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 Chapter 40 [Accomplice]

A whole variety of words flashed through Subaru’s mind at this sudden, abrupt and unexpected meeting, but――

[Subaru: Is looking like this what you call a “safe return”!?]

Sticking a finger at his right eye――the destroyed organ, Subaru indignantly pointed this out to Ram.
Currently, the whole area around Subaru’s right eye was bandaged with cloth ripped from his sleeve, creating something that might be rather popular with junior high-schoolers. If this Date Masamune look was just for fashion, it might be something to laugh about later, but since Ram should know what kind of awful state Subaru was in, that reaction was utterly inappropriate.

Hearing Subaru’s objection, Ram slightly tilted her head and gently brushed her peach-colored hair that was swaying with her motion.

[Ram: Sorry, I didn’t pay proper attention to what you usually look like so I can’t tell the difference]

[Subaru: Well thanks for that devastating remark, but did you know that humanoid lifeforms usually have two eyes, two ears, and two nostrils?]

[Ram: In other words, Barusu is currently not a humanoid lifeform, but instead some random unintelligible lifeform?]

[Subaru: You turned that on its head!?]

Having this usual exchange with Ram, Subaru scanned over his surroundings with his left field of vision. While checking whether there was anyone else lurking in the shadows besides Ram, he was also searching for possible escape routes. Must buy some time and determine where to run.

[Subaru: Otto, on one-two-three we split and run. Your job’ll be shouting and drawing the pursuers’ attention. My job’ll be keeping quiet and slinking away. Any objections?]

[Otto: Yes, lots, but before that, why’re you so wary all of a sudden, Natsuki-san?]

[Subaru: What’re you, stupid? They’re onto us. Just look at that Ram’s eyes. She wants to kill us. No mistake about it. I see those eyes every day at the Mansion, trust me]

[Otto: What is there to trust about a man who’s looked on daily with murderous disdain!?]

Subaru anxiously whispered his escape plan and task-assignments to Otto, but Otto didn’t seem to get the point. “Crap.” Subaru briefly considered leaving Otto to die and escaping alone, but, remembering their talk about friendship earlier, he couldn’t help but hesitate on the matter.

[Subaru: Damn it, just when I thought I was freed from my cuffs, I got tied down by the fetters of friendship! What d’you want with me……!?]

[Otto: You’re the one who should explain yourself! If you don’t express yourself more clearly, there’s no way for conversation to take place! Also since the potential for misunderstanding here is incredible, I want you to please do something about that!]

[Ram: If you two could please wrap up your comedy skit, can we move things along? In fact, things are already moving along. We don’t have time for this. This is a waste of time, in other words, a waste of life]

Faced with the two men trying to push responsibility onto each other, Ram shot them a look of contempt, before taking a step forward and cutting into the main subject. However, Subaru wasn’t entirely joking. In fact, he was quite earnest in trying to drag on the conversation while looking for an escape route. Because,

[Subaru: Honestly, I thought the moment you saw my face you’d try to kill me no questions asked]

[Ram: If we had met directly after you laid your violence upon Roswaal-sama, it might have turned out that way. But the passage of time has tempered my anger somewhat. ……Be grateful to Garf]

[Subaru: Even though it’s thanks to Garfiel that I’m not dead right now, I can’t just change my opinion of someone who did this to my face so easily…]

Still not letting down his guard, Subaru scratched his neck as he replied to Ram. On the other hand, watching him, Ram seemed quite relaxed and without any sense of hostility.
At least, she didn’t look like she was going to literally attack him no questions asked. Then the next question on Subaru’s mind would be,

[Subaru: Otto said we’re supposed to meet with someone here, but……]

[Ram: Yes, I know]

[Otto: Natsuki-san. I know it might be difficult to believe, but the fact is exactly what you see]

Seeing his roundabout question answered with a nod, Subaru turned to Otto, who gave an identical answer. Crossing his arms and bending his lips, Subaru made a [Hmmmmm],

[Subaru: If I accept what I see, since you are the one who showed up here, you would be Otto’s accomplice…… the person helping the people of Arlam village escape?]

[Ram: You’re not wrong there. Both Garf and Lewes-sama are presently occupied with Emilia-sama’s Trial. With all the major players gathered at the Tomb, now is our only chance]

Emphasizing that they don’t have much time, Ram laid on the pressure to hurry. But Subaru still couldn’t shake the sense of incongruity. Seeing him hold up his hand to stop her, Ram shot him a silent glare. And, pulling himself together so as not to get crushed by that sharpened gaze, Subaru went on with [Tell me],

[Subaru: Why would you be helping with the villagers’ escape? Even if we take a hundred steps back and assume you’re just doing this out of good will, it still makes no sense getting me involved. And just since when did you become the kind of person who gives up on screwing with me once your anger cools off? The questions are endless]

[Ram: That is indeed a lot of questions. Verbosity does not make men popular, Barusu]

[Subaru: That doesn’t sound very convincing when you’ve got a crush on a man even chattier than I am. ……Answer me, Ram. I can’t imagine a situation where you’d be able to put your grudges aside and work with me. And yet here you are, which could only mean this is…]

Taking a deep breath, Subaru himself was afraid of what he was about to say.
If things were really as Subaru imagined, then his actions here would be――

Firmly closing his eye, he clenched his teeth so as to not let out any noise from his weakness.
Don’t be afraid. Don’t be frightened. Don’t show weakness. Steel your heart and do not waver.
――Right now, it will be fine if he just held back his emotions, didn’t show that he was wavering, and turned himself to steel.

[Subaru: ……all on Roswaal’s instructions. That’s the only plausible explanation. But after the violent way I acted towards him, why would he help me? ……You probably know more about that than I do]

[Ram: …………]

Confronted with Subaru’s reasoning, Ram became silent.
But the only image within Subaru’s mind was Roswaal with his Gospel. If he had been in possession of that book of prophecies all this time, then his loyal, devoted confidant, Ram, must have surely known about it.
Of course, she would not know the details. If she really did know all its contents, then that would mean Ram had allowed a future where Rem was left to die.

[Subaru: ――――]

But that is an impossible supposition. Subaru knew it was nothing more than supposition. When she lost Rem, before there was any special circumstance where she had forgotten Rem’s existence, Subaru saw first hand the older Oni sister’s reaction at the loss of her younger sister.
For that reason alone, Subaru was convinced that Ram could not have known of any prophecies where Rem would be left to die.

But then again, just how much was she involved in Roswaal’s plots? Roswaal had yet to reveal the full extent of his plans. And Ram, being his closest confidant, just how much did she――

[Subaru: Answer me, Ram. Why are you helping us? If all this is following that bastard Roswaal’s scripts, then sorry, Otto and I can take it from here. You won’t be needed]

[Otto: W-, Natsuki-san――!?]

[Subaru: Quiet, Otto. There’s no time to explain the details, and I won’t be able to guarantee your safety if you knew so I won’t tell you, but frankly, this time I am crazy pissed. At least I know I can’t hear Roswaal’s name and still keep a clear head!]

Touching the bandage over his throbbing right eye, Subaru stomped on the ground as he shouted at Otto for trying to stop him.
The sensation of flying at Roswaal and strangling his slender throat lingered in Subaru’s palms. The sensation of the impulse to take another person’s life, and of acting upon that impulse, remained present and tactile.
It was accompanied by a raw and grotesque vividness, and now that he had regained his senses, recalling it only brought out the urge to vomit, along with the piercing ringing in his ears and aching of his skull like the memory of a nightmare.
Subaru had no desire to ever repeat that scene again. But,

[Subaru: I know what I did was wrong, but whether I regret it is a different story. He trampled on something I must not permit to be trampled on. And for that I dealt him pain]

[Ram: ……By that logic, I doubt Barusu could protest if I chose to exact revenge upon you?]

[Subaru: That’s why I got ready to turn ass and run the moment I saw you. But that ended up in failure because Otto’s a klutz]

[Otto: Why was I needlessly defamed just now!? And I’ll have you know, if I really turned ass and ran, I’d have disappeared so fast that even Natsuki-san’s ass couldn’t catch up!]

[Subaru: Enough with the ass ass, is potty humor all you’ve got? Pottymouth]

[Otto: I don’t know what that means but I get the feeling I’ve just been horribly slandered! It feels like it!]

Seeing Subaru and Otto descending into their usual banter, Ram cleared her throat and put a stop to that. Subaru resumed narrowing his eye, glaring at her, and, receiving that gaze, Ram spilled out a sigh,

[Ram: ……You can relax. This act, at least, is not related to Roswaal-sama’s will]

[Subaru: Not related…… to Roswaal? No, but that means……]

Hearing Ram deny Roswaal’s involvement, Subaru could not conceal his shock.
In that case, it would mean Ram had independently chose to help with the escape. But that wasn’t the only problem.

[Subaru: If Roswaal isn’t involved, then this wasn’t written in the Gospel……? Wait, in that case, just how much is written in the Gospel in the first place?]

Because Subaru flew into a rage immediately after they came to the topic of the Gospel, he hadn’t managed to learn more about the book itself.
However, if this so-called complete “Gospel” was truly an omnipotent prophetic book capable of describing the entirety of the future, then――

[Subaru: How detailed are the texts recorded inside, and how large does its volume get……?]

If its scope was the entirety of the world, and detailed everything that happened and will ever happen, then the sheer volume of information would surely not fit inside a single book. Besides, the human mind is far too small to comprehend every single event that will happen in this world.
Therefore, Subaru judged that the Gospel would have picked and chose which information about the future it would record in its pages such that it would be within range of what its owner could comprehend.

[Subaru: The contents of Petel-kun’s incomplete Gospel were appended one after another……it seems. But I haven’t actually seen it happen so I can’t be sure]

That fanatic’s Gospel, with its latter half blank, seemed to have text appended to the empty pages every time there was a new prophecy.
At least, Subaru was certain that the number of pages had changed from when he first acquired it after defeating Petelgeuse. Later, he had tried to investigate it further, but was incapable of reading the words. Moreover, due to its sinister nature, he had hoped to investigate it in Roswaal’s presence, but that was no longer possible under the present situation.
And so, even if Subaru wanted to take this any further, with so little information to sample from, it remained nothing more than empty conjecture. Nonetheless, Subaru did have his doubts about just how reliable and precise the completed Gospel could be.

Seeing this, Ram placed a hand over her lips, as if in thought,

[Ram: ……I am not authorized to speak on this matter. And although my presence here is not due to Roswaal-sama’s will, the fact that Ram’s heart is wholly devoted to him remains unchanged]

[Subaru: That’s some head-over-heels overload, get a room, damn it]

[Ram: However……]

Cursing, Subaru lamented that his route for gathering information had been closed off. But, inserting that word, Ram watched Subaru’s face rise in surprise, and in a quiet voice,

[Ram: What is certain is that this situation was not written. And it is precisely because it was not written that I am able to be here]

[Subaru: ……I don’t understand what that means. In the end, what are you trying to do? To help us? And even if you want to help, is that by your own volition?]

[Ram: I will help the evacuation. That is Ram’s own intention. Roswaal-sama… now that it has become like this… will not do anything to stop us]

[Subaru: Now that it has become like this?]

Those words bothered Subaru more than just a little, but despite his doubtful prompt, Ram didn’t seem to have any intention of answering him. Most likely, the answer was also outside of what she was allowed to say.
Ultimately, Subaru still couldn’t find out the precision and nature of Roswaal’s Gospel. And all he picked up was the suspicion that perhaps even the complete Gospel could not foresee everything in the future.

[Subaru: Well, even just knowing that might give me some advantage next time I interrogate Roswaal]

Shelving that question for now, Subaru muttered as he forced himself to wrap up the current situation. But even he didn’t have any idea what his statement actually meant.

[Subaru: There’s still some room for debate whether or not I could believe Ram from the bottom of my heart, but we can worry about that later. I want to check our arrangements first. So, what actually happened?]

[Ram: From the day after Barusu behaved like an idiot, we have been preparing towards today’s evacuation. But since the villagers refuse to move without first confirming Barusu’s safety, we wound up having to waste time searching for an ambiguously alive Barusu]

[Subaru: Well sorry for not dying in clear black and white… actually who’re you calling an idiot? Anyway, the day after I acted violently……]

There was something strange about the date that tugged at Subaru, but he couldn’t quite put it into words. And, just like this, Ram and Otto gave Subaru a rough explanation of the escape plan. In short, it would be,

[Subaru: Ram has gotten the moderates to open up an escape route, so we’ll escape under the cover of night in the dragon carriages. Otto will lead the way, and my job will be to be the MASCOT who unites the villagers and gets them to leave the Sanctuary without any worries――is that right?]

[Otto: I don’t know what a “MASCOT” is, but none of us can evacuate without knowing that Natsuki-san is safe. Well, in the end, I guess Ram-san and I couldn’t gain their trust to lead the evacuation just by ourselves]

[Subaru: So at a time like this, my fame from the Mabeast attack actually came in handy, huh. Guess you never know when you’ll be repaid for the things you do, better make sure to set up opportunities to risk my life more often]

[Otto: As far as I know, somehow Natsuki-san’s been constantly walking the fine line between life and death with the White Whale and the Witch Cult and all, is that actually because you keep looking for that kind of close-call situations?]

Otto muttered in bafflement at Subaru’s remark. And with [Nonono], Subaru shook his head back and forth in reply,

[Subaru: I have no idea why I get so many opportunities to be exposed to the world’s malice either. Oh by the way, I’ve also walked a thin line with death with an assassin lady who loves opening people’s stomachs and throwing intestine-parties, you know]

[Otto: Even though there are people who boast about their painful experiences, hearing this from someone who’s passed through this many painful and terrifying situations, it really puts all the other tall-tales to shame]

Seeing Subaru shoot him a thumbs up, Otto only powerlessly smiled as he gave him a thumbs-up back.
With this, Subaru’s conversation came to an end, and,

[Subaru: Alright then, let’s get to it. Time-wise, how much leeway do you think we have?]

[Ram: If nothing deviates from usual, it will be approximately two hours before Emilia-sama gives up and comes out of the Tomb. She has probably only just entered the Trial, so conservatively, there should still be about an hour and a half. Even if it takes thirty minutes before departure, we will still have an hour of leeway]

[Subaru: An hour, huh. If we have that, we can at least get beyond the Sanctuary’s Barrier]

If they could just get beyond the Barrier, that would at least eliminate any obstructions from the Sanctuary’s side.
They would be out of reach of the extremists who don’t want the Sanctuary to be liberated, but there was still something else about the Barrier that could not be overlooked.
Subaru raised his head, holding a hand to his chin, and, [Ram], he called to the peach-colored-haired girl ,

[Subaru: About the Barrier, there’s still a problem. Once we’re through, the extremists won’t be able to follow us, but……]

[Ram: Garf, right?]

[Subaru: ……you already knew?]

[Ram: He is Frederica’s little brother, so I haven’t known him for as long as she has. But, although I hate to say this, he is something of an old friend since Roswaal-sama took Ram into his charge seven years ago]

A piece of the information he gathered from the last loop was revealed just like that.
Although he couldn’t help but feel somewhat disappointed, Subaru was nonetheless relieved that his understanding was corroborated by a second source. Facing Ram’s deadpan expression, he continued, [So what do we do],

[Subaru: When he finds out I’ve escaped from prison, Garfiel will definitely come after us. He’s already found me suspicious, and now that I’ve escaped, I doubt he’ll go easy on me this time. Although whether he crosses the Barrier will still depend on whether he feels like it]

[Ram: Why are you so sure Garf will pursue us? At least, he respects Lewes-sama’s will, so he should be counted as one of the moderates. ……Even after he imprisoned Barusu, it would at most indicate that he owes no allegiance to either side]

[Subaru: The reason that guy’s after me…… is uh…]

There was a reason why Garfiel hated Subaru to the point of hostility.
No doubt, that reason was the Witch’s lingering scent emanating from Subaru’s body.
Picking up this scent, compounding after each Return by Death, Garfiel regarded Subaru with the utmost caution and hostility. And the result of him baring his fangs and acting on that hostility was the current situation. And yet, the fact that Garfiel nevertheless healed and kept the dying Subaru alive only served to show a glimpse of the rational side to his simplicity.

Having reached this conclusion in his head, Subaru wasn’t sure whether he should say it out loud.
It felt like a long time ago by now, but the first person to mention the Witch’s lingering scent on Subaru was Rem. From those fragments of Rem’s words, Subaru could sense her strong hatred for the Witch Cult, and that somehow, Ram had something to do with it as well.
In other words, whatever happened with the Witch Cult was not irrelevant to Ram. Just hearing the words “Witch Cult” had made Rem lose her composure. So then just what would this fact mean to Ram?

[Ram: ――Barusu?]

[Subaru: Oh, uuhh]

[Ram: You suddenly went quiet, what’s wrong? Your face is unsightly to begin with, but if you add that oafish incompetence on top of it, there truly is not a single part left worth looking at]

[Subaru: What’s with that merciless ruthlessness while making that refreshing expression, you! And the reason Garfiel is after me…… well, it’s because I attacked Roswaal]

Looking away, Subaru avoided mentioning the Witch’s scent. Instead, he cited his scuffle, or, more accurately, his one-sided assault on Roswaal.

[Subaru: If something happens to Roswaal, the functioning of the whole Sanctuary will be affected. I doubt he’ll let me get away after I tried pulling something like that]

[Ram: ……Frankly, that is an overwhelmingly boring excuse, but nevermind. Considering Ram also has matters which I cannot speak of, despite Barusu’s impudence, it would be unfair if I forced you to speak your thoughts]

[Subaru: You just can’t talk to me without taking a bite out of me, huh? Am I right, Otto?]

[Otto: Uh, I feel like I really can’t accept the fact that Natsuki-san is asking me for validation on this]

Subaru said this seeking agreement, but Otto only returned a grudging gaze. Pretending not to understand what it meant, Subaru responded with a shrug. Turning her back to the pair’s unnutritious banter, Ram looked up to the sky and narrowed her eyes against the moonlight,

[Ram: ――A pale moon, a crazed moon. That night, was also a moonlit night like this]

She whispered in a voice so quiet that it was inaudible.


※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※


――Once it got underway, everything moved along swiftly.

In the first place, even without Subaru, the plans for the evacuation have already been set in motion, and only the final stage required Subaru to act as the trigger.
While the dragon carriages were being prepared, the villagers boarded quickly, and from the assignment of passengers to the cooperation between the drivers, everything proceeded with such smooth coordination that the thirty minute it was supposed to take before departure only took fifteen. Although, Subaru wasn’t sighing with admiration at the result.

[Subaru: Actually, instead of fifteen minutes, it could’ve been even shorter. Probably five, if……]

With the villagers’ high spirits, it certainly could have been. But what ended up putting a damper on that was none other than Subaru himself.
Returning to the villagers, Subaru had hoped to begin preparations for the evacuation right away, but with him just waltzing in like that, everyone instantly noticed his missing right eye.
The villagers looked like they were about to scream revenge for Subaru’s lost eye, but Subaru barely managed to calm them by telling them that the eye wasn’t gone but only healing―― a lie which they somehow accepted, and only then did the evacuation begin.

[Subaru: Still… it’s not a bad feeling to be worried about]

Subaru never thought there would be this many people shocked by his injury, and even after seeing it for himself, he still couldn’t quite believe it.
Natsuki Subaru was supposed to be an isolated, alone-to-the-end, insignificant existence incapable of making anyone feel anything. That was what he believed. And yet, before he knew it, there was suddenly so many people willing to feel outrage for his sake.

He was just bragging earlier about his achievements from the trouble with the Mabeasts, but Subaru hadn’t actually done all that much.
It was Rem who saved the children in the forest, and it was also Rem who hunted down most of the Mabeasts afterwards. Roswaal was the one who annihilated them in the end, and there didn’t seem to be a single instant where Subaru did anything of note.

[Subaru: ……ah. So that’s why]

Coming to this point, he realized the truth that he had kept bottled up thus far.
The Authority of Gluttony had consumed all memories of Rem within this world. Aside from Subaru’s memories, where she still remained, only her empty vessel was left in this world.
Aside from that, every trace, evidence, and memory of her had been lost.

So then, what happened to the events that occurred as a consequence of her actions?
――Most likely, all her actions had been attributed to other people, and all the scenes she ever appeared in had been rationalized and rewritten within the memories of those who knew her in the least implausible way.

[Subaru: And everyone Rem had saved… are now turning their gratitude towards her at me]

Come to think of it, Petra’s unconditional attachment towards Subaru was probably because, to her, Subaru was the one who risked his life to carry her out of the forest. That must be what the incomplete world had forcibly inscribed into her memories.
Otherwise, how could she possibly have such faith in a suspicious-looking stranger of unknown origins after having spent only a few days together?

In other words, although unconsciously, Subaru had time and again reaped the rewards of Rem’s actions, as if it were only natural.

[Subaru: ……makes me want to vomit… this idiotic trash I am]

Spitting out these thoughts, Subaru realized that all the blessings showered upon him were from that sleeping girl’s accomplishments.
That lovely blue-haired girl remained a warmth within his chest even now. Even forgotten by all the world, perhaps her devotion to Subaru still persisted.
Although, that may just be Subaru’s sentimental and convenient delusion.

[Patrasche: ――――]

[Subaru: Hm, ahh, don’t worry. I’m fine. ……You’re also… another good girl wasted on me]

Patrasche looked back with a worried glance. Taking care not to disturb her mounted master’s thoughts, her movements maintained its fluidity in spite of its speed. Regardless of her Divine Protection of Wind Evasion, she was galloping with this high awareness in mind.

Subaru hadn’t ridden Patrasche alone like this without a carriage since the battles with the White Whale and the Witch Cult, already a week ago.
Perhaps a bit dissatisfied with pulling heavy loads, now released from the burden, Patrasche’s gait seemed especially light while carrying Subaru.
Nevertheless, she was worried when she first saw the one-eyed Subaru, and had used her rough tongue to lick all over his face as though to console him.

While reminiscing on his reunion with Patrasche, Subaru glanced behind him.
It was a secret evacuation of six dragon carriages. Actually, since the creaking of the carriages and commotion of their movements were unconcealable, the situation was far from secret. But they still proceeded at the slowest possible speed in order to avoid discovery as best as they could.

Most of the drivers were the merchants hired earlier to evacuate the villagers from the Witch Cult on the promise of payment, who had no business getting mixed up in all this. Subaru had worried that there would be considerable dissatisfaction among them, but seeing them tensely gripping their reins, Subaru realized that his worries were unnecessary.
At least, they were not the kind of people who would let emotion get in the way at critical junctures.
――It was then,

[???: Natsuki-san, Natsuki-san]

Deep in thought, Subaru suddenly heard a voice calling to him from the leading carriage. Turning towards that voice, he saw Otto, leading the line of carriages, managing his favorite dragon Furufu while gesturing Subaru over.

[Subaru: What is it? The evacuation is going well, I think]

[Otto: Mnn, it’s almost going too well. But, we’ve got a problem]

Lowering his voice, Otto leaned towards Subaru who was riding parallel to his carriage. He covered a hand over his mouth so the dragon carriages behind wouldn’t see,

[Otto: Natsuki-san, please listen carefully]

[Subaru: Hm?]

[Otto: ――The forest is chattering. Something “Outrageous” is coming]

Hearing this overly vague statement, Subaru could make no other reaction except furrow his brows. But, Otto’s expression was dead serious as he said this, and the atmosphere was certainly not one to be laughed off.
Subaru gulped down a breath, and looked back and forth between Otto and the train of carriages behind him.

[Subaru: That something “Outrageous”, is it coming up to us?]

[Otto: Much of what the trees say are vague and inexact, so I can’t be sure. But it might catch up to us at our current speed. So at least we should consider speeding up a bit……]

Otto proposed this with cold sweat appearing on his forehead. Sensing from his ghastly expression that there was definitely something, Subaru decided to signal Patrasche and gave the order for the carriage train to accelerate. At this distance, if they sprinted full-speed towards Barrier, then――

[???: ――Oy. This many people out for’a stroll in th’middle of th’night n’didn’t even think t’invite me. Sure feels left’out]

Shot out of the air like an arrow, ripping through the silence of the forest, the voice reverberated upon Subaru’s eardrums.
Patrasche’s feet dug into the ground as she skidded to a stop. The black ground dragon lowered her head and bared her fangs, and once more, she directed her hostility towards her one-time adversary.

Seeing the ground dragon poised for battle, the golden-haired youth amusedly twisted his lips into a smile,

[Garfiel: Ha. Still ain’t afraid after gettin’ that thrashin? Yer a good girl indeed. Like how “Fingers clutch tighter th’more th’shiny stone sparkles,” yeah?]

Making this proclamation while flashing his bleach-white fangs, the Guardian of the Sanctuary obstructed the path.
As if flaunting the threat of something “Outrageous”.

-=Chapter 40 End=-


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First thing: I’m serious when I say I will never stop translating, so there will always be a new chapter until we see the end together. ❤

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A thought occurred to me this year. It’s that the people I love won’t live forever. People usually know that they themselves won’t live forever, but it’s somehow more imminent when it’s about people they love. Even if they’re healthy, time with them is limited.

A while ago, I watched this interview of a van-dweller on Youtube who converted a van into a mobile home with his father over the years, and just weeks after his father retired, his father died without ever getting a chance to travel in the project they built. It’s just the absurdest and saddest thing. In fact, by extension, just waiting for anything is absurd.



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