Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 105 [The Travelling Merchant’s Trap] (Part 2/3)


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The impact of his landing spread over the earth as Garfiel slowly straightened his back.
This time, Garfiel crumpled his nose not to trace a scent, but to display his fury. Clicking his neck and gritting his razor fangs, he glared straight ahead with eyes alight with wrath.

In front of him was a line of two carriages.
Garfiel’s murderous presence had shocked the ground dragons into a state of extreme agitation while the driver frantically called out to calm them.
For Garfiel, this driver was a familiar face,

[Garfiel: Just when I was wonderin’ who it is, if it ain’t th’noisy bro. Hah! Should’ve guessed. If that bastard’s dupin’ anyone into this, it’d be you]

[Otto: That statement is awfully…… oh, nevermind, I know all too well what people think of me…]

Garfiel stuck his hands into his trouser pockets, while the driver―― a troubled-looking youth with longish grey hair, Otto, gave him a wry smile.
Skillfully controlling the reins, once he had managed to calm the agitated dragons, Otto let out a small sigh.

[Garfiel: Y’act like it’s no big deal, but ground dragon usually pack their bags ‘n run off when I’m serious ‘bout threatenin’ ’em]

[Otto: I had to persuade pretty hard to make sure that didn’t happen, you know. And besides, I’ve informed them beforehand that you’d be coming]

[Garfiel: Hah――?]

Unable to believe what he’d just heard, Garfiel’s ears twitched at Otto’s statement.
His fingers unconsciously reached for his forehead as he stepped forward, intending to ask Otto what he was trying to say.

[Garfiel: What’s that supposed t’mean? You thought y’could slip outta here thanks t’the chaos and then got yerself caught when I found ya. Ain’t that what happened here?]

[Otto: Yeah, you’re exactly right. Taking advantage of chaotic situations is bread and butter for us merchants. But just when I’d been promised a handsome reward and was about to succeed without incident……]

[Garfiel: …………]

Otto buried his face in his hands, his schemes ruined. But, sensing a certain calmness in Otto’s gestures and words, Garfiel’s confusion only deepened.
This isn’t the attitude of someone whose plans had just been foiled. In fact, doesn’t his expression look just like Roswaal’s when everything was playing right into his hands?

[Garfiel: That attitude and that fuckin’ expression…… y’look just like the fuckin’ asshole I hate th’most in this world]

[Otto: There goes another horrible appraisal…… but, just for reference’s sake, mind if I ask which one you’re referring to? I really want to be improving our relationship from now on]

[Garfiel: Hah! Me ‘n you? Don’t make me laugh, moron. ――The asshole I hate th’most in this world is lointerin’ in th’nicest room in th’Sanctuary, gettin’ the VIP treatment this very fuckin’ moment]

[Otto: I see, I see… must be tough, when the one you have your heart set on is falling head over heels for your love rival. I do sympathize with your plight]

[Garfiel: Y’want me t’force yer fuckin’ mouth shut? Oy?]

Garfiel smacked his tongue in annoyance as Otto mocked his feelings for Ram.
Indeed, Garfiel could have settled this with force if he wished to. This escape attempt had already failed the moment Garfiel found out about it.
They weren’t going anywhere. But as long they didn’t try to force their way through, Garfiel saw no need for any unnecessary violence.

His first order of business should be settling this matter quickly and returning to the Sanctuary.
His priority was to preserve the Sanctuary, and this was nothing but a minor distraction.

[Garfiel: Anyway, now yer escape plan has failed. If that son of’a bitch is here, tell him t’come out. He better start apologizin’ for pullin’ this shit, or there’s gonna be pain]

Garfiel needed somewhere to vent his pent-up frustration.
And besides, Garfiel needed to know just what that youth―― Natsuki Subaru―― was thinking, pulling a stunt like this.
It was only a couple of days ago when he’d boasted that he would break through the Trials and liberate the Sanctuary.
Even if he had lost heart, it just happened way too quickly. Frankly, it’d be too much of a cop-out if that were the case.

It’s about time Garfiel slapped him straight――

[Otto: Ehh, unfortunately, I’m afraid I won’t be able to meet that request]

[Garfiel: Hah?]

[Otto: Haven’t you noticed? You said it yourself, I’m wearing the face of the man you hate the most in this world. Then surely, you don’t expect me to do something that hated man wouldn’t do?]

[Garfiel: ――――]

Ambiguous and roundabout, Garfiel couldn’t understand what Otto was insinuating.
But Garfiel could tell that those weren’t statements he could just let slide. And above all, the fact that he was wearing the same face as that man he despised―― Roswaal―― meant that everything was going to plan.

[Garfiel: ……Th’fuck are you plottin’ , oy]

[Otto: Oh right. Speaking of that face you and I both know, I guess you can call it the “I’m totally plotting something” face?]

Otto rubbed his nose as he said this, looking like he had just done something mischievous. Garfiel narrowed his eyes, and only now noticed the strangeness of this scene.

There were two carriages, Otto, and two ground dragons before him. ――But there was no driver on the driver’s platform in the rear carriage.
Or rather, it was more than that.

[Garfiel: How come… when th’dragon freaked and jolted the carriages… none of the bastards inside showed their fuckin’ faces?]

[Otto: Hmm, I wonder why that would be?]

Otto shrugged, playing dumb, while doing nothing to stop the pale-faced Garfiel from approaching the carriages. Garfiel swiftly hopped onto the back of the carriage and wrenched open the flap to the passenger deck.
And, when he saw what was inside, Garfiel made a deafening clench of his teeth.

[Otto: ――There’s no one there, you know?]

[Garfiel: No shit…… gh. Th’fuck is going on! I smelled th’stench of a whole fuckin’ crowd of’em movin’ with the carriage……!]

Sending spit flying as he stepped into the passenger deck, Garfiel’s sentence abruptly trailed off halfway.
At his feet, strewn all over the passer deck, were piles of clothing. Countless articles―― men’s, women’s, adults’ and children’s, all dumped together. Meanwhile, faced with this sight, Garfiel’s cheeks contorted as he realized that his nose had been deceived by this remarkably simple trick.




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(The amazing fan art is by @HaruSabin!)


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Next Part 3/3:


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  1. Chicken-sama, hope you get better ;_;. Take it slowly and see for your own well-being ! (Tho I admit I was worried something might have happened to you when you disappeared without leaving a message, so if you could take care of that :’) )

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  2. Wow! Another chapter after just one day. You are as amazing as always Lord Chicken!

    Like Otto I can’t help but giggle at Garfiel for falling for such an old little trick. If the title is to be believed then Otto is this chapter’s champion. Best boy strikes again ; ) I just hope he his a plan for dodging Garfiel’s claws.

    Thanks agian! These were fun parts to read

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  3. finally someone is putting garf in his place. this is what happens when you spoil someone to much. other then being strong he is a nobody. gonna make a lot of sense when garf’s age is revealed. beako time is nearing my favorite part. probably under a few months. there is a cool pic of it gotta find it again.

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  4. Best friendt plotting something again
    Thanks for the chapter, Chicken…
    After getting stressed out, you pick up the pace on releases. That’s really something

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