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Crusch clenched her teeth, enduring her pain.

Rem kept her eyes on the man’s every movement.

She has no means of defending against his strikes. At the first sign of an attack, to leap away with Crusch is the only thing she could do.

In a moment of eerie realization– for some reason Crusch and Rem are all alone — why hasn’t anyone come to their aid?  In this critical juncture, with their lord gravely wounded, those knights who did not cower even in the face of the White Whale, why—

[Youth: Ah really… I eat and I eat it’s still not enough! It’s because of that, we keep on living! Eating, chewing, biting, ripping, crunching, munching, sucking! GLUTTONOUS DRINKING! GLUTTONOUS EATING! AH– I’M DONE!]

All of a sudden from behind came the shrill, ear-splitting voice of a teenager.

Like the first man, the youth’s voice sent chills running up Rem’s spine. Her body stiff, she turned to look at him. The youth stood among several empty carriages, from head to toe he was covered in blood.

His long, dark-brown hair extending all the way down to his knees, his body was short, about the same height as Rem, and perhaps 2 or 3 years younger — perhaps not much older than the kids in the village near the mansion.

Under his hair, only a thin, blood-soaked rag covers his slender body. Every inch of his skin is coated with blood.

Of course none of the blood was his. It was from the knights lying at his feet.

While Crusch and Rem were in a standoff with the man in front, the knights had engaged the enemy behind them. In the end, before Rem even sensed any combat, it was already over.

[Rem: You, are…]

Her voice quivering, Rem, with Crusch in her arms, backed up until both enemies were within her field of vision. Blood from Crusch’s shoulder had dyed the road red. Now the air turned cold, as if mocking their weakness, their fear.

Hearing the question, the man and the youth looked at each other.

As if it had all been arranged, they nodded to each other. Then with the same deranged smile of violent delight, they announced their name:

[Man: Witch Cult Sin Archbishop “Greed”, Regulus Corneus!]

[Youth: Witch Cult Sin Archbishop “Gluttony”, LEY BATENKAITOS!]

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

[Ley: When we sensed our pet got killed we came to have a look. But then, AH!— WHAT A DELIGHTFUL HARVEST! It’s good, it’s pretty good, it’s very good,  it’s great, it’s wonderful, it’s terrific, it’s breathtaking, it’s remarkable! It’s SPECTACULAR! Passion! Love! Hate! Chivalry! Oh JOY! And SORROW! That is, that is! THAT IS WORTH EATING!]

Witch Cult — and Sin Archbishop.

When those words reached Rem’s ears, she stood frozen in place.

With an exhilarated expression the youth stomped on the ground while howling in strange noises.

Spinning, as if dancing, his arms pointed to the fallen knights, and then looked at them as if with overwhelming compassion.

[Ley: How WONDERFUL! To personally come to feed. It’s been really hard to find people with backbone nowadays. But now, I am rediscovering my hunger’s LONG LOST GRATIFICATION!]

[Regulus: That’s what I don’t understand about you, Batenkaitos, your hunger isn’t real hunger, and the one being filled isn’t even you. Why can’t you be satisfied with just the way you are? We only truly possess what we hold in our own two hands and can carry with our own two arms. If you realize that, you will be able to control your desires, no?]

[Ley: No need to get preachy old man, I don’t like being preached to. I don’t disagree with what you said, but I’m not interested either. To be honest, as long as I don’t starve – I DON’T REALLY CARE ABOUT THE REST!]

“Gluttony” Batenkaitos descended into a fit of deranged laughter, and “Greed” Regulus shrugged disinterestedly.

Two Sin Archbishops appearing in the same place at the same time, Rem sank into thought.

In terms of strength, defeating these two is impossible.

Even though Crusch’s bleeding had been stopped, she is still in critical condition. Whether the knights are dead or comatose, they can no longer fight.

To heal Crusch, Rem had already over-tapped her mana, though if she transform into demon mode she will be able to absorb mana from the atmosphere and put up a fight. But against these two, victory is inconceivable.

On the one hand is the flawless offense and defense of “Greed”. Known to be able to capture a city single handedly, it is impossible to measure the full extent of his power. On the other hand, “Gluttony” is no less formidable. Though his abilities are as yet unknown, he has managed to wipe out an entire battle tested army within seconds. No matter what, Rem could not see victory waiting for her in the near future.

She quickly scanned the battlefield, the Riger carriages are nowhere to be seen. The demihuman mercenaries were tasked with transporting wounded soldiers — and the head of the White Whale. They might have escaped in the chaos and be retreating full speed toward the Capital right now. Commanding them must be the Fang of Iron Vice Captain – Hetaro – bright and resourceful, and possessing great common sense and judgement…

If given enough time, perhaps he will return with reinforcements.

But, even so — it will probably not arrive in time for Rem.

[Rem: White Whale…]

[Regulus: Eh?]

[Ley: Huh?]

She muttered quietly, and both Sin Archbishops tilted their head.

She held her breath for an instant, having found a clue to stall for time. Before they lost interest, she continued.

[Rem: Did you want the Whale back? Because we are transporting the severed head to the Capital right now]

[Ley: Head? Ah, I was beginning to wonder what that weird smell was. What happens to the head doesn’t matter anyway. It’s dead, sure bring it back, what can you do? If we want to, we could always make a new one… It’ll take about the same amount of time to raise]

Saying this, Batenkaitos snapped his neck and ground his teeth,

[Ley: Compared to this…] he said forcefully

[Ley: Compared to a dead Whale we are more interested in the PEOPLE THAT KILLED IT. After 400 years someone FINALLY killed that thing. Even though we were already expecting a feast… AH! THIS IS FAR BEYOND OUR EXPECTATIONS!]

His head shaking up and down, his long hair wildly swinging, the youth laughed with saliva flying from his mouth, clacking his teeth as he did so.

[Ley: “Love! Chivalry! Hatred! Obsession! Accomplishment! Gathered together brought to a boil and swallowed whole! THE GRATIFICATION! Is there anything in the world more DELICIOUS? No no no no no no no no no no there isn’t there isn’t THERE ISN’T! GLUTTONOUS DRINKING! GLUTTONOUS EATING! So! My Heart! My Stomach! My JOY and GRATIFICATION are TREEEEEEMBLING!!]


As if losing control, Batenkaitos broke into shrill, convulsive laughter. Silently, Rem turned her eyes to Regulus, and Regulus waved hello.

[Regulus: Unfortunately, unlike him… I’m here purely, purely by accident… Not my intention at all… Of course, do I have hunger and desires like his? To hold such selfish, meaningless desires… Unlike his unsatisfied stomach torturing him, I, on the other hand, am completely, utterly, content with myself!]

Spreading his arms wide like a cross, Regulus stood in front of Rem with an utterly refreshing expression.

Crusch’s left arm was severed, yet his two arms are still free to bend and turn,  it was like an act to flaunt his very existence.

[Regulus: Conflict, I hate that… For me, just merely enjoying the calm and safety of regular life is enough, I have no more need than that. Static, unchanging time and my self, that’s the best. Because my hands are small and powerless, for me, just for myself, just to protect my meager possessions I have to use up all my strength. That’s my kind of fragile existence]

Regulus emphasized it by clenching his hand into a fist. The hand that claimed countless lives, and the arm of a woman. Such an explanation is just taking it too far.

Be it Ley, a madman in a trance of deranged laughter, or Regulus, a self-righteous, self-satisfied and self-indulged blabbermouth, they certainly are Witch Cultists.

A storm of boiling rage was rising in her heart.

Rem laid Crush, still faintly breathing, down on the grassy plain. She forced her quivering legs to stand. In her hand, she held her morning star, and squeezing out the final drop of her depleted mana, spears of ice formed in the air around her.

Seeing this, Ley and Regulus’s expressions changed.

[Regulus: Was anybody listening? I said I don’t want to fight? If you’re going take an attitude like that, then, then that’s ignoring my wishes… That’s violating my Right. One of the few meager possessions I was permitted to have… My property. Taken from me. — To me, already so few in my desires, this is… unforgivable!]

[Rem: Enough is enough, Witch Cultist.]

Raising her head toward Regulus, Rem pronounced these words firm and resolute. Toward the disappointed-looking Regulus, Rem rattled her iron chains.

[Rem: Sooner or later, a hero will appear. How much pain and suffering your self-indulgence and conceit had caused in the world, will be known to that hero. Rem’s deeply beloved, one and only, hero.]

[Ley: Hey, a hero. We’ll be looking forward to that guy! If you believe in him so much, that guy must be DELICIOUS!]

Clapping his hands, body angled forward, Ley Batenkaitos stuck his tongue out at Rem. His eyes were not the eyes of a man looking at an enemy, much less at a woman. They were the eyes of a starving beast looking at his food.

The fallen knights behind Batenkaitos began to blur, and become indistinguishable.

Their existence, their position, none of it is now comprehensible to Rem. Why are they lying there, who are they, and what relation do they have to herself?

Just like the nightmare of one’s existence being erased by the White Whale’s mist. So the Whale’s master, “Gluttony”, possessed the same Authority.

—“Head Maid of the Household of Margrave Roswaal L. Mathers, Rem”

Intending to proclaiming her identity, Rem shook her head.

In this moment, the name she really wanted to say was

[Rem: Right now, I am only someone who is beloved by the person she loves. Companion of the Hero, the one I love the most in all the world, no matter what. Natsuki Subaru’s companion, Rem]

A pristine white horn emerged from her forehead, an immense surge of mana flew into her body from the atmosphere.

Her body drinking in new strength, the chain of her morning star writhing, rattling, the ice spears around her ringing in anticipation.

She opened her eyes, taking in the world and the feeling of the atmosphere. In her mind, she was seeing his face.

[Rem: Prepare yourselves, Sin Archbishops. Rem’s hero shall bring punishment upon you!]

Raising her morning star, the same instant the ice spears flew, Rem’s body shot forth.

As if in reply, Batenkaitos’ mouth stretched wide open, full of fangs.

[Ley: How wonderful!! —-Ah such PASSION! LET’S EAT!!]


Clash met clash, and in that instant she thought—

I wish when he realizes I am gone, it could cause a small ripple in his heart.

—This alone, was what Rem wished for in her final moment.







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