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[Echidona: ……Mn, that’s correct. Contracts require compensation. Just as I will offer you the knowledge you seek, you will present me with the compensation I desire]

[Subaru: Of course. Right. ――So, what do you want from me? If I contract with you, what will I need to give you?]

From here on, whenever he gets stuck in a hopeless deadlock and needs Echidona’s help, what will he need to pay?
To his question, Echidona’s cheeks softened into a smile.

[Echidona: Nothing you need to be so wary about. What I want from you is not so hard to give. In fact, since the compensation I seek is neither material, nor immaterially precious, you could say that mine is more than a fair offer]

[Subaru: ――And what is it… that you want?]

[Echidona: It’s simple. ――What you feel, what you think, what lingers within your heart, what you know, what you do, what you create, and all of the fruits called “The Unknown” born from your very existence, I want to savour… always]

Echidona’s face blushed, like that of a young maiden with a crush.
The fruits called “The Unknown”―― that poetic phrasing made Subaru furrow his brows.

[Subaru: The hell’s… that? You want me to hand over my feelings, my memories, my recollections, is that what you mean? In that case……]

[Echidona: Didn’t I tell you? It’s nothing so troubling. I just want to witness the sights you see, the melodies you hear, the stories you weave, all from a special box seat. All I want is to experience it. To be in a position to know the “The Unknowns” you create. With that, and that alone, I will be satisfied]

To dispel Subaru’s concerns, Echidona clearly stated her demands.
It was simply to watch Subaru walk his path. To see the same sights he sees. To know feel he feels, know he knows, and witness the results of his actions.
The Incarnation of the Thirst for Knowledge, the Witch bearing the crown of Greed, wanted only that.

[Subaru: You aren’t, lying to me, are you?]

[Echidona: Lying about the terms of a contract would be absurd. As for myself, I pledge that I will never do anything to betray those words. I swear this on my life]

Placing her hand on her chest, [Though, I am already dead], Echidona concluded with a quip.
Subaru could sense no deception in her words or behavior. Or perhaps, it was because he wanted to believe her.

[Subaru: Minerva. Since Echidona’s already said that… I think I’ll……]

[???: I-it’s all…… true, but…… she hasn’t, told you every, thing, has she?]

Just as Subaru asked Minerva to release him from her hold, this time, he heard another person’s voice addressing him. It was a voice he had heard only ten-odd minutes ago―― a voice for which Subaru had absolutely no positive feelings for.

[Subaru: Camilla…… Witch of Lust!]

[Camilla: Do.. n’t…… look at me… with those scary eyes. I, I’m…… not even, doing any, thing…… aw, awful……]

[Subaru: The scary eyes are inborn. I’m not trying to make an especially intense expression or anything]

With Subaru still held against the ground, in front of him stood Echidona and behind him was Minerva, the three of them forming a straight line, while, sitting on the grass a short distance away, was a pink-haired girl―― Camilla.
She timidly hid her face from Subaru’s gaze, and only now and then peeked over. Her attitude was irritating as always, but by consciously keeping his attention off of her, he managed to avoid being “Captivated to a life-threatening degree”.
Then, he asked again,

[Subaru: But anyway, what were you talking about? I won’t complain about more Witches showing up at this point, but if there’s anyth……]

[Camilla: E-Echidona-chan is…… hiding lots and lots of things, you know……? She, isn’t lying, but…… she’s hiding lots, and lots……]

[Subaru: Hiding.. what……?]

Pondering over Camilla’s words, Subaru imploringly looked towards Echidona. While Echidona turned to the suddenly-appeared Camilla and narrowed one of her eyes,

[Echidona: And I was wondering why you came out all of a sudden, so it’s to bad-mouth me is it? Actually, how is it that he’s caught your eye? Unlike Minerva, I don’t see a reason why you’d get all cozy with him. I thought you didn’t like him]

[Camilla: A, r-reason, like…… Minerva-chan? No, I don’t have, any…… thing like, that. But, Echidona-chan, you…… tr-tricked, me…… didn’t you?]

Speaking in a frail and stuttering voice, Camilla looked down as she responded to Echidona’s methodical statements. However, unlike the frailty of her voice, the actual contents of her words implied no weakness or compromise.
Camilla puttered her fidgety gaze around, glancing several times at Echidona,

[Camilla: I-I don’t like……him, but, you tr-tricked, me…… E-Echidona-chan, so I’m, not, on your side any, anymore, you know? People, who trick, me, hate, me…… do, mean things to me, I…… I will never forgive]

――Those last words alone were spoken with incredible clarity.
It was such that, for a moment, Subaru couldn’t process the fact that those words had come from the girl beside him.
So utterly detached that voice was from his impression of this girl up to now.

[Camilla: ――――]

Wordlessly, yet determined and unwaveringly, Camilla stared at Echidona.
In her eyes there churned an indescribable emotion―― a whirlpool of something dark and grudging, unforgiving of the one who had offended her with their transgression.
A pure mass of narcissism―― the description suddenly scraped across Subaru’s mind.

[Echidona: While it may’ve been a necessary measure, doing something contrary to Camilla’s desires was a mistake on my part. There is nothing more unenviable than making an enemy of you, Camilla]

[Camilla: E-everyone, is, on my side…… so, it, won’t be pleasant, to have me, hate, you……you know? You can, a-apologize, but, I won’t, forgive, you……]

Camilla wasn’t just an equal balance of timidness and rebellion.
Her personality was so introverted that she was too timid to even properly communicate with others―― but that had very little to do with the intensity of her retribution against those who wronged her.

[Subaru: What’ve you all been…… what’ve you all been talking about!?]

Finally disrupting the perilous atmosphere between the Witches, Subaru broke his silence and blurted out.
Feeling the gazes of all three Witches falling on him, Subaru frantically turned his neck, and,

[Subaru: How long are you gonna leave me out of the conversation!? I, I’m the one who has to choose here! Say it in a way I can understand! Echidona, what’re you hiding!? And you two, what is it you know that’s making you want to stop me!?]

[Minerva: Putting you in this mentally feeble state so that you’d grab onto any offered hand without thinking…… it’s all her careful planning that’s lured you here!]

[Echidona: You make me sound like a villain. Won’t that make him misunderstand? If we seal this contract, I will certainly help him, and guide him to the optimal destination he desires. My only request is to see what he sees, hear what he hears, and learn what he learns in the process. Not a single one of the things I said was false]

Minerva blasted back at the protesting Subaru, her voice trembling in rage. All the while, Echidona remained calm as always.
Listening to the pristine clarity of Echidona’s voice, Subaru began sensing that something was awry. Having overcome the state of heated delirium up to now, he once again scrutinized over Echidona’s words. Over her attitude, and why the other two Witches tried to stop him.
What was out of place? She didn’t say anything strange. Both of the other two Witches acknowledged that she wasn’t lying. So then, where was the problem――?

[Echidona: I will repeat, Natsuki Subaru. If you choose me, choose to seal this contract with me―― I will without fail lead you to the place you desire…]

[????: ――“In the end”, would be the necessary disclaimer to this promise, right? Haa…]

Just as Echidona reached out her hand to Subaru, a listless voice covered over her words.
Looking up, he saw a monster made of magenta hair who had appeared opposite Camilla―― sitting on the ground, buried in her own long hair, it was the Witch of Sloth.
The increasing number of Witches didn’t surprise Subaru anymore. But, what Subaru did pick up was,

[Subaru: In the, end……?]

[Sekhmet: I’m sure Echidona, huu… is certain to fulfill the contract, haa. But, so long as she maintains the fact, huuu… that she intends to fulfill the contract, haa. She can probably do whatever she likes in the process, huu]

[Subaru: Do, whatever she――]

Tying together Sekhmet’s intermittent, huffing words with the sense of awriness he had felt earlier, a single explanation emerged in Subaru’s mind.
But that explanation was simply too hard to accept. His face stiffening in shock, Subaru looked towards Echidona, who had closed her eyes, and,

[Subaru: Echidona, if I contract with you…… you will definitely lead me to the optimal future, that’s what you’re saying?]

[Echidona: Yes, it is. That is a fact. Without a doubt, I will carry out this contract to the end. With my knowledge and your ability, we will certainly be able to achieve it]

Yes, surely, the contract will be properly fulfilled.
There were no lies in Echidona’s words. If Subaru cooperates with her, they will certainly be able to save everyone and reach that perfect future. However,

[Subaru: As you guide me towards the optimal future―― will we be taking the optimal path?]

[Echidona: ――――]

[Subaru: Will you truly be doing everything in your power to bring me to the place I desire?]

[Echidona: ――――]

[Subaru: Why’re… you saying nothing. Answer me, Echidona…… no…… WITCH OF GREED!]

Lifting his head, Subaru screamed at the top of his lungs.

Though still held against the ground with his joints locked in place, Subaru paid it no heed as he single-mindedly glared at Echidona.




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    1. Witches’ debate. You dont see that everyday, Subaru. But still, it doesn’t clear what’s their intention to stop the contract making. I wonder is it to help Subaru (but why they care?) or just to prank their friend Echidona.

      Thanks as always, Chicken sama


      1. Looks like Minerva doesn’t like seeing someone taken advantage of, Camilla is mad about being tricked, and Sekhmet is a mystery.

        Its possible that all the witches are in the dream due to being tricked by Echidona.

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          1. Bingo, they hold no real reason besides helping a person from almost getting taken advantage of. Meaning if Subaru still wants a contract after hearing her out, they wouldn’t stop him.

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          2. The witches does not care if Satella dies because they don’t care about the living when they’re dead and they know every witch has an authority that they act upon on like Echidona’s selfish greed to make Subaru her lab rat. Echidona is the only one that wants revenge while everyone just wants to help Subaru from Echidona’s schemes.


  1. oh shiet we are already at Dona’s “””confession”””.
    Thx chiken and good luck translating that part….

    even reading it was a pain…


  2. “To know feel he feels, know he knows, and witness the results of his actions.” I’m pretty sure there should be “to know what he knows”.
    Also, “Her attitude was irritating was always” should be “as always”


    1. Echidona has no constraints on getting him his “good ending” She can spend hundreds of loops making him test things instead of helping him. She just has to “eventually” help him. At least that is how I understood it, Echidona will probably clarify in the next part.

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      1. agreed. to her what is considered optimal? the least amount of sacrifices or the easiest path< considering what rosshits book made him do like you know making subaru do everything while he flies off.


  3. “Looking up, he saw a monster made of magenta hair who had appeared opposite Camilla”

    Should add “of” between “opposite Camilla”.

    Thanks as always chicken~


  4. I’d still take the contract. Honestly, without Echidona’s help, Subaru is already so fucked that taking the detours in order for a certain success doesn’t seem to matter. Besides, it’s not as if Subaru can reach the optimal path if he doesn’t contract with her anyways.


    1. He can without the help of someone doesn’t actually have his best interest in mind. You guys are letting your waifuness cloud you mind way too much. And Suabru won’t be the only one who suffers from this decision either. If the other witches who actually know her much more intimately than he does are coming out bat of this than he should heed their advice.


      1. And not take easy way out of clearly strings attached deal even Echidna hiding from him. The price is much worse than she implying and her crux of it involves being her guinea pig.


      2. yep pointing the fact she is being manipulative and getting a ‘your drunk’ response almost made me think i was or actually was the one with horrid reading comprehension. dona admitting she was in charge of the trails n not just over seeing >right after his first trail< o n knowing full well of the rabbits att should have given pl pause at her true intentions if she was purely trying to be help full yeah she only sat back and enjoyed him being chewed out idk maybe some are into sadist

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    1. Lol you’re right she’s geting greedy with Subaru , the more she like him the more greedy she gets

      Dona Busted!!

      But i got somewhat feeling she was restraining her Greediness with Subaru no?


    1. When you take a dump in a toilet, that feeling would be shared exactly the same to echidna. You still want it? XD


  5. Wow so she was just planing to have him shot gun RBD at everything till it sticks… Just to see what happens….that’s evil as fuck


  6. Echidna is still one of my fav new characters, but she is largely not someone you should put too much trust into. She can’t help her nature, and with the stakes as high as it is as well as the being of Subaru and everyone else to consider… it’s far too dangerous to take lightly.

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  7. My opinion is that he should rather take help

    But by asking for a complete gospel or something like that and in return he should offer her just to be an audience in his path to the future just like Subaru was in 2nd trial.
    And only to be an audience and not to be a player.
    She will be satisfied by it too.

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    1. The only complete gospel is the Book of Wisdom aka, the “Memories of the World”, which just Echidna alone can read. So this scenario wouldn’t work.


      1. Zygarde meant like Roswaal’s I’d guess.
        Theory: he already had one. He entrusted it to Beatrice. His existence was consumed, and its writ relating to him vanished, leaving the gospel blank. Memory of World made logical changes to Beatrice’s memories in that she remembers Echidna giving her the gospel and that she was always alone after that, barely acknowleging that any other people had ever been in the Archive.


        1. um no only rosshit n beako have ‘complete’ gospels >2 in totalwhy spoil at this point< so no one would pass them along. petels incomplete book did not suddenly start writing for sub so that theory is highly probable to be wrong.


          1. No Echidona has the Book of World that records every “world” which explains why she knows Subaru’s RBD. The other 2 books that Betty and Roswaal have are similar but they only record “their” world and not all worlds.


          2. There are 2 Complete gospel but the True gospel is the one Echidona has. Also, it is Echidona that gives them orders from the gospel so their gospel aren’t really that useful if Subaru doesn’t have some sort of contract with Echidona.


          3. The “complete” gospel that they have is also sort of the same kind of contract they have with Echidona, she just have the help them eventually like 400 years eventually.


  8. Loving how the other witches are appearing one after another to try and protect Subaru from having a contract with Dona~Dona. Exposing all her hidden plans ^^


  9. We’re seeing some classic examples of negative famininity. What we see here is intrinsic to female psychology, and it’s quite good.

    The witches all have their own pathologies common in females, which is actually kind of profound. Echidna’s apparent psychopathy, Camilla’s extreme introversion and apparent narcissism, and Minerva’s ideology-induced rage(speculation).

    I find this so interesting. Showing the duality to these characters leading to the perception of evil.


        1. Coming back to this, this might’ve been a dick thing to say, but it was kinda aggravating to see a meaningless response to something I meant as thought-provoking when I wrote it.

          Still, sorry about that.


      1. Actually, Jacob, could you explain your reasoning? It’s not entirely clear she’s been sincere in her actions to propel Subaru forward.


        1. Her true personality is revealed toward the end of this chapter, and how truly disconnected she is from standard human thought and emotion. Sorry, calling her sociopathic was a bit spoiler I suppose.


  10. So Dona basically wants a collector’s edition dvd with full OSTs and stuff?

    …But, to include all senses, that’s… ewww…. and bawww…. but mostly ewww.


    1. This makes me think, wouldn’t she then be feeling all the deaths that Subaru would recieve through her scheme? Pretty painful if you ask me =/


    2. Makes me think of Kazuma masturbating to Aqua’s butt in the stable at night. No, Dona, you don’t wanna share in Barusu’s EVERY feeling and thought.


  11. Fun Theory:

    If Echidona make a contract with Subaru,

    1. If he dies, she could possibly be with him in the next sequence.
    2. Can kill the Witch of Envy by herself.
    3. Use the RBD to go back to the past.
    4. Use his body to become her vessel and convert it into her own sexy body.
    5. See the future path until the end of his lifetime.

    She has a history with Flugel. Since the witches knew she loves Flugel so much. They don’t want him to ended up like him also. HIS KNOWLEDGE!


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    Abandon your Waifu-vision <.<


  13. Echidonaaaaa stop wrenching our hearts! Why are the other Witches being so honest with Subaru? I still can’t answer this.
    Thanks for the part! This chapter is really cool with all of these Witches showing up!


  14. Even if Subaru would accept this contract, I just can’t see that Envy would tolerate that. Subaru and Echidna would become even more intimate to each other, than a love pair in a sense, there is no way Envy would close her eyes on that.


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