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 Chapter 35
[Thin-Ice Relations]


[???: Subaru knows how painful it is to be forgotten. So… forgetting someone… he would never joke about something like that]


On their way back to the room, Subaru inadvertently held his breath when heard the voice from inside.
Even though he couldn’t see who was speaking, he knew from the voice, beautiful like a silver chime, that it was Emilia. Listening to her say his name in her slightly tense voice, Subaru couldn’t help but strain his cheeks into an awkward smile.

Carried within that voice was a powerful trust, and an equally powerful plea.
It was from Emilia to “Natsuki Subaru”, and certainly not to this Subaru. He acutely understood this.

[Ram: ……would never joke about something like that. Yes. Never thought I’d say this, but Emilia-sama is right]

Also hearing that voice, Ram, who accompanied Subaru, whispered this self-derisive comment under her breath. Unlike Subaru, who was carrying the water-filled bucket, she was empty-handed and holding her elbows, her nails digging into her white skin.
Almost like a reminder to herself, a regret, and an extension of the pain of an unfulfillable vow.

[Subaru: Ram……]

[Ram: It was just a pointless joke, forget you ever heard it. It’ll only worry Emilia-sama if you bring it up. So for the sake of Ram’s impeccable reputation, keep it to yourself. If you dare mention it t……]

[Subaru: ――――]

[Ram: ……It seems you, really don’t remember]

If he dares mention it, something scary will happen. That was probably what she was trying to say. Or perhaps, she was expecting Subaru to counter with a quip before she did so.
Just like before, when the connection between her and her younger sister was brought up, he thought he saw a glimpse of disappointment flashing across her pale-red eyes. But that sadness disappeared in an instant.
The fact that she wouldn’t let him tell anyone, was it because Ram was too strong for that, or because she was too weak?

He didn’t know what lay in the depths of her heart.
Only, faintly, on the center of Subaru chest, there was still a lingering trace of where her head had rested.

[Ram: ――Sorry to keep you waiting. We’ve returned]

Without giving him any time to think, Ram resumed her steps and headed into the room. That stubborn attitude might just be Ram expressing her insistence on the matter. Seeing this, Subaru had no choice but to respect her feelings and not mention the matter.
Subaru entered a few steps behind her, a more or less strained atmosphere spread throughout the room.
But even so, it was still somewhat better than immediately after Subaru made his shocking revelation.
As proof of that, after Emilia greeted the returning Subaru with [Thanks for the hard work], the next voice that followed was,

[Julius: ……Earlier, I showed you an unsightly side of me. Is it alright if we start over?]

[Subaru: Oh, ohh. I should be the one t… I mean, I’m the one who surprised you w……. Ahh no, I shouldn’t have interrupted you. Please go on]

[Julius: There is no need to be so restrained. If you’re so formal with me, I wouldn’t feel at ease]

Saying this, a faint smile emerged on the purple haired youth――Julius’s face.
Earlier, he was the one who had turned pale at Subaru’s revelation. Subaru didn’t know what Emilia and Beatrice might’ve said to him while he was gone fetching water, but he seemed to have recovered enough strength to speak.
Only, there were still the words Ram said to him in the corridor. ――When he asked her about Julius, she told him that he was too cruel. Just what could she have meant by that?

[Julius: Let us start again, I am Julius Euculius. This is Anastasia-sama…… I serve as her Knight. And you…… are like a friend, of sorts]

[Subaru: I see, nice to meet you…… but, why did that last part not feel very confident there?]

[Julius: Unfortunately, we might have had a slightly different understanding of our relationship. I myself think of you as a friend, but as for what you think of me, it’s……]

[Subaru: Literally… lost to memory, huh]

[Julius: ――. That is, quite true]

Picking up a certain elegance in his words and conduct, Subaru bent his lips.
According to Emilia, he was the only other male member of their company on this journey into these treacherous environments―― so, naturally, there must have been considerable trust between them.
But then again, considering Julius’ knightly air and their exchange just now, even without memories, Subaru could imagine his previous-self having made a terrible first impression.

[Emilia: It’s alright, there’s no need to worry. Subaru and Julius are reeaally good friends. We were there, so we can all attest to that]

[Meili: That’s right. There’s no reason to be so worried about this, is there? Knight-Onii-san’s already got plenty of other problems to worry about]

Watching their exchange, Emilia cut herself in with her hands on her hips, and Meili mockingly concurred with a mischievous look in her eyes.
Whereas Emilia’s words were purely out of concern for Subaru and Julius’ first meeting, Meili’s seemed to be insinuating something entirely different altogether.
Subaru furrowed his brows when he heard this, while Julius nodded as if having understood her meaning.

[Julius: Why, yes. What Meili said is true. Subaru, although we do need to discuss what happened to you, it is not the only problem we are presently faced with. In this regard, please allow me to explain]

[Ram: This, would it be related to Anastasia-sama’s strange behavior this morning?]

[Julius: ……Your observation is correct, Miss Ram]

Ram said this, leaning against a wall, and Julius slightly cast down his eyes in reply. Seeing this, Ram narrowed her eyes towards Anastasia, and let out a small sigh.

[Ram: Barusu, give me the water bucket. I will begin preparing the meal]

[Subaru: ……Aren’t we about to discuss something important?]

[Ram: I will be still in the same room. So I can still hear everything. ……Working will help take my mind off of things]

Brusquely saying this, Ram snatched the water bucket from Subaru’s hand and headed towards the luggage-filled corner of the room. Then, they saw her slender back setting about exactly that task.

[Emilia: Sorry. Ram… she isn’t usually like this……]

[“Anastasia”: Of course, there is no need to mind. It is understandable that she would feel this way. ――Seeing the desired information one couldn’t wait to pull out of the other person’s throat suddenly fly so far away, anyone would feel this way]

Anastasia calmly shook her head to Emilia’s apology. And, hearing Anastasia’s reply, both Emilia and Beatrice made a difficult expression.
Subaru didn’t know what might have crossed their minds―― but the answer to that soon came from Anastasia’s own mouth.

[“Anastasia”: Now then, even though after all the confusion this morning, I would honestly do not wish to burden you with any more surprises…… I do think that keeping it hidden would only sow the seeds for discord down the road. Therefore, if your accepting soils would permit it, allow me to confide something in you]

[Beatrice: ……Such an arrogant and roundabout thing to say. Hurry up and get to the point, I suppose]

[“Anastasia”: There is no need to be so frightened, Beatrice. ――One could say we are as close as sisters, you and I. In fact, it is just as you guessed]

[Beatrice: ――――]

Beatrice’s cheeks froze at Anastasia’s words. Standing beside Subaru, as if naturally seeking something to rely on, the young girl’s fingers lightly grasped onto Subaru’ sleeve.
Subaru cast her a side glance, and after some hesitation took her hand. The tips of her fingers were faintly quivering from the shock, but soon, the small palm accepted this warmth in turn.

[“Anastasia”: ……Your relationship with your Contractor is indeed amicable and ideal. I wish I could have had the same perfect relationship with Ana, but unfortunately, it is not going so well]

[Emilia: You are addressing Anastasia-san like you’re talking about someone else. So that means, you’re……]

[“Anastasia”: Ah, yes, you guessed correctly. ――Right now, the consciousness inhabiting this body is not Ana’s. Anastasia Hoshin is sleeping deep inside this body. And the one addressing you now would be something of a deceased ghost that has temporarily taken over this fleshly form]

Emilia’s breath choked up, and Beatrice held tighter onto Subaru. Julius’ face wringed with pain at her confession, and Meili still looked bored as ever. Only Shaula, sitting cross-legged beside Meili, was completely aloof to the conversation, with her attention solely focused on Ram who was preparing the meal.
With her back turned, no one could make out Ram’s expression as she continued about her work.
Lastly, for Subaru――

[Subaru: ……What’re you guys talking about? I didn’t get any of that]

Left all the way behind, naturally, he could only make a difficult expression.


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(Thumbnail fan art is by @HaruSabin!)


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  1. Imagine when subaru dies he’ll know more about the situation but not enough to act like he did before, plus when he returns by death he would be so shocked and no one would believe that he forgot his memory since he knows somewhat about the situation and what is about to happen

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    1. Wow, that would be over-complicated and subaru will die once again for trying to tell everybody about the return by death. IDK, we can never guess of what will happen, or what is causing the death in the first place. it’s just that the revelation is like insanity to me o.o

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  2. This arc is Tappei out to bully Julius, Ram and Anastasia. Maybe Subaru as well because I can’t imagine that Subaru will enjoy getting “THOSE” memories back at all.

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  3. I don’t know what’s going on right now (cuz im still in chapter 40 arc 4)….but Im pretty sure something serious happened and that subaru lost his memories.
    and right now they’re talking to anastasia…….or should I call her artificial spirit Echidna.
    Am I wrong?
    Thanks for the chapter Chicken-sama! ❤
    You're the best! ^-^

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    1. Subaru made himself lose his memories so that he could try to save Rem. Betty and Emilia went to him and he acts like how he did when he first got in this world. They were both saddened by this, and i forgot what happened next. Before this, he was with Julius talking to Echidna in Anastasia body, with Julius being told the truth of how long she was in her body with Subaru knowing already, presumably already figuring out beforehand. All this was translated by Chicken, so it’s not really spoilers.


        1. Maybe he’s on a time slot.
          Maybe he saw something that traumatized him.
          Or maybe he simply swapped places with himself


  4. I loved the way you wrote the name “”Anastasia””, hehe. Anyway one of my theories is that Subaru went far trough this “Tower” (I’m not certain where he is because I just read this part of the novel) and his memory got sucked like Rem’s. Then he died (His body went back to the checkpoint) and his memories didn’t come back and went where all the others stolen memories are, maybe he did that to find Rem. What do you think about that Chicken-Sama?

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  5. ”Even though he couldn’t see who was speaking, he knew from the voice, beautiful like a silver chime, that it was Emilia. Listening to her say his ( —–name——) in her slightly tense voice … ‘

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  7. I wonder what will Subaru do when he returns by death right after he lost his memories and try to convince everyone that he forgot everything but still remembers them for some reason .


  8. Thank you, i am also interested to see if Subaru will die in his amnesiac state, it would be interesting to see how he and the others will act.


  9. FINALLY!!! The Arc 6 Chapters Its been soo long the wait is finally over Thank you Soo much chicken sama as always you made my day as always keep up the good work btw are you feeling ok I hope you’ll feel better soon take care of yourself THANK YOU ❤


      1. actually no, since gluttony can eat however he wants like Crusch-san’s case where she forgot all her memories but didn’t go into this “no-one can REMember this sleeping beauty” state


  10. Thanks for this but I thought there was a new volume realeased back in like July so I thought there were more chapters. Take your time though it’s worth waiting for your translations.


  11. Chicken, if you ever catch up with the translations and there are no new chapters, will you translate the first 3 arcs to have a complete re zero translation?


  12. Wait so I’m confused.everyone goes to the tower in an attempt to bring back rem as well as crush and anastasia but then Subaru wakes up I’m a green room with no memory so I’m assuming thats the “green room” which Julius and echidona went to so are they still in the tower trying to get rem back or??? Sorry if I seem confused but I’ve read other translations as well and the different takes on the story are messing me up so if someone can explain what is happening it would be greatly appreciated


  13. the author has entered very very dangerous territory by making subaru remember nothing
    i think from this point onwards it could break re:zero for me we will have to see
    the situation in wich one loses their memories and has the power that subaru has IS A VERY VERY RISKY ONE
    HE COULD EASELY FUCK UP MAJORLY and end up with a savepoint where all are dead

    re:zero is already the best thing i have ever read and seen it is by far my most loved tv show and piece of material to read

    thank you so much chicken i luv u :3

    (pray for season 2 of re:zero)


  14. This is just a thought but what if Emelia turns out to be the one who gave him his power to return from death and thats the reason he loves her for no apparent reason just like how Betelgeuse ad the other archbishops love satella/emelia. Would explain a lot about their relationship wouldn’t it?


    1. he loves her for who she is (like any normal relationship ever in the intire world)
      why does emilia not know about his return by death even when he has left several hints/things he shouldnt be able to know

      it would make more questions than it would answer


      1. Good question.

        Here’s my theory.
        Subaru is a mystery.
        to Emilia, he showed up out of nowhere and was found in a shack with the thief who took her badge, new about puck and the danger of Elsa.

        Subaru mentioned to Reinhard that he was from the “East”- referring to japan. Reinhard knowing that Luganica was the eastern most kingdom thought Subaru was trying to dupe him but concluded that he wasn’t lying. later on saying it was “fate” they encountered.

        Subaru caught Rem of guard when he called her out about the witch’s Miasma. something she thought he couldn’t possibly know she knew about just from assuming. later on in arc 3 claiming she knew there were things he couldn’t tell her- for reasons.

        Later, later on before the battle of the white whale Subaru by spoiling crushes plans to subjugate the white whale. asking why he knew he stated: the use of his cellphone/ “metia” as a means to convince her saying it can capture images of the future.
        and by the way forging a path by already allying with Anastasia.

        Roswall on the other hand has already suspected Subaru’s role from the moment he first saved Emilia’s reputation and life. hints his Gospel. though he doesn’t know the full truth, yet.
        Then Subaru makes a deal with him.

        my conclusion as to why nobody has really confronted Subaruand asked about him is due to his cellphone/”metia.” Subaru, in their eyes is just one over the top lucky character who was gifted a metia that can predict the future.
        I know it has holes in it, so I say, look at him in their eyes.

        I’ll leave the rest to Holy chicken.


        1. My conclusion was that they respected him and felt as if they shouldn’t ask about Subaru’s past.
          Emilia, consoling him for his translucent actions in the mansion felt sorry for him.
          Julius- when he found out that one of the bravest people he knew, he disgraced with his act of “righteousness” earlier in the capital’s meeting. later knowing the weight of what he did, probably thought Subaru had no intentions of opening up to him.

          But, now the table has turned. Subaru has no memories of his involvent within the world. everyone will see the neet he was and will probably question him about who he is. where he’s from.
          Subaru’s character progression is off the charts. I’m guessing he’s only been in this world for a few months at this point and has achieved so much. annihilating the wolgrams, defeating the white whale and the witch cults. and reaching the watch tower. Not to mention that Shaula refers to him as her teacher.

          I’m saying Subaru’s resolve turned him into a hero. he didn’t have this resolve when he was first summoned.

          And, if he dies again he might confess “returning by death” if he comes to that solution first.


  15. Spoilers from the end of arc 4. Haven’t read arc 5.

    Theory #1: Subaru’s power comes from Pandora. Her power is to reshape the world how she sees fit (“your eyes appear to have deceived you”,) while his power is to return and restart, to shape events how he sees fit. The powers of the witches vary greatly, so his power being slightly similar to Pandora’s is probably not coincidence. Look at Juice’s unseen hand and Sekhmet’s unseen hand. Pandora summoned him to befriend Emilia and use him as leverage to open the door that she refused to open 107 years ago. Echidna might know about this and is coming up with a plan to stop, or at least study Pandora. The gospels she gave to Roswall and Beako, ok just Roswall because Beako got nothing, were supposed to help Emilia accidentally bring Echidna back as well as be a strong ally against her enemies. Pandora and Hector must be from her time, as both of them are not mentioned in the current generation. As such, she wants to know as much about her old enemy as possible.

    Kind of a stretch for this part.. Subaru has been summoned here before. In the early parts of arc 5, when Subaru calls Betty his daughter, she replies that he is 400 years too late and that his consciousness isn’t old enough. The 400 years too late by itself would’ve been ok, but it is even written that Subaru was thrown off by the consciousness part. Maybe Beatrice knew Subaru 400 years ago, but his memory relapsed again since then. His current state in arc 6 might be a similar situation where he forgets everything. Don’t know if it is self inflicted or not yet though.

    Theory #2: Subaru got hit by a bus and this is all a dream in a coma (similar to .hacksign.) How hilarious would that be.


    1. Stacks of shit.
      I could forgive Elsa.
      I could forgive garfeil…
      I could forgive Roswall.
      I could forgive the three stooges.
      I could forgive Pandora and all of her little pawns.
      Hell, I could even forgive the witch of envy .
      But the bus driver, if that theory were to be true, id give him so much shit.
      Just how much shhit?! well, allow me to explain.
      find a bucket. now multiply 1- million a million times over and then fill each bucket full of shhhit.(1,000,000,000^2 buckets of shhhhit). now form all those buckets into a pillar.
      and that’s how much SHIT I would give that bus driver. And a poor review.




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  18. Did Subaru make a deal with Pandora? I’m not in deep enough to have a real clue.
    The suspense is running me over a cliff.
    I’m truly out of guesses now.


      1. Found you 😀 I cant wait any second longer! (ofc, I can. Take your time and show us what we all are watiing for ^^ ❤ I kind of sneak peaked myself on the source material and it will be sooooo good)


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