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Re:Zero Arc 3 Interlude III [To Each, Their Oaths](1/6)


—Lying on the bed, her expression was serene. To Subaru she looked like she was sleeping.

Her lashes are so long… he thought in a daze, gazing at her closed eyes. She’d usually make an effort to keep her face expressionless, but in her sleep, a softness befitting her age was showing on her cheeks. Come to think of it, Subaru had never seen her asleep.

She always woke before him, and slept after he did. Subaru knew, to keep herself resolute, she had always tried to bury the childish side of her, but that stubborn facade had collapsed so many times before Subaru’s eyes.

Be it surprised, or embarrassed, pouting or about to cry, or after opening their hearts her smile gleaming under her tears, there should be so many, so many chances to see them again—


Even calling her name, caressing her soft, white cheeks, she made no response.

On the bed, deep in her slumber, the maid’s dress so familiar on her shoulders, the white headband that adorned her hair so blue and beautiful as the sky, were all gone.

The attire she wore in her work, and in battle — she had no need for them now.

[There you are]

In the room silent and stagnant as though time had stopped, someone called to Subaru.

Slowly turning, as though reluctantly, he looked behind him. It was a young woman with long, softly swaying hair. She wore a simple yet elegant dark blue evening dress, and even as she walked toward him, she seemed overflowing with grace.

But all her movements had a slightly muddled hesitation about them, which combined with the elegance of her person gave out a rather odd impression. Subaru cannot help but feel a sense of awkwardness when he is near her.

[Long Haired Girl: She…]

[Subaru: Still hasn’t changed. Even though I can’t do anything… I thought I could at least stay here with her. But that’s such a cowardly thing to say]

[Long Haired Girl: Still, this… would make her happy, wouldn’t it?]

Seeing Subaru’s downcast expression, the woman timidly tried to console him. But hearing this, Subaru shot back a stare at once fierce, bitter, and cruel. His senses sharpened at her words, his eyes locked onto hers. Without meaning to, it was already far beyond his control. Noticing his reaction, the young woman placed her hands over her lips, [I’m sorry], she apologized.

[Long Haired Girl: I said something I shouldn’t have, and hurt you, didn’t I?]

[Subaru: No… no, I am the one who should apologize. I was only venting my anger all pent up inside… If I behave like this, Rem will be really, really angry with me, won’t she? “You shouldn’t be hurting people’s feelings like that, Subaru-kun”, or something like that]

He shrugged, and said that softly in Rem’s voice.

In his mind, he heard her voice saying those words. A voice only he could hear.

His impression sounded nothing like her, but there is not a person left in the world who could point that out.

Against Subaru’s empty words and gestures, the woman sadly lowered her eyes, and held her left wrist with her right hand.

As if a shadow had descended between them, the room returned to silence.

…This familiar feeling… Natsuki Subaru shouldn’t stay like this, should he? Subaru shook his head in his heart.

To sink into the depths of an ocean of despair, is easy, even if only so the piercing anguish would go away. But it doesn’t suit him – as the man she believes in, as the man Rem loves above all the world, this is not what Natsuki Subaru should do.


[Subaru: …You were looking for me, then?]

[Long Haired Girl: Yes, I want to hold a meeting with everyone present, so I’ve asked everyone to gather in the lounge, if it’s alright with…]

Nodding with an expression like she’s just been saved, the woman got right to the point. But then she stopped half way through, and furrowed her brows rather awkwardly. It took a while before Subaru noticed this.

[Subaru: My name is Natsuki Subaru]

[Long Haired Girl: …I’m sorry, Natsuki Subaru-sama. I will be sure to remember. Even though I’ve been told how much I am indebted to you… Please excuse me, my apologies!]

[Subaru: It can’t be helped, can it? There must a lot of things you need to remember right now, don’t worry about it.]

As if to say she was very, very sorry, the young woman lowered her head.

Then, seeing her recover again with perfect grace, even femininity, Subaru cannot help but feel a sense of surreal incongruity stabbing at his chest. But even Subaru wasn’t brash enough to say this out loud.

Shaking his head, Subaru decided to put that aside for now, and stood up.

Turning to the girl on the bed, he gently touched the hair on her forehead.

[Subaru: I’ll be back, Rem]

Breathing softly, she really exists.

—Having been forgotten by all the world, this was her only remaining existence.

With Rem behind his back, Subaru turned to face the young woman.

[Subaru: The lounge is it? Let’s not make them wait, let’s go]

[Long Haired Girl: Yes, let’s go, Natsuki Subaru-sama]

Her head slightly inclining forward, softly smiling, she seemed at that moment like something out of a dream – her long, green hair, flowing with her every movement.

Hating having to admit this, Subaru turned away, hiding a genuine smile emerging on his face.

[Subaru: Thank you for coming to fetch me, Miss Crusch]

With this name, Subaru thanked the long haired girl – who seem to have become a different person entirely.

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This first section of the chapter was a little difficult to translate, because very subtle wording can change the entire meaning and emotional impact of the whole scene. For example, “With Rem behind his back, Subaru turned to face the young woman”, I hope it feels like Rem still has Subaru’s back, even while asleep. If I translated it like “With Rem behind him, Subaru stood face to face with the young woman” it sounds like Subaru left Rem behind >_<‘

Once again I hope you enjoyed it. I decided to split this chapter by the Author’s section dividers ※, which becomes 6 parts. This way I can release a bit more frequently as soon as I finish translating a section.

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Next Part 2/6: https://translationchicken.com/2016/09/18/rezero-arc-3-interlude-iii-to-each-their-oaths26