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He felt like he had just heard something that would turn everything he knew on its head.

Minerva’s question ran completely contrary to what Subaru thought he understood. But the silence of the other Witches who had personally lived through that era only confirmed that Minerva was neither confused nor joking.
Hearing Minerva’s call, for the first time, the Witch of Envy’s shoulders trembled. The black mist concealing her head writhed, as she apparently turned towards Minerva.
――It was only now that the Witch seemed to have noticed Minerva’s existence.

[Subaru: ――――]

“What did she mean when she said that?” there was no time for Subaru to ask, even as the sense of apprehension tightening in his throat rapidly exacerbated his restlessness.
The Witches’ affirmation only further confounded Subaru’s thoughts.
Since, Minerva’s words would mean that――

――The one called the Witch of Envy, Satella, might in fact be a different person.

No. That would be over-interpreting from the little information he was given.
How many times had he gone through painful experiences because he fell into such stubborn assumptions with only superficial clues to go on? Although he must always consider the possibilities, he mustn’t get stuck with any particular idea.
More importantly, he couldn’t afford to divert his attention from the scene before him for even a second.

[Minerva: Since you didn’t attack me at the very first question…… there’s still a chance]

Saying this, Minerva closed the distance.
Between the Witch of Wrath and the Witch, there were now only five steps remaining.

[Minerva: Though, if you were the Witch of Envy, I’d be surprised if you didn’t attack out of jealousy the moment I came between you two… so I’m not that worried]

Four steps.

[Minerva: Then again, you could’ve said something right from the start. I mean, I know we don’t get many chances to meet face to face in our relationship. And your last expression when you swallowed me back then isn’t something I can forget]

Three steps.

[Minerva: Rather than the other five, I thought it’d be better if it was me. Besides Typhon, out of the other Witches, I was your…… closest friend, I thought]

Two steps. She lowered her head.

[Minerva: Yeah, that’s what I thought…… and because I thought this……!]

Stooping down, with only two steps between them, Minerva leaned forward, pouring her strength into her back leg.

[Minerva: Do you realize what it feels like to be ignored, when it’s been so long――!?]

The ground exploded, instantly annihilating the distance between them.
Minerva charged forward leaving a cloud of dust in her wake as she twisted her body to punch with all her might. Piercing the air, breaking through the sound barrier with a thunderous clap, the strike continued towards the Witch’s head, into the shadow obscuring her visage, and――

[Minerva: ――There, I knew it]

Minerva’s fist miraculously stopped mere inches from the Witch’s face.
It wasn’t because the Witch’s shadow reached out to tangle her arm. But instead, Minerva had intentionally stopped just before the strike would reach her.
With her fist still extended, Minerva leaned back, swaying her golden hair,

[Minerva: Look, see? She knew there was no need to dodge my punches, it’s Satella, not the Witch of Envy. Echidona, you were worrying too much]

[Echidona: ……I wonder. While I honestly admire your spirit for using your own body to test it out, those aren’t the same things. It could just be that it perceived your threat to be so negligible that it naturally didn’t react. So, Sekhmet…]

[Sekhmet: You’ll find any reason you can to get me to move… huu… and you’re just as bad at knowing when to give up, Echidona… haa… Admit it, that’s Satella, huu]

Sekhmet let out a sigh at the silenced Echidona.
Still existing as a ball of hair, the Witches’ final weapon showed no intention of moving. Then, standing within reach of the Witch――Satella, Minerva turned back to Subaru.

Seeing himself reflected within her pale-blue eyes, still unable to take in the fact that she was standing right beside that enormous threat, Subaru only stood there, dumbstruck.
Seeing this, Minerva snorted, and pouted with a dissatisfied expression,

[Minerva: What’re you standing there for? Come on, get over here]

[Subaru: Get… over…… well, even if you say that…]

[Minerva: What, you’re not a man at all. I’m all the way over here and proved that it’s fine, didn’t I? So you can just scuttle over already. Right? Or is all this table-setting still not enough? If you won’t cross the stone bridge even when someone’s tapped it out for you, how’re you ever gonna get across!?]

[Subaru: Don’t just get excited all of a sudden! It’s not like I won’t come over because I’m freaking out! I’m not going over there because I don’t know why I should!]

Shouting back at Minerva in the same indignant tone, Subaru objected to being left in the dark.
Pointing at Satella, who had apparently been deemed no immediate threat, Subaru looked around at the other Witches, who were unraveling from their combat stances,

[Subaru: First of all, what do you mean the Witch of Envy is different from Satella!? You keep talking about it like it’s obvious, but that’s not the case from where I’m standing!]

[Echidona: It’s not too complicated. When you forcibly inject Witch Genes into someone with no affinity for it, these afflictions are bound to arise. The Witch-Personality emerging from the influence of the Genes would then conflict with the original self…… or that’s one way to explain it. But as far as I’m concerned, they are one and the same, so I don’t see the point of differentiating the two like the others do]

[Subaru: A split… personality……? Then, what’s…? You mean the one who swallowed you guys and carved those atrocities into history was the alternate personality, even though the original personality didn’t mean to……]

[Echidona: No, that’s not it either]

Just as Subaru tried to make sense of the information he had been given, Echidona stopped him. She shook her head, and, as if to correct Subaru’s theory,

[Echidona: Consuming half the world, and devouring us six Witches of Sin, were entirely Satella’s doing, not the Witch of Envy’s]

[Subaru: Wh――!? No, but that doesn’t make any sense! If the one who swallowed you was Satella, and that’s Satella standing over there……then…]

[Sekhmet: Actually, it does make sense, haa. While we cannot forgive the Witch of Envy… huu… we hold no grudge against Satella…haa… That’s all there is to it, huu…]

[Camilla: I-I don’t…… like, Satella-chan ei…. either, but…… at, least she’s, better, than, the Witch…… I, guess]

Sekhmet and Camilla’s agreement only put more questions into Subaru’s head.
The Witches seemed to have some sort of consensus, but Subaru couldn’t understand it at all. They would forgive the personality that destroyed them, but not the alternate personality that didn’t―― what was that supposed to mean?

[Echidona: I’ve always been asserting that such distinction is pointless…… but it’s a futile effort. So I can’t just ignore their feelings and eradicate that thing. My frail spirit-body won’t hold up for long if I do it, only to have them turn their banners against me. Even I can’t come back from having my only soul scattered into the wind]

[Subaru: B..ut…… isn’t that extremely risky for the other five as well? You’re the one keeping their souls intact. If you disappear, the other Witches would……]

[Echidona: They have already come to terms with their own “Deaths”. So they have no special attachment to prolonging their existence as souls. ――They would rather choose destruction than live on betraying their ideals. It’s because they think this way that they are Witches]

Neither Sekhmet nor Camilla objected to Echidona’s words.
“High-minded” might be too flattering of a description, but Subaru had no words for the uncompromising way the Witches chose to live.
“If only I could be like this”, “I wish I could be like this”, anyone would have had such thoughts at one point or another.
But to stay true to their ideals even after death isn’t something anyone could do.

[Subaru: And Minerva……]

Is probably the same.
Before anyone else, she was probably the first to be destroyed by the Witch of Envy. But she still trusted her enough to approach within arm’s reach, and the result proved that that trust wasn’t misplaced.

Subaru didn’t know what kind of relationship these girls had had.
But if there was this bond of trust between them, what drove the Witch of Envy to destroy the other six? And how was it, that they could then forgive her?
Echidona’s thoughts on it were at least understandable.
But, even so――

[Subaru: I can see this is how you guys are. It’s a bit…… hard to take in, but I think I got it. But, I still haven’t heard anyone explain to me why she’s here]


[Subaru: She isn’t going to attack no-questions-asked. I get that. ……But, that doesn’t mean she’s safe. If the one I’ve been dealing with was the Witch of Envy, then what does Satella want from me? The Witch of Envy has been a serious pain in the ass… so even if you suddenly tell me that this one’s different, it’s not like I’d just understand]

Besides, according to the Witches themselves, Satella was definitely the one who devoured them. So even if the one who swallowed the Sanctuary was the Witch of Envy, it would seem that Satella was no less dangerous.
So who could blame him for feeling threatened and wary, and wanting to stay away?

[Subaru: What does she want, why is she here. As long as no one tells me……!]

[Minerva: If you want to find out, then you should come over here]

Minerva stopped him just as he was raising his voice.
Placing her hands on her hips, Minerva couldn’t hide the annoyance on her adorable face as she stared at Subaru.

[Minerva: That’s enough of your long-winded excuses and drawn-up defenses. I’m here standing right next to her, and nothing’s happened. And also, she came here to see you. So if you’re gonna keep acting like a loser and won’t come closer, that can only mean we’ve misjudged you]

[Subaru: What was there to misjudge!? Don’t just go one-sidedly imagining things about me! And stop pushing that crap on me! What would you know about me, anyway!?]

Being slapped with some arbitrary image of himself, it wasn’t like he’d just start acting in accordance with it.
But, once, when Subaru had shouted that exact same thing, there came a voice that answered him. He could still remember what it said. And that those words had become his strength.
――If he didn’t want to betray that past-self that was saved by those words, then,

[Subaru: Agh, damn it…… what was I thinking… idiot……]

Being irrational, making decisions based solely on emotions.
After so many painful experiences resulting from this, had he learned nothing at all? Instead, he should be paying attention to the details, stifling his emotions so he could act calmly, not out of impulse, but on facts alone―― to uphold that never-wavering heart of steel.

That was what he had always wanted himself to be.

[Minerva: You’re taking too long]

[Subaru: What it’s like to be up-close to someone you’ve tangled to the death with…… crap, actually you do know, don’t you? It’s kinda hard]

[Minerva: It’s not like we don’t have any thoughts on it. Sekhmet and Camilla are just more mature, unlike me. But there’s a reason I look after her]

Watching Subaru clicking his tongue as he walked over, Minerva shrugged. Giving him no time to ask her what that reason was, Minerva handed the scene over to Subaru.
The Witch of Wrath naturally stepped aside as Subaru drew closer to the Witch―― until he was face to face with Satella.

[Subaru: ――――]

Unwittingly gulping in front of the thing before his eyes, Subaru was at a loss for words.
Although he had already expected this while watching from afar, as well as while walking up to her, he still couldn’t get used to the immense emanated pressure and the visual sense of incongruity.
The shadowy dress clinging to her body carved out the curvatures of her figure, while the impenetrable veil above her neck gave rise to a perverse sense of glamor.
But all that was instantly swept away by the dissonance of her unrecognizable head.

[Subaru: ――――]

Seeing her from up close, Subaru realized that it wasn’t anything physical obstructing his recognition.
What seemed to be a darkness shrouding over her head was not, in fact, what hid her face from view.
What made the Witch’s face invisible was something more primordial, something on the mental level.
No physical obstacle was blocking her face from view. Instead, it was something instinctual that was not allowing him to “See” it.

[Echidona: Everyone wants to avert their eyes from their most repulsive delusions]

[Subaru: …………]

[Echidona: If you can’t see her face, then that’s a problem with your own heart]

The cautioning voice came from behind him, affirming Subaru’s realization.
Resisting the urge to fire back at her, Subaru ignored Echidona―― or rather, he had no attention to spare as he continued to face against Satella.

Meanwhile Satella had yet to take any kind of action.
The only thing Satella had done so far was appear here, and it was those around her that had kicked up a fuss, frantically trying to prevent any potential damage from being brought about by her actions.
It’d be no exaggeration to say that the fear inspired by her presence was a testament to the danger her existence posed.
And, just when Subaru was growing impatient with her lack of motion,

[Subaru: ――gh]

[Satella: ――――]

Seeing her hands suddenly reach out to him, Subaru’s throat froze.
Not distracted for a second or even a blink of an instant, Subaru kept his attention fixed on Satella. What would happen in the next moment? ――The tension of not knowing was like imperceptible hands toying with his mind.
His shock wasn’t because he had failed to see the hands move. Subaru clearly saw Satella’s hands move towards him. What surprised him was his own consciousness, which had quietly watched their approach to the end.

[Subaru: What…… are you, really? What… do you want with me?]

In fact, Subaru hadn’t made any useful reaction to those hands reaching towards him. Though subconsciously understanding what her gesture meant, Subaru hastily uttered those words.
As if he didn’t need to acknowledge that fact, as though he didn’t have to face it, he wrenched out the words,

[Subaru: If you’re… the one giving me the power to rewind…… why… are you……]

He didn’t know why Satella was doing this.
Or why his body, facing Satella at a distance close enough to touch, despite him time and time and again screaming commands from the depths of his consciousness, was refusing to obey him.

――Was he supposed to feel so inexplicably “Relieved” in front of her?

[Satella: ――――h]

[Subaru: ――a?]

Still struggling with his disobedient body, Subaru belatedly reacted to the voice striking upon his eardrums. This time, it was no doubt the correct reaction to something so far outside his expectations.

Holding his breath, Subaru waited for her to continue.
In front of Satella, staring at him with her still-indiscernible expression, Subaru swallowed, as he went on waiting while time slowly passed on, until she spoke.

[Satella: ――――I will]

[Subaru: ――――]



[Satella: I will always. Always. Love only you]



-=Chapter 76 End=-




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        I can see where you’d reach that conclusion. But the Tsundere trope is notorious for pushing love interests away for a variety of different reasons, most of them quite valid. The fear of being betrayed, abandoned, losing a sense of Independence due to immaturity on either side. Within this particular narrative, her loneliness clashes with her mission given to her by Dona, only we found out earlier that the mission itself hinged on Beatrice’s subjective view of the people she came in contact with and the person she is waiting for. She had no clear directive or description as to who, and so her loneliness and willingness to die has obscured her view even further.

        Sorry for the long post.


  12. When Satella spoke for the first time in this chapter I got chills. It’s crazy to have the split personality thorey thats been going around for awhile now confirmed. Unlike the Witch of Envy I feel a sense of sympathy for Satella, dispite all the destruction she’s caused. Even though as a reader I don’t have all the answers I still feel the same way the other witches do, angry but sympathetic.

    Exallent work Lord Chicken! Thank you for your hard work because this was defiantly one of the better chapters to read.


    1. This has never been a theory though. It’s a factual truth that people quoted. They actually knew about it before. These chapters are very old.


  13. Wow. A lot of psychological stuff here, as well as philosophy.

    Subaru is afraid to look at the shadow in front of him, afraid it would reflect himself. You’ll see what I’m talking about.


  14. “he should be paying attention to the details, stifling his emotions so he could act calmly, not out of impulse, but on facts alone―― to uphold that never-wavering heart of steel”

    Isn’t this kinda like Roswaal?


    1. yeah and its what roshit wants of him not that he himself is happy with his situation. its that dona brainwashed him to the point where he believes if he does not follow the writ then things are automatically going in a direction that is bad /unable to fulfill his contract/ which is complete bullshit. pathetic to me

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahh…that makes sense. Was that explicitly stated/implied or is that something yet to be revealed, cause I might’ve missed something.


        1. kinda both i mean its not hard to think of roshits doings in a different light now that we know he has a ‘complete/perfect gospel’ n his questionings of subaru n getting depressed or happy when sub answers a certain way. i been trying to point out things forever n reading more in the side stories/past yeahh a lot of what you can assume of roshit is correct. manipulating the twins is cringe worthy esp how he did it lol you gotta read that well we know ram knows about his book but she also been ordered to do things too///take a min to think on that/// i really do not think that is in any way spoilers considering how desperate roshit is


        2. hmm idk on brainwashing but he is obsessed with dona much like petel is which makes me believe he is just under her spell. i also am madly confused as dona being ‘best girl’ when she is obviously from the get go being manipulative n sadistic >yeah she only purposely made him die more times then necessary in order to quite literally break his spirit to make him mentally weak to trick him into accepting a contract< but w,e


  15. I think Satella is actually Emilia from future . I mean we know that she(Satella) have some kind of time controlling magic. And we already seen how Emilia is becoming more and more obsessed with Subaru. So maybe in some point in future she will lose Subaru and became “envy” towards all that love she was getting from Subaru. And somehow go back in time to take over Satella body.


  16. I’m really curious about him feeling “relieved”. Is it because she looks like Emilia or is it because he’s met and talked to her in the past? i wonder how long Subaru has actually been in this parallel world. I think he could have been bought to this World before Satella merged with the Witch of Envy. And Satella was his 1# Waifu
    But i wouldn’t know much about that


    1. but actually that doesnt make much sense cause when he got there he still had the convenience store bag and his cell phone so nevermind


      1. I questioned this as well. However, after reading what Chicken translated of Arc 6 and what happens to Subaru there, I realized how it was possible for him to be on Laguna for 400 years, and yet become conscious of the world in the Capitol with all his belongings as if he’d just arrived. Try reading it and comparing his situation there with a similar situation that someone else is in and note how different his situation is to that other person’s. Build from that and consider the physical effects that can occur when Memories of the World change.


    2. My thought on this is that
      Subaru had met with satella inside a game (since he was skipping school and played games all day, similar to the situation in”gin no guardian” ) where satella fell for him and became obsessed with him, but then he suddenly quitted that game due to which she felt lonely again and summoned him in that world.( Since he talked like it’s a game like situation and he also called beako as his first NPC encounter also he has his save point).
      But due to herself being sealed inside he got summoned 400 years later (she might’ve been accumulating Mana for 400 years) and since there was not enough Mana his memories from past were not complete and due to which he doesn’t remember her but he has a certain feeling for her which he doesn’t accept.

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  17. Subaru didn’t know what kind of relationship these girls had had.
    Isn’t the “had” at the end an extra?? Anyway great translation as always.


  18. Wow…. That was a bit confusing, but also kinda sad… Especially, at that ending where Satella told Subaru that she will always love him and with that amazing sad faced Satella pic. Except for love, I wonder what else does she want from Subaru?? Why did she give Subaru the Return by Death power? And I just can’t stop imagining Satella wearing the Time Stone as a necklace cause of the Avengers haha


  19. I’ve finished the re zero anime two weeks ago… And i’m finally here, after reading the result of a two years hard work…
    Hey Chiken… Thank you.


    1. Welcome my brother.
      We have much to discuss. Since you have made it this far, that proves your lust for knowledge. Now come. Come and join us on our search of the holy grail.


  20. Boooooy, seems like everytime i write a comment with “translation” word in it, that comment needs to wait for moderation first.

    Wtf chicken what are u chicken out?


    1. Context. Can’t just say this and not explain. Your opinion is less helpful unless you specify.

      Do you mean the translation itself, or the content of the chapters in this part of the story? The latter might make sense, but if you’re referring to the translation the Chicken works his ass off to make it acceptable, then put up or shut up.


  21. I sense another person’s comment got deleted, and one of my comment is still waiting for moderation.

    Is chicken the only one managing this site? Or is there someone else too?


  22. The shadowy dress clinging to her body carved out the curvatures of her figure, while the impenetrable veil above her neck gave rise to a perverse sense of glamor.

    What is the meaning of perverse? I can’t find the meaning from google translate xD

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  23. I agree with Echidna completely. There is no reason at all to discern Satella and Envy. Split personalities or not it is still one person and still really dangerous one, regardless of active personality. Especially, when we just have learned that the one who devoured 50% of the world and 6 Witches was Satella, not Envy. I don’t also see any reason to treat Envy worse, than Satella, just the opposite. Even if Satella was affected by the Witch genes, at this point it doesn’t matter anymore. And obviously this Witches’ “trust” in Satella is just nonsense. This trust is based on nothing. She already devoured them once, nothing can stop her to repeat that.


  24. “But she still trusted her enough to approach within arm’s reach, and the result proved that that trust wasn’t misplaced” I think you accidentally put an extra that there. 😕


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