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Chapter 76 [≠Satella]


――This would be the first time Subaru had ever met face to face with the “Witch” herself like this.

The Witch of Envy, it was a name which he had heard countless times before, and a Witch whose threat he had experienced first-hand during their showdown in that loop inside the Sanctuary.
Defying the rules she had one-sidedly imposed upon him, it wasn’t once or twice that he had tasted the pain of his heart being crushed within her grasp, nor was it easy for him to have any positive impressions of the Witch who possessed Emilia’s body while unleashing destruction upon the Sanctuary.
It was especially so now, after his last conversation with Echidona had spawned within him an aversion to the word “Witch” itself. But,

[Subaru: Right… this one…… is on a whole different level from the other Witches]

Facing the pressure emanating from the Witch standing before him, Subaru squeezed out this hoarse mutter.

It was a slender woman.
Standing languishingly with her arms dangling at her sides, she seemed to be staring at Subaru. Shrouding over her body was a pitch-black dress―― literally woven from the shadows rising from her feet, pulsing, as if in rhythm with her heartbeat.
Though her sleeves were long, he could eerily see her hands from the tips of her pale fingers up to her wrists. Chances were, like the other Witches, the Witch of Envy must be exceedingly beautiful.

But the most vital piece required to confirm this was missing.

[Subaru: Seen it quite a few times now…… but what’s with this?]

An impenetrable shadow covered everything above the Witch’s neck, making visual confirmation impossible.
Unlike the darkness of her dress, the shadow drifted about like a mist, hiding the face of the Witch of Envy from Subaru.

The Witch gave no reaction to the dumbstruck Subaru’s question.
Driven by the surging apprehension scorching inside his heart, sweat emerged on Subaru’s forehead as he looked to the ones around him―― at the other four Witches, watching in absolute silence.

[Subaru: ――――]

But when he saw the change in their expressions, Subaru was taken aback.
As far as he knew, the relationship between the Witch of Envy and the other Witches was that between a murderer and her victims. To meet their own killer―― Subaru was at least aware of how much mental distress that should bring.
But the expressions on the Witches’ faces were nothing like what Subaru had imagined.

One was a gentle smile, one was a gaze of saddened sympathy, one was of innocent indifference, and lastly――

[Echidona: So you have broken my boundary to get in here. Brazenly trespassing into my Dream Citadel…… always the egotist, aren’t you]

Only one, Echidona, glared at the Witch of Envy with eyes of pure hostility.
Seeing that hatred, or something like it, from none other than Echidona astonished Subaru. Just now, he had voiced his final farewell thinking that she was incapable of such feelings, yet this blatant outpour of emotion made him wonder if he had been mistaken.

Although, realistically speaking, the time for such thoughts had already passed.
Right now, the problem was how to deal with this motionless Witch before his eyes.

[Subaru: But why is she here in the firs……]

[Minerva: Because you made her mad by blabbing about stuff you shouldn’t have? I don’t know what to do with men like you who can’t keep their mouth shut. I can kinda get why she’d be furious]

[Subaru: What, I don’t get it… I mean, are you actually taking her side? I thought you and the Witches were her enemies?]

[Minerva: Enemies, what kind of stupid question is that? ……I’ll show you now and we’ll see if you’re right or wrong]

Narrowing her eyes at Subaru, Minerva swayed her blond hair as she jolted into action.
Cutting in front of the Witch of Envy’s line of sight that was fixed on Subaru, she pushed out her busty chest as she magnificently faced down the Witch. And then,

[Minerva: Can you hear me? It’s me, Minerva? Witch of Wrath Minerva? If you remember me and hear me, say something?]

[Subaru: ――! No, w-wait! As far as I know, talking won’t work with her! If you do anything weird to provoke her……]

[Sekhmet: Just keep quiet and watch, haa]

In Subaru’s eyes, what Minerva was doing could only be called reckless. But just as he tried to stop her, he was interrupted by the hairball sprawling on the ground, Sekhmet.
Subaru turned around, while the magenta-colored hairball that was Sekhmet slightly shifted in size,

[Sekhmet: The time we spent together with that thing, huu… is many times longer than what your short interactions have been, haa. It’s only natural that you’d be worried, huu… but you can leave it to Minerva, haa…… She does things without thinking sometimes, huu. But, that’s probably not the case this time, haa…]

[Minerva: I can hear you, Sekhmet! If you don’t want me to mess up the conversation and get all of us swallowed, then don’t say things that’ll make me mad! I’m all ready to blow here!]

[Sekhmet: When you can get mad at people, huu… just for breathing in front of you, haa… what am I supposed to do, huu]

Even while getting hit with that unflattering critique, Minerva did not take her eyes off of the threat in front of her.
The Witch of Envy also made no reaction to this little back and forth, but only stood there, unmoving, staring through the Witch of Wrath at Subaru.

Indeed, this was definitely a departure from the direct, instinctive reactions the Witch had exhibited up to now.
But all that meant was that she hadn’t taken any hostile actions so far, and whether or not a conversation could be established between them was still a different matter.

All the while, as Sekhmet left the conversation entirely to Minerva, the other two Witches――

[Camilla: Well I-I…… think, if, Minerva-chan, tr-tries her, best…… i-it’ll, turn out, alright…… you know? But if, she…… hu-hurts, Minerva-chan……I-I’ll kill, her]

[Echidona: I don’t doubt it, but as I’ve told you before, your affinity is terrible with that thing. The only one here who can resist it is Sekhmet. ――Do you understand?]

Echidona kept her voice as calm as she could as she pacified the stuttering but belligerent Camilla. Meanwhile, noticing the white-haired Witch’s gaze, the bundle of hair shuddered as if even replying was too much of a nuisance,

[Sekhmet: Even I can’t keep its movements sealed for long, haa. You know that my abilities aren’t suited for that, huu]

[Echidona: Of course I know. That’s why you just have to crush its limbs and snap its neck. Once you disable its movements and stop its breathing, I can abolish it from this space with my own hands]

There was enough hostility in Echidona’s words to make Camilla’s statement seem cute. Though she said it with a casual air, the unconcealable disgust seeping into her voice made it clear that she wasn’t joking.
In front of the Witch of Envy alone, Echidona left no shred of doubt about the certainty of her contempt.

While this perilous conversation was going on behind her, Minerva continued her standoff against the Witch of Envy. In fact, as if trying to keep the Witch of Envy from overhearing the other Witches, she took a step closer.

[Subaru: ――――]

Subaru gulped down his breath as he watched Minerva’s advance.
While Minerva’s actions simply seemed insane to Subaru, it made even less sense why the Witch of Envy appeared here in the first place.
If this was like the previous times, the Witch of Envy would have shown up because Subaru had violated the taboo. But the Witch’s methods so far had been materializing her arm to clench at his heart and physically appearing in reality to swallow everything into shadow.

Nevermind friendly interactions, the Witch of Envy had never even explained what her intentions were. Her goals were just as mysterious now as they were from the very beginning.
And so, just how the Witch would react to Minerva’s actions was still completely unknown to Subaru.

――If Minerva got swallowed by the shadow, the other three behind her would move instantly.

If Echidona’s expectations for Sekhmet were justified, the Witch of Sloth should be able to crush the Witch of Envy with her Authority, and Echidona would be able to expel the weakened Witch of Envy from this place.
But, if that was the case――

Subaru just couldn’t understand why they weren’t doing it now.

[Subaru: ――――]

Speaking of strange, the fact that Minerva was tasked with making contact with the Witch of Envy in the first place was very strange.
Camilla only swore to retaliate if something happened, Sekhmet did not seem to want any active hostility, and even Echidona, overflowing with contempt, did not defy Minerva’s wishes by ordering a preemptive strike.
Just what on earth were they thinking――

[Echidona: You look like you’re getting spun around trying to understand us Witches just now]

[Subaru: …………]

[Echidona: Although, if our…… I mean, if our thoughts could be seen through so easily, we wouldn’t be called Witches. I’d feel troubled if you took us so lightly] (Dona started using “boku” to refer to herself again)

[Subaru: Cut it out with the fake Bokukko already. ――I just thought if you really wanted to expel the Witch of Envy, now would be the best chance to do it while she’s defenseless]

[Echidona: I see. Is that how you perceive this situation? Oh my…… mn, is that right. Personally, I’m all for what you are proposing. After all, nothing would make me happier than to bash that thing with every Authority I can muster and annihilate it until not even a speck of dust remains, but……]

Cutting off her words there, Echidona narrowed her eyes.
That attitude wasn’t like her at all―― it wasn’t like he really knew her even now, but Subaru nevertheless sensed a certain reluctance that was entirely unlike her as he waited for her next words.
After a short silence, Echidona continued,

[Echidona: Doing everything in my power to eradicate that thing and having the other Witches turn on me would be putting the cart before the horse. Nevermind Minerva, but it’d be a rather terrible bet to make enemies of Sekhmet and Typhon]

[Subaru: I don’t get it. Why would expelling the Witch of Envy make them turn on you? She’s your enemy, the same should go for all of you……]

[Camilla: It’s, not like, that……though……?]

Camilla, who had kept silent up to now, suddenly interrupted Subaru’s question. Without looking at the startled Subaru, Camilla went on watching Minerva’s standoff against the Witch of Envy, and quietly stuttered,

[Camilla: “Envy” is, everyone’s, enemy……that’s… right, but, that thing… and, her……are, different, you know?]

[Subaru: ……what’s that supposed to mean? What’re you guys……]

[Sekhmet: As long as we don’t know… which one that thing over there is, huu… it’s not just that we don’t want to… it’d also be unreasonable… haa…]

[Subaru: Which… one……?]

Sekhmet followed up with her explanation. But hearing it only threw Subaru into even further disarray. What on earth were they talking about? Yet, the answer came from a different direction.

Taking a step forward, Minerva moved closer to the Witch of Envy.
She spread out her arms, assuming a posture of nonresistance, and asked the Witch of Envy,

[Minerva: ――Are you the Witch of Envy? Or are you Satella? Which?]


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  1. Thanks for the translation, Chicken-sama. So, Satella has some multiple personality disorder issue, huh. Cant wait for next part. Oh, and one more thing. Are you the Holy Chicken? Or are you Tony? Which? XD

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  2. minerva is cool here ❤ hard to chose between her and Echidna for best witch. we should get some interesting info on satella next time i hope

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    1. idk if i want it to feel good with a girl hitting me for no reason or one that gets off on my suffering. carmilla is annoying, sek would be no fun in bed >even if touching her would not kill you. the ‘good’ satella would praise you no matter how bad you are so she is best girl.


      1. Why you think carmilla annoying? Because the way she talk? Or because subaru said so?..she is a dandere type which have lots of fans..or is this just personal? Like how got a bunch tht hate tsundere?


        1. She becomes annoying because Subaru wanted her to be annoying, Her authority to let people had what they wanted to see, hear and feel.


          1. Authority of Lust:
            Variation and Change (変異と変貌 Hen’i to Henbō)
            The user can transform themselves or others into various things. This ability can also be used to heal by transforming damaged parts into uninjured parts.


        2. true not like you can look at her anyway too bad for the witches authority. more like i am confused some calling dona best girl when she just likes rbd n not sub tricking him into using it more just to see the results and pretty much making fun of him for doing so. not to mention beako, if you guys are wondering how the contract would turn out just look how rosswall is acting yeahh i doubt he is happy so desperate to fulfill his contract he cant even think of any other ‘path forward’ other then what is written. more on that later in this ark be spoilers


  3. Thanks for the translation, Chicken!
    Two more things I spotted (I’m “Tamas” in the draft):
    “If this was like the previous times, the Witch of Envy would have SHOWED up” —> should be “shown”
    “WHILE, noticing the white-haired Witch’s gaze, the bundle of hair shuddered” —> “Meanwhile” might sound better

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    1. yeah half of these guys dont realize the obvious let alone thinking more deeply then who is the best witch girl >which is disturbing< already read a semi bad translate of ark 4, side stories, some of ark 5/6 even when chickens catches up you still cant think of theories cus half will say its spoiling


      1. “Bobby Wright
        April 21, 2018 at 7:17 am
        yep more twist to come n the ending is entertaining. all the problems get wrapped up nicely n roshit gets a punched a lot. beako takes her shoe off n slaps him with it funnnny”

        You’re telling me that shit isn’t a spoiler? Don’t pretend please. We both know it is with absolute certainty.

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      1. Then you don’t know very far then. Just because she doesn’t tell him doesn’t mean he doesn’t talk to her.


      1. But wait wait wait….
        Doesn’t that then mean, emilia could actually be satella? In the very first episode, subaru dies after befriending “Satella”. She starts liking him and gifts him return by death? Hmm…. That could also explain why “The witch of envy”, which then would be her second identity, attacks the sanctuary a few chapters ago…. Just some random thoughts…


        1. Simplest way to disprove Emilia = Satella. Emilia’s mana affinity is ice (apparently this is a fire affinity, since fire mana regulates temperature, and ice users have a better capacity to reverse temperature rather than increase it. Weird, but that’s why Emilia stated Puck was a Great Spirit of fire before the council in the Capitol). Satella’s mana affinity is Yin (you’ll discover eventually that Yin can do things like create pocket dimensions. One thing we know about Satella is that she was the one who brought Subaru from Earth, which is to say she broke though a dimensional barrier from one world to another. She can also stop time and cover half the world in shadow, a global-scale Shamak).

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          1. thanks for clearing that fire thing up confusing to say the least. yep beako is yin but she isnt strong enough to reverse time or travel between worlds>atleast i do not think so< thing i do not get is that dona should be yang or is she has affinity for everything? yang creating yin makes me think beakos 'original purpose' was to interfere with envys yin, experimenting with yin or the absurd predicting 400 years in the future to help sub. i kinda doubt rbd is satellas power because if she had it then how was it possible for anyone to actually kill her?


          2. Like Bobby I also have doubt about shadows being Satella’s original element. I think she just uses shadows because of Subaru and it just happens to be convenient because it can manipulate space, time and dimensions (at very high level).


        2. When Emillia introduced herself as Satella, she already existed in the timeline. So it can’t be it. She just tried to drive Subaru away thinking he would do so as it is what anyone from that world would do.

          At the sanctuary, Satella just took over Emillia when she didn’t find Subaru’s consiousness (he was in the dream citadel of Echidna).


          1. this theory is so damn old same with sub being feugal>hoever u spell itto make ice like rem which is usually water plus wind like every other magic in anime that i know of. but with yin and yang they are opposite. i doubt its like ‘the flash’ tv show where the bad guy turns out to be a time travel clone of the flash. dana said so herself that rbd is most likely from the witch not 100 proof unless i read that wrong. also as far as the story goes rbd can only go back about a week assuming a limit would be logical. assuming something does not have a limit is what a witch would think like dona with rbd.


          2. Obviously Chiken is deleting because you are posting spoilers. Anything that is not mentioned on what he translated so far even if it’s related to how magic works and not the plot is still a spoiler and so a fair target for deletion.

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    1. You know that cliche where your powers take over you sometimes? It’s like that I assume. It kinda splits her personality into this envious witch who murders everyone and normal Satella.


  4. You know guys…. every since the witch of envy / Satella appeared, I only felt bad for her and kinda hated Subaru. The fear and disgust he feels is probably instinctual…. but thinking about it, if a person is disgusted and instinctively hated you, that’s kinda….. sad. I know She did all that bad thing according to their history and what not, but yeah I somehow still feel bad for her.


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    1. Yea I honestly think Satella / Witch of Envy is the best character in this series, even though I do think highly of Subaru, but at the same time I think he’s too quick to hate what he doesn’t understand and Satella is like his biggest fan and sure she did some bad things to him, but she only did that because he broke the rules she made for him, which is to not speak about his gift.

      He talks about how he hates her because she punished him harshly for breaking the rules, even though he should probably thank her, imagine being given an ability that basically makes you immortal in a way and the only drawback is you can’t talk about it. Which is basically half the contract requirements seen in the chapter’s translated so it isn’t that uncommon of a contract requirement, so Subaru I hope you be nice to Satella, she’s just misunderstood!

      I don’t know whether this huge amount of hatred towards someone he doesn’t really know is from another plot design or just Subaru being Subaru, but I hope Satella / Witch of Envy gets a happy ending instead of being the most hated person, she just wants to be loved. :c


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      1. Subaru “manages to distract himself with hatred” in the chapter she takes over Emillia in the sanctuary. It means he doesn’t really “hate her”.

        And it’s also Subaru being Subaru. How much more hypocritical and obnoxious can he get? He gives crap to the witches for siding with the one who “devoured them” without even knowing anything and yet he’s okay with Rem and even telling her he loves or or whatever? There’s something very wrong with Subaru here. And it certainly isn’t bad writing. It’s just Subaru being Subaru. That is, a piece of shit.


        1. Yeah, Subaru has no reason whatsoever to hate Satella. She merely slaughtered everyone that Subaru cared about during that one timeline, possessed Emilia once and killed her in another timeline, and then she tried to forcibly assimilate him into herself. Why on Earth would anybody get worked up over such a minor issue? Sheesh. Satella best girl.


          1. What the shit are you giving me? I quoted the chapter where she took over Emillia. “Subaru distracted himself with hatred”. What do you think it means? I am not the one saying it. The author is saying it.


  5. Don’t know if anyone has asked this, but are you gonna translate kasaneru if, chicken? I’d really love to read it.
    And obviously thx for your work


  6. Been wondering if it is okay for u to use LN art for this chapter rather than using anime screenshot. Or maybe u are at risk of copyright violation?


  7. I was waiting for this moment, too bad I read some spoilers long time ago, I was kinda mad for that, stupid me…Anyways, thx for the effort!


  8. It feels so funny when I think about the fact that at the end of this Arc Subaru’s harem builds up
    At 1st we have the mysterious yandere satella
    2nd we have his loved Emilia
    3rd we have friend zoned Rem
    4th is Petra after her rescue
    5th is beako after convincing her successfully
    6th is also a loli but right now it will become a spoiler if mentioned .
    And my absolute prediction is THAT it’ll grow in future Arcs

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    1. I have a vision that there will be nine in total, the nine Witches of a new Sisterhood.
      Satella (Melencholy)
      Echidna (Envy)
      Emilia (Lust)
      Rem (Wrath)
      Ram (Sloth)
      Crusch (Pride)
      Anastasia (Greed)
      Pricilla (Vainglory)
      Felt (Gluttony)
      My headcanon goes a bit off the rails perhaps, but those are the roles I see for them, with Felt’s as the least obvious, there being only one instance I know of where that side of her is to be seen.


      1. Interesting idea, but there is no way those girls become witches. Their sin affinity might match as another new title, not witch nor arcbishop.


    2. Shaula not included? Patrasche will be sad. Also otto for yaoi time… Haha

      Garfiel will have an affair with girl on other faction.


      1. felt, crush other candidates >forgetting names<, i only read a small amount on garfs new crush hope that works out kinda tired of him trying with ram and getting punched. still possible with ram n sub she is mean to him but she is really considerate n friendly really only because of her personality n sister complex that shes mean at all to him


    3. the 6th is a huge surprise lol reading on 5/6 arks i was like wtf really. possible ntr at least if i was sub i would set that up /if you know who i am talking about/ for once not gonna spoil


  9. Teory: what if Echidoda was trying to know what would happen if she got the authority(whatever satela got from killing other wiches) then tryed to kill satela and got defeated instead, the process of absorving that authority messed with Satela’s mind similar to what happened to Esterosa on natsu no taisai ….. forgive me for all those typing erros..


  10. Oooohhh! Loving this plot twist! ❤
    I think Satella is like the original person, who is love by most of the witches and Envy is Satella's dark side that took over and killed the other witches, like a surprise attack, taking the advantage of other's confusion, and also covered half of the world in darkness.
    Also, like Echidona's angry side ^^


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