. Oh yeah, Subaru’s verbal impotency is also irritating.


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