Re:Zero Arc 5 Chapter 39 [Knightliness And The Man Who Was Late] (Part 2/3)

Arc 5 Chapter 39 Part 1/3:

Arc 5 Chapter 39 Part 3/3:


Note from TranslationChicken:

I originally intended this as an April Fools joke, but I was so tired from the jet lag… >_<

I’ve been bombarded with requests for Arc 5 and this chapter, so here you go, gees, now stop pestering me!!
Just know that I only read what I translate, so I don’t have any idea what’s going on with the plot here except from the wiki summary I read years ago before the anime ended. I literally have no context so please let me know without spoiling me if anything sounds weird.

I’ll work on this chapter when I have time, and I might continue with these if you guys are interested.

Just please be respectful and do not post spoilers or Arc 5 discussion outside of these chapters ❤














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[Subaru: So before that happens, we’ll just have to keep trying to get through to them…… right?]

[Anastasia: That’s not very realistic]

[Subaru: But in reality, that conclusion is just way too pessimistic!]

When everyone is afraid, panic will begin to take hold.
And when that happens, the only way to fight it is to give hope.

[Subaru: “We are preparing a counter-attack.” If we announce that, at least we can give everyone some hope and keep panic at bay, right?]

[Anastasia: At the very least, I think we have to be prepared for the necessary casualties to come. I don’t like to think about it, but we must consider what will need to be done once those people become irrational]

[Subaru: Wait, Anastasia-san. Why do I get the feeling we’re not talking about the same things here?]

Getting a bad feeling about where Anastasia might be going, Subaru twisted his lips. Seeing this, Anastasia let out an exhausted sigh,

[Anastasia: Natsuki-kun’s idea of disallowin’ any sacrifice whatsoever, while pretty, has no basis in reality. The moment we took such cripplin’ losses from the start, winnin’ without pain or loss was already impossible. That should be self-evident]

[Subaru: For the first, and second times…… that’s true. But preparing to sacrifice people is not the same thing at all. That’s not what it means to avert disaster before it happens, is it?]

[Anastasia: If what you said can lead us to overall victory, I will agree with you. But, that’s not possible. When a ship sinks, only the ones with the courage to swim will survive. ……While the ones who stay inside and let themselves sink like stones will never make it]

[Subaru: ――! Winning or losing is…!]

[Anastasia: If we lose, we’ll all end up at the bottom of the sea! If you don’t like winnin’ or losin’, then would you rather live or die!? If you think you can save everything and everyone, then you are too naive, Natsuki-kun]

Anastasia shouted over the agitated Subaru.
Just when Subaru was about to take a step towards her, Julius stepped in and held him back. However, Julius’s gaze was not on Subaru, but on Anastasia. As if to show that he was siding with Subaru, Julius narrowed his eyes,

[Julius: Anastasia-sama. I understand your feelings. But I also agree with Subaru. Assuming your worries are justified, we should take measures to prevent it. But callously harming civilians will cause you great pain…… and it would be playing right into the Witch Cult’s hands]

[Subaru: Julius…]

Openly opposing his master, Julius asserted his ideal of righteousness as he placed his support behind Subaru. Alongside his surprise at Julius’ remark, Subaru also felt strengthened in his convictions.
If Julius, the constant embodiment of Knightly ideals, agreed with Subaru, then there could be nothing wrong with what Subaru had said.
However, Anastasia only softly patted her scarf in front of Julius, and,

[Anastasia: Did you think it’s because I like it that I suggested abandonin’ all those people? It’s not like I think everyone in the shelters would go crazy and start riotin’. In the end, it’s only a possibility. But it’s a possibility we can’t ignore!]

[Julius: But……]

[Anastasia: I am not a child, do you hear me? We have to make full use of what resources we have. We absolutely must strike back at the Witch Cult. And we will do everything that is within our responsibility. But if you extend that responsibility to everything, then that’s far, far too broad, it’ll only be damaging our chances of doing what we are actually capable of doing]

To Julius, who was ruefully biting his lip, Anastasia’s words were cold and unforgiving. And while they were directed at Julius, they were also berating Subaru for his thoughtlessness.
Of course, there was no way Subaru had not understood what Anastasia was saying.

It’s a heavy burden, to save someone.
It’s difficult enough to save one person at a time. But the wider the range expands and the greater the number grows, the less realistic it becomes, and the more likely there will be an unsatisfactory result.
This is natural arithmetics that even a child can understand.

The more appas you try to hold, the more likely they are to fall from your hands. Not to mention the possibility of stumbling, or your arms giving way and dropping everything.

[Anastasia: What we need to do now is discuss how to win. Not stand around sulkin’ like children. Do you wear your badge of Knighthood so cheaply, that you can’t even tell the difference?]

[Julius: ――――]

Listening to Anastasia say this as if to test him, Julius closed his eyes.
But behind him, seeing his clenched fists slowly lower, and his head begin to drop, Subaru realized that Julius was about to withdraw his objection.

[Subaru: If you back down now, you’ll be even less worthy of being a Knight]

[Anastasia: ……Natsuki-kun, have you been listenin’? If not, then you haven’t changed a bit from back then in the Royal Palace. After everythin’ you’ve been through and bein’ decorated as a Knight, I had expected more from you]

[Subaru: Yes. I am a Knight now. And it is because I am a Knight that I can’t back down. I absolutely can’t]

The more appas you hold, the more likely you are to drop them.
But Subaru was a Knight, and Julius was a Knight, and in their arms, they weren’t holding appas, but something far more precious.
These weren’t inanimate fruits that wouldn’t hurt even when dropped, but something that could cry and feel outrage―― these were human lives.

[Subaru: Giving up right from the start and letting prejudice get the better of you, well I won’t have it. I’m sorry, but I’m not that susceptible to the common sense of this world]

[Anastasia: You’re sayin’ somethin’ incomprehensible again…… it was the same with the White Whale, and same with the Witch Cult after that. All wars have casualties. After all that, are you going to object to their deaths as well?]

[Subaru: Don’t underestimate them, Anastasia. Everyone who fought and died back then had already made up their mind. When someone dies, it’s sad, and even though they didn’t want to die, they had the resolve. Whether a person has the resolve to die or not―― that’s what makes all the difference]

He knew that it was just a convenient argument to make, and that there was no logic to it at all.
But still, the fact was just that. Placing oneself into a life and death struggle always comes with a certain resolve.

[Subaru: The people of this city had no obligation to make that kind of resolve. It was those bastards who had one-sidedly turned this place into a battlefield. And we’d be wrong if we let them decide what comes next]

[Anastasia: Even if you don’t like it, they’ll still attack people whether they have that resolve or not. When that time comes, what difference does it make?]

[Subaru: There is a difference. It’s fair for one person with that resolve to fight another person with that resolve. To be a Knight is to constantly hold the resolve to protect those who haven’t made that resolve. That’s my definition of a Knight, and that’s what I bragged to the kids in the village as well]

After being decorated as a Knight and receiving some compliments here and there, the thought just naturally occured to Subaru.
And once he had made this boast to the children, and saw their fawning, glittering eyes, Subaru was determined not to disappoint them.
Of course, it also had something to do with Emilia’s shimmering eyes while she listened at his side.

[Subaru: I am Emilia’s Knight. And I want to fight for Emilia. But that doesn’t mean I can just protect Emilia while ignoring everyone else. Anastasia-san, Julius is your Knight. He wants to fight for you more than anyone in this world. But that is not enough. These vain creatures called Knights are all greedy as hell, you know]

[Anastasia: ――――]

[Subaru: We’ll keep on posing until the day we die, Julius is the same, too. If you ask why, it’s because this guy is the “Most Perfect Knight”. Which means this guy loves posing more than any one of us]

Leaving Anastasia stunned speechless, Subaru shot Julius a thumbs-up. Immediately, Julius, who had been quietly listening, winced in dismay.
Seeing this rare dumbfounded expression on Anastasia and Julius’s faces, Subaru’s lips twisted into a rather inappropriate grin.

[Subaru: It’s clear and simple why we’re killing those bastards, but if we have to take on the guilt of forsaking someone in order to do so, then that’s just plain stupid. We will save everyone, as well as wipe those bastards out. Even if we end up losing because of our convictions, that’s how we’ll do it]

Giving up a possibility from the start is not the same thing as failing after having tried.
It wasn’t hard at all to see that it was all just self-satisfaction, but,

[???: ――Livin’ for self-satisfaction, that’s gotta be the most human way to live there is. I’m sidin’ with the bro on this one]

[Subaru: ――!]

While Subaru was busy weaving his naive idealism, a completely new voice mixed into the conversation.
Surprised by the addition of that voice, everyone’s faces simultaneously turned to the lobby’s entrance. Standing there, the person in the crossfire of everyone’s gazes gave an uncomfortable shrug,

[???: Oyoy, if you all keep shootin’ me with that sweaty gaze, I’ll feel troubled, y’know. I know I ain’t much to look at. So I’m afraid I won’t really meet your expectations]

[Subaru: ――Al]

Using his jokes and gestures to show that he means no harm, it was a man wearing a jet-black helmet―― one of their close acquaintances to have gone missing since their parting at the inn this morning: Al.





Next Part 3/3:


(The incredible fan art is by @HaruSabin!!)


I’m actually quite enjoying this chapter…
Though I still have almost no idea what’s going on >_<

If anyone could fill me in, these are the things I’m wondering about right now (without spoiling too much please):

1) What happened with the attack on the City Hall, what was the objective, how did it fail?

2) How did Al go missing earlier?

3) Where’s Emilia?

4) Who are their enemies right now?


As always, please let me know if you spot any weird sentences or typos! ❤


Next Part 3/3:


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  1. Hey Chicken, love the work, cheers! In response to your questions I’ll answer the best I can:

    1) What happened with the attack on the City Hall, what was the objective, how did it fail?
    The objective was the secure the city hall’s broadcasting station, and then secure the subsequent water gate towers. Each place has a Archbishop guarding it apparently, and they wanted to prevent the Sin Archbishop of Lust from making a broadcast. While they were able to secure it, Crush and Subaru were poisoned by the Sin Archbishop of Lust, Lust still made a broadcast that listed their demands, and Lust as well as Gluttony were able to escape.

    2) How did Al go missing earlier?
    I don’t think much is known for know, other than that Al was said to have been wandering the city on an errand the morning of the attack.

    3) Where’s Emilia?
    She was taken by Regulus (Archbishop of Greed) the morning of the attack while they were fighting the Archbishop of Wrath, Sirius.

    4) Who are their enemies right now?
    The Archbishops, still.

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  2. 1) What happened with the attack on the City Hall, what was the objective, how did it fail?
    Subaru and gang were trying to take back City Hall from the Archbishops who have invaded the city and started wreaking havoc.

    2) How did Al go missing earlier?
    I’m not entirely sure, but everyone sort of split up in the morning before the fighting started. Originally, all the major candidate parties had come to this inn in the city for some rest & relaxation (and to size up the competition after a year).

    3) Where’s Emilia?
    Emilia has been kidnapped by one of the Archbishops! (i o i) Her whereabouts at this time are unknown….

    4) Who are their enemies right now?
    As the previous answers have already stated, the enemy is the Archbishops who have invaded the city. Specifically, Archbishop of Greed, Gluttony, Wrath, and Lust

    Hope that helps. Thanks for the translation 🙂


  3. thank you very much

    emilia was kidnapped by greed from the witch cult
    their enemies are the witch cult
    they lost against the worship in the town hall because the enemy caused a lot of damage even if they took control of the town hall
    al was with priscilla in the city


  4. 1. Their objective was the city hall because they got something like metia (or an actual metia) that makes it possible to make announcements throughout the city. They had to fight Theresia van Astrea and some other undead/zombie + Capella (Archbishop of Lust) and Ley or Roy (Archbishop of Gluttony). They lost and Crush got … cursed? while Subaru got his leg back (was heavily injured by Regulus).

    2. I think Al wasn’t there to begin with. We only saw him when the witch cult didn’t attack once.

    3.Emilia got captured by Regulus (Archbishop of Greed) – he wants to marry her since he is greedy and this is part of his authority.

    4. Their enemies are : a) Regulus with Emilia
    b) Capella with the dead bodies of Theresia and some other op zombie
    c) All three (or at least 2) of the Sin Archbishops of Gluttony
    d) Sirius = Archbishop of Wrath
    i think that should be all enemies if im not mistaken

    hope i could help you 😀


  5. I think that you should go and read at least a last few chapters from the other translation to get a grasp of the situation (i do not think that going into arc 5 blindly is a good idea), or alternatively (better idea?), you could read the synopsis of arc 5 up to this point on the re: Zero wiki page (specifically Subarus character page) and preserve the wonder of experiencing it the way you wanted to originally. I just checked and there seems to be no huge spoilers from the ending of the arc 4, but even so you should expect a few just in case.

    Synopsis page:


  6. They lost just because the sin archbishops of lust and gluttony were stronger that the people who fighted against them, the fights were:

    Julius vs Roy (I think this one was equal)

    Crusch and Subaru vs Lust (Lust won and they are some kind of poisoned, but this helped Subaru with a previous wound made by Regulus)

    Also, Lust moved with two unknown strong people, who were fighting with Wilhelm, Ricardo and Garfiel

    Regulus kidnapped Emilia

    Sirius (archbishop of wrath) is also in the city

    Nothing known about Ley


  7. For no spoilers i guess. Or for the least then i guess you could use mine. 😀
    1) Subaru and Crusch basically got knocked out……..And beaten up a lot and somehow subaru healed a limb from that same beatdown. Subaru and Crusch was basically “injected” with something and Subaru was healed from it while Crusch is weakened by it. The witch’s cult had taken the city hall before Subaru’s “team” had launched an attack on it to take it back from them. Also an Archbishop had also turned all the people inside into flies (other people translate them as mosquitoes) or dragons. Subaru’s attack didn’t really fail but everyone on Subaru’s side was basically defeated……but for some reason the witch cultists retreated or “left” in this case.
    2)Al didn’t go missing he just showed up for a brief moment before and then left, no one was really worried about him for some reason as he wasn’t mentioned at all from that point he showed up before. And now suddenly he’s shown up again….
    3)Emilia was kidnapped after Subaru screwed up his “looping” i guess (he wasnt relying on it but he got knocked out when she got kidnapped……but that isnt referring to the knockout of the battle at city hall, hopefully i said that right….)
    4)Their enemies are the witch cultists from i could i think its all of them……….Subaru is going ot have a hard time (not a spoiler i’m just guessing)


  8. “Subaru’s lips twisted into a rather inappropriate grin.”

    Everytime I read this line, I Imagine the most hilarious facial expressions


  9. All these knights are Greedy as Hell- Subaru.
    And he’s saying this to Anastatia, too. Well played, Subaru. Well played.


  10. This is why i told u chicken. Ignore those pestering people and reach the story naturally. This arc is war arc. All queen candidates vs 6 sin arc bishops. Trust me you don’t want to jump skipping like this.


    1. I would need to agree with mister clean. We’ll get there eventually.
      Hypocritically speaking, arc 6 is the exception.
      I need more source material for my fanfiction.


  11. Awesome update bro! I’m really happy you’re also working on 5. I’d answer all of your questions, but like 5 other people already did.


  12. In case u want to know…

    Anastasia invited 3 queen candidates to watergate city. The 3 factions couldn’t refuse because anastasia cleverly knew what those girls want and said was able to provide them. Like emilia wants a replacement stone for containing puck which shattered in arc 4, and crusch wants info about gluttony which ate her memories. In the meeting place, priscilla came uninvited for her own amusement.

    Next to answer your questions:

    2. Al didn’t go missing. Priscilla faction just left the meeting after some arguments.

    4. Anastasia anticipated gluttony would come to watergate city looking for something, though didn’t know the rest of the other arcbishops would come as well and so soon too. So the enemies are sin archbishops, requesting demands to the citizen of watergate city.

    3. Without knowing the dangerous approaching, each faction casually doing free times in the city. Then subaru accidentally confronted by 1 arcbishop. Subaru even RBD a few times here. On last loop, the other arcbishop arrived on subaru’s battlefield and decided to take emilia as his bride. Subaru & co. lost, subaru lost consciousness and emilia was kidnapped.

    1. Four of arcbishops took control each of 4 city towers which control the flow of water inside the enclosed city. Yes watergate city is like venezia but surrounded by high wall. Meaning if those 4 tower were to be misused, the city will be drown. Towers aside, one arcbishop also took control of city hall, the place where you can broadcast something to the entire city. Our heros thought that they need to retake the four towers at the same time because if taken one by one, the other tower would know and began to flood the city. To do that they need to inform all of their allies about timing and strategies. That’s why they decided to retake city hall first.


  13. Coming to think of it, what If Al is That guy whom the Library was meant for.
    Yeah, Echidna acknowledge she didn’t even know who That person was going to be, if at all. But maybe that’s also her authority. And Al is definitely a big character.
    So, I came up with a new name for Echidna: The blind Oricle.


    1. I wouldn’t doubt her book of wisdom actually has the name of that person but, I bet Echidna just refuses to read that portion.


    2. It is not important at this point anymore because beatrice already chose subaru over that person. Not to mention the knowledge of the forbidden library was lost along with the burning of the library itself. Echidona let beatrice herself to decide who that person would be, as part of her experiment.


      1. You’re right. I’m just attempting to puzzle Al’s role in the story.
        Yeah, he’s a mercenary with a mouth but his name actually similar to something in mythology and astronomy.


        1. As being summoned from real world, i believe al’s purpose also to become a revolutionary and to bring some knowledges/customs from his world to this fantasy world. Hoshin kararagi brought forth kansai dialect and the concept of traditional japanese inn. Subaru said all mather’s domain now have celebrated something like valentine, and all of lugnica would do that if emilia won the selection. There is not much info about al yet. We need a sole arc about the interaction between emilia faction and priscilla faction.


          1. Those three are confirmed the ones who were summoned. Not sure about flugel, he is still a suspect.


  14. Tough to answer questions without spoilers, but I’ll attempt.

    1. The Attack on the City Hall was done by Subaru and co. in order to counter the Witch Cult. The objective was to take them out while they were occupying it, so that they could not coordinate with their allies. It failed because the Witch Cult had greater combat power than expected, though it did not fail completely, since Subaru and most of the attacking force managed to survive. Call it a stalemate more than anything, but not getting outright victory is enough to have made them fail their objective.

    2. Unsure how he went missing. I’ve read the chapters up until this point, and it’s never explained, so if it is it will likely be in later chapters. It’s a short-term thing though, they haven’t been in the city for long.

    3. Emilia is in the city with Subaru, but was captured. There’s not much else to say without significant spoilers, I think.

    4. Their enemies are the Witch Cult. In particular, multiple “Arch Bishops” or whatever – some previously revealed, some new to this arc. They are also facing some others under the control of said Arch Bishops.


  15. Dsl Ptit Oisillon je rentre après incha’Allah, mon ami veut que je reste 4-2 Tu me consoleras hein oui ? 😛


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