Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 41 [Tiger] (Part 1/3)


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 Chapter 41 [Tiger]


Presenting a defenseless posture, Garfiel stood there with his arms dangling at his side.
Seeing him blocking the road, Subaru warily scanned his gaze over his surroundings. There could be others lying in ambush.
But still, part of him already knew that if his opponent was Garfiel, no amount of caution would do any good. ――If he personally came, then he must have come alone.

Sure enough, Subaru couldn’t sense anyone else in the vicinity. Confirming that his caution had been unnecessary, Subaru finally let out a sigh and patted the back of the still-wary Patrasche’s neck,

[Subaru: I don’t care if you wanna suddenly show up out of nowhere, but you mind not flirting with other people’s partners right off the bat?]

[Garfiel: I ain’t one for lies or pretty words. Just’sayin’ whatever comes to mind. I always get scolded by Granny and Ram for that too]

Hearing the jokes stalling for time, Garfiel clacked his fangs and looked up as his smile gradually disappeared. Receiving that gaze with his single eye, Subaru raised up one finger,

[Subaru: It seems kinda unnatural for you to be here, mind explaining a bit?]

[Garfiel: Ain’t no big story behind it. I’m the Fangs of th’Sanctuary, and I ain’t gonna let y’run away from the Eyes of th’Sanctuary like that. There y’go. Well, so much for a consolation prize, yeah?]

Seeing Garfiel say this with a light wave of his hand, Subaru furrowed his brows.
If, as Subaru imagined, “Eyes” was a codename for something similar to “Grass”, then the “Eyes” Garfiel mentioned probably meant something along the lines of sentinels. But,

[Subaru: I never heard Ram mention there being anything like that in the Sanctuary……]

[Garfiel: Y’think outsiders would know everything there’s t’know about the Sanctuary? There’s a mountain of things even that Roswaal bastard doesn’t know. This is just one of’em, yeah? ……Be damned if you knew about‘em]

Seeing Subaru confused by his murky statement, Garfiel relentlessly laid this down. And as Subaru fell speechless, Garfiel snorted and turned his eyes to the line of dragon carriages behind,

[Garfiel: Those there would be all the refugees, yeah?]

[Subaru: Ah, uhh, yeah. Say, Garfiel. I know it was our bad for trying to quietly sneak away and all, but can you just please let us go? After all, it wouldn’t be a bad thing for you either, right?]

[Garfiel: Hah?]

While being stared down by his intimidating gaze, Subaru unconcernedly gestured to the carriages behind him,

[Subaru: Right now, letting the hostages leave is also in order to avoid the possibility of any further conflict, isn’t it? I heard there’s already small skirmishes sparking up, so before things get out of hand, isn’t it better to deal with it first, once and for all?]

[Garfiel: ――――]

[Subaru: You and Lewes-san both want the Sanctuary to be liberated, right? Nothing good can come from leaving this dangerous spark inside. So, it’s a lot more advantageous to let us leave, isn’t it?]

Quiet and composed, Subaru tried to use all of his skills of persuasion on Garfiel. Besides, what Subaru said wasn’t entirely out of convenience. In fact, from Garfiel’s standpoint, letting the refugees leave was indeed the more advantageous choice.
Aside from the secrecy of the operation――

[Subaru: I’m not asking you to personally be ok with it, but, considering the circumstances……]

[Garfiel: Oy, it seems there’s somethin’ yer misunderstandin’]

[Subaru: Misunderstanding?]

[Garfiel: Yer so convinced I’m buttin’ in here to stop ya. But it’s like y’said, I got no reason to stop th’evacuation. So there’s no need wastin’ yer breath with all these excuses]

Cutting Subaru off, Garfiel snorted at his presumption. And hearing this reply, Subaru closed his mouth once more. Owing to the bad premonition that preceded Garfiel’s appearance, Subaru had indeed let himself run ahead of the conversation. In fact, on a rational level, what Garfiel said was right. But still,

[Subaru: If that’s the case, then why’re you here……?]

[Garfiel: Just came t’see y’off. If y’guys wanna leave that’s yer thing. But leavin’ without a representative from the Sanctuary’s no different from escapin’, ain’t it? If I’m here t’watch, th’other guys can’t say much ‘bout it]

[Subaru: ……You’ve been thinking a lot more than I expected, huh]

Although Garfiel’s display of sensibility and intellect was more than a little surprising, Subaru nevertheless accepted his argument. Garfiel, on the other hand, folded his arms and nodded at Subaru’s rather impolite comment,

[Garfiel: That’s obvious, ain’t it? I ain’t just strong, I think through all sortsa things…… I’m the strongest, after’all]

[Subaru: Ah, I feel a little relieved to hear that. By the way, there’s no need to mention my right eye or anything, you know]

[Garfiel: Hah? Ah, ‘s that right. Y’took off th’blinfold n’ found out, huh. Just had to do all th’unnecessary things, y’bastard. Wait, OY!]

Listening to Garfiel’s boasting, Subaru stuck a finger at his right eye. And while dealing the issue of Subaru’s missing eye, Garfiel suddenly turned his attention to Otto, who had rescued Subaru. Sitting behind them on the driver’s platform of the dragon carriage, Otto shrunk in his neck and slightly tried to hide himself from the razor sharp glare.
Seeing that wimpy reaction, Garfiel clicked his neck with [Speakin’of which], and continued,

[Garfiel: Yer pretty calm for someone who’s just lost an eye, ain’t ya? Honestly, I was prepared for some complaints or revenge from ya]

[Subaru: It’ll take me till next morning to finish saying all the complaints and we’re a bit short on time. And if I try to get revenge I’ll probably just lose my left eye too. So I’ll just let sleeping dogs lie]

[Garfiel: What’s that supposed t’mean? ――Kinda pissin’ me off, oy]

Garfiel was a bit dissatisfied with Subaru’s reply, but Subaru, sensing no need to continue down this topic, only lightly rubbed his right eye with his palm, and,

[Subaru: So you’ll just stand by like this and let everyone return to their village?]

[Garfiel: It’s pretty rude to leave without sayin’ goodbye, but that’s taken care of since I’m here. So do what y’like]

[Subaru: Then, we’ll just go ahead and……]

[Garfiel: ――Except]

Just as the line of dragon carriages were about to move, Garfiel’s voice cut through the air. Slouching down his upper body, Garfiel casted a slanted gaze towards Patrasche and Subaru,

[Garfiel: Not you, you stay. The hostages can go. The noisy lil’bro can go. Ram…… well she can go too if she wants. But not you]

[Subaru: ……and why’s that?]

[Garfiel: There’s Emilia-sama’s motivation as well, but most important’s to do with you yerself. A bastard stinkin of th’Witch like you, y’think I’d let y’leave just like that?]

[Subaru: That again……]

Giving his nose a flick, the golden-haired youth threatened. Although Subaru was already getting tired of this complaint, he nonetheless nodded,

[Subaru: So the condition is that I stay in the Sanctuary. Can we agree there?]

[Garfiel: Good yer gettin’ it straight off the bat. If it dragged on too long my head’s not gonna bother rememberin’ all that]

[Subaru: You really just say whatever comes to mind, huh…… alright, I understand. I’ll just go convey this to everyone, wait here]

Arriving at the main issue, the negotiation came to an end. Although there wasn’t actually much negotiating involved. Subaru simply accepted the terms before turning back to his companions―― to relay the information to the drivers, Otto, and Ram.

[Subaru: Basically, as long as I stay behind, he’ll let everyone pass through safely. There’s no point in whining here, so I think we should just accept the proposal……]

[Otto: As much as I want to say that is indeed a very good condition if he can let us go peacefully, would those behind us really be ok with it? In the first place, they would’ve stubbornly refused to escape without Natsuki-san]

[Subaru: Aahh, that’s right, it’ll take quite a bit of effort to convince everyone…… But since we’re already on the move, everyone’s probably eager to return to the village. I don’t think me leaving the group partway through will win out against their eagerness to go home]

In response to Otto’s concerns, Subaru held a hand to his jaw in thought.
In fact, the refugees should be very eager to return home to their village. While Subaru was glad that they would put his safety on the same scale as their desire to go home, at this point, there was no choice but to break that balance.

[Otto: Natsuki-san……]

[Subaru: Well, considering this sentiment, I don’t think it’ll be too difficult to convince them. But it could turn out badly unless I do all the talking. So, I’ll be right back, everyone please get the dragon carriages ready to set out while……]

[Ram: I don’t like it]

Subaru’s prompt instruction was cut off by Ram’s abrupt interruption.
Slapped by this along with Otto’s concerned gaze, Subaru gave Ram an awkward look, and with [Um…] scratching his head,

[Subaru: Garfiel just said something similar too, but it’s not a good habit to always say these things that shave away at people’s motivation, you know……]

[Ram: Barusu, don’t you realize it yourself? What you said just now]

[Subaru: What I said?]

Subaru tilted his head at Ram’s words, and couldn’t think of any noteworthy details. Unsure what exactly she was referring to, he furrowed his brows looking confused.
Seeing this, Ram let out a disappointed sigh,

[Ram: If you don’t know, then nevermind. It’s just as Roswaal-sama said. Now that it had become like this, no matter what Ram does, it is futile]

[Subaru: Wait, what the hell are you saying? So you know too, don’t you? You knew, that it would turn out like this……]

[Ram: That is meaningless to Barusu now. Only a waste of time]

[Subaru: You……]

Subaru ground his teeth watching Ram say this with her head held high with an all-knowing air. And sensing the dangerous atmosphere brewing between the two, with [Wait wait wait!] Otto stepped between them,

[Otto: Can you two stop arguing? Like Ram-san said, this is a waste of time. Wasting time is the same as wasting the chance to make money. So can you guys calm down? For me? That’s it, it’s decided, ok!]

[Subaru: Tch. Anyway, I’ll go explain it to everyone]

[Ram: Tch. Ram has nothing more to say]

[Otto: Can you two please not click your tongues at me while you speak!?]

As always, Otto dejectedly protested his treatment, but since that was his job, there was not much he could do about it. Nevertheless, it was thanks to Otto’s efforts that things did not break between them. Subaru passed by the dragon carriages one by one, and explained Garfiel’s terms.
The Arlam villagers all showed a bitter expression when they heard that Subaru would stay behind, but seeing that Subaru himself was fine with it, and because they had lived as refugees for so long that their desire to return home was overwhelming, they had no choice but to reluctantly accept.

While he was grateful for their reluctance to leave him behind, Subaru finally managed to convince everyone. After returning to tell Ram and Otto, he rode on atop Patrasche to face Garfiel,

[Subaru: We’ve finished our talks. Your condition is fine. So let everyone through]

[Garfiel: Except you, yeah? They get goin’ then. This ground dragon, she stayin’?]

[Subaru: It’ll be a bit rough on my stamina to have to walk back alone. So I guess Patrasche will have to stay cooped up for a little while longer]

He placed his hand on his partner, who had to be stuck with the likes of him, and Patrasche gave her body a shake as if saying [You know I don’t mind, geez], and turned her head away.
Interpreting her movement this way, Subaru lined up beside Garfiel and watched the dragon carriages set out along the path out of the Sanctuary. Seeing the faces of the villagers looking back at him through the dragon carriage windows, Subaru wryly smiled and waved to them in return.

[Subaru: Otto, after you get back to the village, do not go to the Mansion. Come back immediately if you can]

[Otto: ……? I don’t understand… but, why? I was thinking we’d have to report in to Frederica to let her know, right?]

[Subaru: Never…mind. It’ll probably be tomorrow morning by the time you return to the village…… but just in case, at least don’t go there until the afternoon]

Otto showed a confused expression at Subaru’s instructions. But Subaru, unable to answer his doubts, only gestured with his chin, signaling him to [Go on ahead].



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