Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 31 [Maid・Maid・Maid] (Part 3/3)


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[Frederica: Since the Master hasn’t returned, it would seem that the Trials haven’t ended yet?]

After leaving Rem’s bedroom, the two of them moved to the drawing room.
Placing a steaming cup of amber-colored tea in front of Subaru, Frederica sat down across from him and opened with these words. Receiving the cup, Subaru nodded [Yeah] as he stirred his tea with a spoon,

[Subaru: You sure got straight to the point. ――So, don’t you feel a little guilty about knowing all that inside information and yet giving us so little when you sent us off?]

[Frederica: I won’t make excuses. After all, it is true that I did not tell you everything about the Sanctuary and the Trials and that no-good little brother of mine]

Frederica’s detached tone did not seem to be carrying any sense of guilt about that fact. However, he couldn’t say for certain that she was entirely without remorse. Perhaps, she was merely suppressing such feelings and pretending to be without emotions so as not to reveal the contents of her heart.
It was the same with Ram―― but considering the lengths of time he had gotten to know them, it was far more difficult to tell with Frederica.

[Subaru: As I said back in the room, there’re all sorts of things I want to ask you…… Can I expect to get answers to all of them?]

[Frederica: ……I don’t imagine I would be able to meet such expectations. Since the Sanctuary is not yet liberated, I am still bound by my contract to the Master. As long as I must abide by that contract, there is a limit to what facts I can convey to Subaru-sama]

[Subaru: Contracts again…… it’s the same with everybody here]

Subaru pressed a hand to his forehead and felt an especially bitter sense of disappointment.
As much as he wanted to raise his voice and scream that contracts could be interpreted more freely, when he remembered his promise to Emilia, he realized he couldn’t bring himself to force anyone else to break theirs.

[Subaru: What if I were to ask you about the details of your contract?]

[Frederica: I’m sorry. As long as the contract exists between Roswaal-sama and myself, the information I can reveal is limited. ――I’m afraid that is all I could say on that subject]

[Subaru: There’s no new information at all. Damn it, that asshole always has to do these baffling things. Looks like this time I’ll have no choice but to treat him as an enemy from now on]

Clicking his tongue at the culprit responsible for this disappointing reality, Subaru tried to pull himself together by taking a sip of his tea. He could still only taste leaves, but after drinking them over and over, Subaru could already distinguish the expensive leaves from those that are not. ――And his tongue told him that these were expensive leaves.

[Subaru: This may not be the right occasion, but…… Frederica, you originally came from the Sanctuary, and you’re Garfiel’s older sister, right? Or you can’t even tell me that much?]

[Frederica: No, that is not a problem. What you said is…… correct. Although, more accurately, I am not from the Sanctuary, but only grew up there. However, since I have lived in the Sanctuary from as early as I could remember, it would not be incorrect to put it that way]

[Subaru: Not from the Sanctuary…… that’s what Lewes-san said as well. Sounds like Roswaal likes to bring half-bloods to live there, huh?]

In the dragon carriage on the road home, Lewes, who tagged along, had mentioned this.
Back then, because of Lewes’ refusal, he didn’t manage to get to the true intentions behind Roswaal’s actions, but,

[Subaru: Half-bloods can’t pass through the Barrier, so bringing them in is basically the same as imprisoning them there, isn’t it? Then why would he do such a thing…… and the people there, despite knowing that they’re being imprisoned, they……]

They didn’t seem to be particularly upset and instead appeared to be living peaceful lives there.
At least, they didn’t seem to be people who had been forcefully dragged in and trapped, nor were there any signs of outrage at their treatment in the course of their daily lives.
In other words, it was as though they had accepted their lives within the Sanctuary. ――Could there be some significance to that?

[Frederica: Subaru-sama, do you know about the Demihuman War?]

[Subaru: ……Demihuman War. If it’s just the word, I feel like I’ve heard it somewhere before]

If he sieved through his memories to the very beginning, he must have heard that word two or three times before. Subaru remembered being struck with the impression that that name more or less conveyed the basics of what had occurred.
Hearing Subaru’s vague answer, Frederica gently brushed her fingers through her golden hair, before lightly covering her razor-sharp fangs that were peeking through the corner of her lips,

[Frederica: If you wish to unravel the purpose of the Sanctuary’s existence and Roswaal-sama’s considerations, we would first have to talk a bit about the Demihuman War]

Saying this, she stood up and walked to the back of the drawing room. Sensing Subaru’s gaze trailing behind her, Frederica picked up a box from the table in the back of the room, and,

[Frederica: Don’t be so alarmed, I am merely getting some confectionaries]

Revealing a slight smile on the corners of her lips, she returned and set down the box in front of Subaru.
Laid out inside, were assorted sweets unique to this world which he had only tasted on extremely rare occasions in Roswaal’s Mansion.
While Subaru looked back and forth between the treats and the face of the girl who presented them,

[Frederica: Since it will be a long and tiresome story, please enjoy, and bear with me]


-=Chapter 31 End=-


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I went on a fishing trip on Thursday with my family and spent yesterday celebrating my father’s birthday.

And now I have a hangover today >_<
So please let me know if I got words missing ❤


Just on a side note, the Arc 6 Chapter pictures and titles have almost nothing to do with what’s happening inside the chapter. If the title is capable of spoiling anything I’ll leave it out, so don’t worry :3

If my theory is correct, there may come a time when I’d suggest everyone to ditch everything and start reading it in spite of the spoilers. It’ll be that awesome.

But for now, only read the Arc 6 chapters if you’ve already been exposed to spoilers already. 


That’s all, I’ll set up the Live Draft for Chapter 32 soon!


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  1. I’ve been wondering about this, but Frederica seems hold Subaru in a very high regard (totally different from Ram haha). Aren’t their position in the Mansion is the same? Or does Subaru actually is something like a Butler (the head of all servant)?

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    1. In the LN version Subaru researched the Demi-human war at the start in arc 4 instead of flirting with Emilia. The difference is that in the LN Fredrica was very suspicious of Subaru and warned Emilia against trusting Subaru (because of Roswaal).

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      1. I think he’s referring to near the beginning part of Arc 4 when Subaru and Emilia return to mansion which plays out a little differently.


  2. “At least, they didn’t seem to be people who had forcefully dragged in and trapped”
    Should it be, At least, they didn’t seem to be people who had –been–forcefully dragged in and trapped,”

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  3. Trials hasn’t ended – should be “haven’t”

    feel a little guilty – suggestion: feel EVEN a

    Sanctuary and the Trials and that – suggestion: change “and” to “or”

    afraid that is all – suggestion: that THAT is all

    who had forcefully dragged – missing a “been”

    If he sieved through – “sieved”? Was that a typo?

    out inside, were – suggestion: either “out inside were” or “out, inside, were”

    enjoy, and bear – this comma makes the pacing a bit too slow

    Can’t wait to hear about this war

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The last enjoy refers to the sweets, not the story, so I think I needed the comma there.

      The “Trials” is one event that has one ending, so I think it should be has ended?

      Isn’t sieved a word?


      1. “Trials” may be one event, but the event refers to three trials. “The Trials have ended.” Every time that something is plural, despite it being a proper noun, it uses the plural conjugations of verbs.

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  4. Oh glad to see I was mistaken and there was another chapter, considering I was reading for almost 23 hours straight I’m not surprised I overlooked a link past all the comments.

    But now where would I find the next chapter or is there nothing currently apart from the Arc 6 parts?

    Oh and also I would just like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I feel I should have said that when I first found the first volume you uploaded at
    5amEST yesterday.

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  5. I honestly don’t get how the arc 6 title and illustrations are any sort of spoiler? the title and illustration are kinda basically what happened at the start of the anime. am I missing something or do people like to (excuse the language) bitch about anything and everything?


  6. I have no idea where that “Awaiting moderation” appeared from, the beginning half of that was copy-and-pasted


  7. Damn I read all this In one day I just started today, It sucks that reading is faster than writing, thanks Chicken for staying on it I can’t wait to read more.

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  8. How many chapters does one arc contain? Because I was looking forward to reading chapter 33 after you translated chapter 32 but now understanding that they are part of different arcs I understand there’s a long way to go.

    Furthermore, in that case the small spoiler thing chicken-sama had written in the explanation why he started to translate that part of that arc really is a big spoiler since everything happens after so many chapters


  9. First of all , I want to thank chicken for this magnificent work and also for letting us read this wonderful story. Your translations are really good and professiona!! But I have something to say: Why we would want to read arc 6 if we have not read arcs 4 and 5 yet chicken?.I have the feeling that you are going to start giving more importance to Arc 6 in the future. I hope I am wrong, and you keep translating these previous arcs as you have done so far. Some of us want to read the story chapter by chapter without being sopiled. I hope this mixture of translations don’t affect the new readers like me. I don’t mean to be rude chicken, I really appreciatte the efforts your putting in translating this story for us. Greeting from switzerland!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can't explain it here without spoilers, but there is a very good reason that I am doing it this way. I do believe that my theory is correct, and I absolutely need to start now so that the lead-up is ready when it does happen.

      I am not giving more importance to Arc 6 and you won't be spoiled if you don't read it, so there's no need to worry!


  10. How long did it take to learn Jappanaese because I have trouble learning a second language? Also thanks for all the time you’ve put into this Chilen-Sama


  11. Thanks for the chapter.

    I’ve recently started reading the LN, and I’ve found that the background of the index page is a sideways-up partially erased page of an old spanish translation of a Friedrich Engels writing that contains an excerpt where “the collapse of the social convention of marriage” and “polygamy” are discussed.


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