Re:Zero Arc 6 Chapter 35 [Thin Ice Relations] (Part 2/3)

The new Japanese chapter Arc 6 Chapter 36 finally came out!

It was terrible timing though since it caught me when I was 10,000+2,200km away from home. I got sick again yesterday and I’m making my way back to base while stopping along the way to see the sights for a few days. 

This one might be a bit rushed since I’m strapped for time. I might revise it once I get home at the end of the month.

I’ll finish up Arc 4 Interlude I before getting to the next part!












Translator: TranslationChicken


Editor: TranslationChicken




Previous Part 1/3:


※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

――The body of the girl named Anastasia Hoshin was now dominated by another existence, while her own existence was soundly sleeping.

Simply put, that was what “Anastasia”―― or, the spirit by the name of Echidona, had explained.
It seemed that fact was quite shocking to Emilia and Beatrice, while for Subaru, rather than shock, it only served to exacerbate his confusion.

Subaru barely had any impressions of Anastasia in the first place. Imagine someone came up and told him right when they first met that “I used to be Anastasia, but now I’m actually this other person”.

[Subaru: ……I-is that so… That’s uh. That’s… pretty big news, huh]

He couldn’t exactly react except like it was someone else’s affairs.
No doubt, it was only from the reactions of those around him that he figured that this was a pretty serious situation. After all, they came to this tower for a reason.

It was in order to find a way to save the girl that kept on sleeping, and to help those people struck with some unknown disease, that they came here. ――Or at least, that’s what he had been told.

[Ram: We barely just got here and the key people are already falling apart…… Barusu dropped his memories somewhere, and Anastasia-sama’s consciousness is deep in the abyss…]

[Subaru: Ugh… doesn’t look good at all, huh……]

Listening to Ram’s blunt remark, Subaru dejectedly held his head.
The problems were just piling up―― Subaru hadn’t even sorted out his own mess, and more difficulties just kept coming. They were going nowhere.
In that case――

[Emilia: Everyone, I think even if we hang our heads like this, we won’t solve anything. I understand the frustration, I do…… but, we can’t let our spirits down]


[Emilia: A lot of people’s hopes are riding on us coming to this tower. What happened to Subaru and Anastasia-san, that is a big deal. But…]

Emilia clapped her hands together and gathered everyone’s attention to herself.
Then, after pausing a beat, she scanned her amethyst eyes over everyone present,

[Emilia: We can’t stop here. ――We musn’t give up, that’s what I’ve always been taught]

Emilia said this firmly as she looked at each member’s face in turn. Her gaze finally fell on Subaru, who held his breath as he was pierced by their amethyst charm.
Naturally, his chest heated up. He didn’t know what to say, but he could see the expectation in her eyes. Receiving it, and feeling like he must do something, Subaru tightened his fist.

[Beatrice: Ow! That hurts! Oy, Subaru!]

[Subaru: Ah, my ba……no, not bad! Because this is proof of my determination!]

[Beatrice: Even if you say that with a straight face it still hurt when it hurt, I suppose! Reflect on your actions now!]

[Subaru: S-sorry. Hurting you was my bad. But my determination was not! Yeah, that’s right!]

Subaru apologized to Beatrice’s protests that her delicate wrist was being squished, but he quickly shook his head.
He could see that the situation as worrying. But simply worrying about unsolvable problems wouldn’t move anything forward at all. Subaru knew this from personal experience, in fact.
If Subaru was alone, he would certainly have lost his way. But, he wasn’t alone. Even if he had forgotten everything on his end, there was still Emilia and the others. And so――

[Subaru: It’s true, my memories slipping away all of a sudden has caused you a lot of trouble, I’m sorry about that. But that doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. Think of it another way. Who knows, maybe now I’m freed from the unnecessary fetters and ready to burst out with new ideas like a fresh spring or something. Then that means we’re ready to break out of this mess, doesn’t it?]

[“Anastasia”: ……that’s… quite a progressive take on it]

[Subaru: Would you rather go backwards instead? All the important things are ahead of us. They say the Goddess of Fortune only shows her bangs, you know? Besides, when it comes to capturing this tower, maybe we’ll need to come up with a more flexible idea. One that isn’t confined by the conventions of this world, like, AN IDEA FROM ANOTHER WORLD!]

“Anastasia”―― or rather, Echidona, wryly smiled at that momentous remark, but she was pushed back by an even more momentous retort. Even though he was just bluffing, what he said was right, and there was a need to break out of the current atmosphere.
Listening to Subaru’s thoughts, the difficult expressions on everyone’s faces began to change.

[Emilia: ……Mmn, that’s right. Subaru has always gotten over all sorts of trouble like this. So, this time, you’ll definitely get us through it too]

[Subaru: Oooh! That’s the spirit! Though that kinda sounds like I’ll have to do all the work here… but since you’re counting on me, I’ll do my best. Such a cute girl is asking for my help, after all!]

[Emilia: Thank you, Subaru. ――Hm, I’m glad. Subaru is still Subaru, after all]

[Subaru: ――――]

Hearing Emilia’s whisper as she put a hand to her ample chest in relief, Subaru was almost caught off-guard.

――“Subaru is still Subaru, after all”

Hearing her sigh of relief from the bottom of her heart, Subaru felt relieved as well.
“I guess that’s enough”, he thought.
Little by little, this self would be able to fill the hole left by the Natsuki Subaru she knew. If he could do just that, then he should be able to smooth over all the jumbled relationships here.

[Julius: ……Well well, that sure is optimistic]

[Subaru: Huh?]

Just when Subaru was relieved by Emilia’s words, Julius suddenly cut in. Sensing Subaru’s gaze, he shrugged, and loosened his lips with [Nothing],

[Julius: I just thought, memories or not, it’s still as impossible as ever to tell whether you’re brave or reckless. On the other hand, perhaps you would only think this because you’ve forgotten the enormity of the obstacle we are facing]

[Subaru: Oy, why’s there always something annoying about the stuff you say? Unless…… no way, is that just your true nature? Julius-san…… I mean, just Julius]

[Julius: ……I see. It’s just as Emilia-sama said, memories or not really doesn’t matter. One’s nature is not so easy changed]

[Subaru: I guess I can kind of imagine what kind of relationship we have now. We must be more comfortable with each other than anything else, huh]

They were not harsh words of malice, but an exchange of friendly jabs. Nevertheless, Subaru was convinced that there was a certain sense of distance between them.
His initial impression wasn’t wrong. Subaru and Julius mustn’t have liked each other very much when they first met. But afterwards, through various things they’ve experienced together, their relationship must have improved to the point where they could travel to this tower together――

[Subaru: Then I’ll be counting on you, Julius. Until I get my memories back, I’ll trouble you for a little longer]

[Julius: Yeah, it can’t be helped. Then I will reignedly accept this as my duty. ――Memories are just a trivial matter. I see. ……That’s right]

Julius quietly nodded to Subaru’s friendly address, and the topic ended there.
His memories were lost, and the problems just kept coming. This definitely wasn’t something one would meet with a bright face, that was a fact, but to face it nonetheless was a testament to his strength.

[Julius: When the person in question isn’t all that concerned, perhaps that is a grace as well]

[Subaru: I just don’t show it. There’s actually a whole storm churning in my chest right now. But, I’ll take the opportunity to get healed by some alone-time with Emilia-chan later]

[Emilia: ――? You want a lap pillow?]

[Subaru: Auhm, no. I’m sorry. Isn’t that uh… a bit rushed]

After saying it with his chest pumped up and his spirits high, Subaru suddenly shrunk. Not expecting Emilia to be so willing to give him such tender healing, his heart started cowering in fear.
Moreover, it’s a lap pillow. Naturally, his gaze fell onto her soft white thighs――

[Ram: It’s ready. Come help carry it, Barusu-pervert]

[Subaru: OW!?]

Feeling something kick in back of his knees, Subaru let out a wail on the spot and collapsed to the floor. All the while, Ram looked down on him with a look of disdain, as if chastising him for his indecency.

[Ram: Your useless positivity is one of your only virtues, Barusu. Use that positivity to set up the food. As well as for cleaning, tidying, and various other chores]

[Subaru: You just want to slack off, don’t you……]

[Shaula: Ooh! Teacher-sama, I’ll help as well-su~! F-o-o-d! F-o-o-d!]

Just as Subaru was protesting Ram’s forceful transfer of responsibilities, he was immediately cut off by Shaula’s pressing desire for sustenance. Seeing Shaula beginning to carry out the plates, Subaru had no choice but to join in the preparations.

[Subaru: Lets see the menu…… that kinda just looks like preserved rations]

[Ram: In fact, it is precisely preserved rations. The few fresh foods Emilia-sama brought over have already ran out. So the diet will be quite bland in the foreseeable future]

[Subaru: Well, hopefully we can capture this tower quickly and get back to somewhere more populated]

He had heard it said that people’s hearts are only at ease once there are ample food and clothing. In that sense, he wasn’t sure just how long they could last in this tower.
Particularly in regards to food, in the absence of his memory, Subaru’s only impression of the “Taste of this Parallel World” was the taste of preserved rations. Which was rather miserable.

[Echidona: Sorry to bring this up while you’re eating, but there is something I want to confirm with you, Subaru-kun]

[Subaru: Hungry… starving…… What, me? Something you wanted to ask me?]

Roleplaying as someone who has been treated like a slave and given nothing but miserable scraps ever since he was summoned to this Parallel World, Subaru protested against the injustice. But he stopped eating when he heard Echidona’s words.

[Echidona: It’s nothing, but while I apologize for bringing this up this when everyone is united against our situation, I would like Subaru-kun to share a bit more with us about what happened to him. After all, your memories were the only ones that has been affected by this tower. Conversely, who knows if the same thing might happen to any of our memories as well?]

[Subaru: Right, makes sense. Even though having the person involved do it might be a bit difficult… amnesia can be pretty inconvenient, you know]

[Beatrice: The way you said it make me wonder if you really see yourself as being involved, I suppose……]

Seeing Subaru nod in agreement, Beatrice could only manage a baffled expression.
But, Echidona’s concerns were reasonable. And the truth is, Subaru also needed to know how he lost his memories. The clues to restoring his memories must be tied to how he lost them in the first place.


At the table, to Subaru’s right was Beatrice, and to his left was Emilia. Those two were at his side when he woke――he wanted to know just what kind of memories could have prompted them to sit there of their own accord, and to place in him such baseless trust and warmth.
――Or rather, it was that he needed to remember, because it was his duty.

[Subaru: But still… I woke up without remembering anything, so I don’t really know what happened. ……Emilia-chan and everyone, where exactly did you guys find me?]



(Thumbnail fan art is by @HaruSabin!)


The new Japanese chapter Arc 6 Chapter 36 finally came out!

It was terrible timing though since it caught me when I was 10,000+2,200km away from home. I got sick again yesterday and I’m making my way back to base while stopping along the way to see the sights for a few days. 

This one might be a bit rushed since I’m strapped for time. I might revise it once I get home at the end of the month.

I’ll finish up Arc 4 Interlude I before getting to the next part!

Let me know if you find any typos! ❤


Arc 6 Chapter 35 Live Draft:

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      1. Is it really taboo for him to refer to another world? I thought it was simply taboo for him to mention return by death. He has said he is from Japan on at least a couple of occasions, but hasn’t been taken seriously. My thoughts on this are that telling people you are from another world is PROBABLY not the best way for them to think you are trustworthy, and so Subaru neglected to mention it early on. Then from there on out, he was so busy with dealing with tragedy after tragedy that he never thought to bring it up. With him not having lost his memories however, he might very well be free to say whatever he wishes. He doesn’t even know about return by death after all, so he can’t knowingly break any rules revealing things about it. His intent so far has been what seems to trigger his inability to speak.


  1. Thank you so much for this long awaited translation, Chicken san!😊
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    1. Many of us have been waiting for quite some time for this chapter to get finished. I’m slightly frustrated myself by the mid-chapter break, but I’m happy to see the continuation. (Oh, Zeroed-Subaru. Are you going to end up saying something that gets Her attention?)


  2. Now I know some of what I have to look forward to after arcs 4 and 5. But I’m not sure if you put in enough spoiler warning messages. You might want to go back and edit in at least ten more. Just to be safe.


  3. This kind of just occurred to me but, what if when Rem Inedibly wakes up she… Turns.

    Daphne’s way of creating beasts hasn’t been explained.

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    1. memory manipulation is probably how they make new witch cultist in the first place. easier on someone not being protected but you could be right that they implanted something inside rem but it would probably have activated by now. i am not sure why they brought along rem there is no telling what may happen and they bring someone along in a coma?


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    1. Chicken translated the newest chapters, because he got a hint that there is mind-blowing stuff going on (subaru losing his memories) and important stuff revolving REM (best girl)

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    2. When Subaru lost his memories, it was an excellent starting point to jump mid-way into the story. Plus it’s incredibly cool to read the latest chapters.

      My theory is that if Subaru’s memory loss is permanent or semi-permanent, then Rem is close to waking up.

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      1. Consider this:
        Subaru’s memory is gone, but he is not fully amnesiac. His memory is complete up to the point he left the convenience store and entered Laguna (what I’ve been calling the Other World). This would mean that Earth is outside the bounds of powers and Authorities of Laguna. This would mean if his Name were taken, he would be forgotten on Laguna, but not on Earth. If his Existence were taken, rather than going into a coma, he would likely continue on, but with his memory, history, and the physical indicators of his time on Laguna vanishing (like the belongings in Rem’s room or the letter she wrote becoming blank). All of Subaru would be gone on Laguna, up to the point of his arrival. If his belongings on Laguna would vanish, it stands to reason that his belongings of Earth that he had with him would appear, leaving him a blank slate. This leaves a possibility that the way the anime begins is not his actual arrival, but is shortly after being attacked by Gluttony and having his Existence consumed. His time there could be much longer than believed.


        1. Just to make sure, the books in library of memories were all about dead people in the past right? The groups assumed that subaru might lost his memory by reading one of those book. I dunno if the power of sin arc bishop of gluttony existed in the past, but there is no way there would be a book about rey battenkaitos there. I wonder myself if the cause was something else entirely…


  5. Does anyone know why it took half a year to finally get the new chapter out? Did Tappei give a reason for that?


    1. He was probably very involved in getting the light novel conversion done. Arc 4 light novel got finished not too long ago, so he’s back to working on the web novel. I feel like arc 4’s importance was enough for him to make it a priority.


    2. Thr sooner the LN finished, the sooner we will get next season of anime. Maybe tappei also wants to see more animated re:zero.


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  7. The reason I lose the Subaru memory is the room that I sleep in. It is not Crush that saves Subaru’s memory. I think if it comes to the matter, rem will wake up in the near future. I wonder how Subaru would react if he died in the case of Shu. the memory will come back if it passes. This must be the corridor of memories. As I use google translate it can be a bit cluttered up with the cunts. Turkish English Translation


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