Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 84 [Denied x Denied x Denied] (Part 1/2)


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Chapter 84 [Denied x Denied x Denied]



――Crumbling, crumbling, the ground was crumbling beneath his feet.

Losing sight of the footing that by all means should be there, Subaru felt like he was falling from someplace high.
In reality, Subaru was only standing there frozen in the middle of the room, staring with wide-open eyes.
The fact that he nevertheless felt this was simply owing to the shock of Roswaal’s confession.

[Subaru: A place… beyond my reach……?]

[Roswaal: You already have the answer, don’t you? When two important things are simultaneously faced with peril, one would be forced to choose. Choose which one is more important, and which to cast aside. Only this way, by relinquishing everything except the one most precious to you, will you become the perfect being that you were chosen to be]

[Subaru: What kind of bullshit is that!!? The perfect being!? All I see is a stupid, wound-ridden asshole stuck alone in the middle of a wind-swept wasteland!]

[Roswaal: And yet you may still stow the one most precious to you in a place abound in lusciousness, where its purity and beauty is untouched. Compared to your own injuries, this is more important, isn’t it?]

Roswaal, somewhat regaining his composure, asked this question, but Subaru did not reply.
It was not that he was persuaded, nor at a loss as to what to say.

But simply that his erupting emotions were so great in volume that they could no longer be formed into words.
――There was never a time he had felt so overwhelmed beyond speech.

Was the tragedy at the Mansion just the result of this senseless obedience to this incomprehensible logic and this arbitrarily prophesying Gospel?

Frederica, Petra, and Beatrice, did they die for such a selfish reason?
Perfecting Subaru’s existence―― was it for such a ludicrous goal that those girls lost their lives, betrayed by the master they trusted?

[Subaru: Roswaal…… are you really… actually… insane……?]

[Roswaal: ……So it would seem. I have been for a long time. Ever since four hundred years ago when I was enchanted by those eyes, I have always been insane]

[Subaru: Four, hundre……d?]

Unable to swallow down the words that had just been thrown at him, Subaru only parroted it back at Roswaal with his face contorted by confusion.
Again, it was four hundred years ago―― but it was far too unnatural to hear it from Roswaal’s lips. He couldn’t possibly know what happened four hundred years ago. Yet, the way he said it almost sounded as if he had existed all the way from four hundred years ago until now――

[Roswaal: Natsuki Subaru-kun]

While Subaru’s eyes wavered in bewilderment, a nearby voice called to him.
Looking towards it, it was Roswaal, who had stood up from his bed. Seeing his tall figure standing within reach of his exhaled breaths made Subaru step back with a gasp―― but he was caught by his collar, unable to escape. Being pulled closer so that their foreheads were touching,

[Roswaal: You have judged me insane. Which I wholeheartedly agree. Without a doubt, I am insane. I am without sanity. Since a very long time ago, my heart was claimed from me]

[Subaru: Ah, hha……]

[Roswaal: But why aren’t yo~~u? You should be like me, no, even more insane than me. Without it, you do not stand a chance. Because the place you strive for is far higher than mine. For this lonely road that no one can ever understand, what you need is not a human heart. But one of strong, unfailing steel―― am I wrong?]

[Subaru: Aa, gh……st, stop it!]

One by one the words seeped into his mind as Roswaal’s voice drew him towards the depths of the abyss. Subaru shook his head, trying to dispel that sensation, shoving Roswaal’s chest away.
Jabbing a finger at his lanky body as he stepped back, unable to hide the shaking of his voice, Subaru bluffed,

[Subaru: Whatever happens, no matter what, your plans had already gone down the drain the moment I lost my qualifications! Those traps you laid for the Mansion, all of it’s just pointless, meaningless sacrifice! If you understand that, then put a stop to this stupidity now!]

[Roswaal: I refuse. ――Seeing your insufficient resolve, I am all the more convinced of its necessity. There is no need for you to be human. I will corner you, wound you, force you to become so dependent on Emilia-sama that you shed and lose your humanity. At the same time, I will make sure that Emilia-sama is plunged into hopeless love and dependence for your very existence. With you two engulfed by that mutual reliance, I shall choose the course for your drowning selves. That is the one and only way that I shall realize my goal]

[Subaru: Wh…at’s the point in any of that……!? No matter how much you whittle me down that’s not going to get my qualifications back! You can break every bone trying to do it and you’ll still have nothing to show for it!]

[Roswaal: You should know best whether that is what you truly believe]

Subaru’s screams were met by Roswaal’s frozen voice.
The single, heavy thud in his chest was only because he grasped the meaning of Roswaal’s words. It’s quite simple, really.
Just as he figured―― if he truly, truly repented and asked for Echidona’s help, she would offer him her hand again. If he was ever genuinely, hopelessly lost and was content with merely moving forward, this option would still be available to him.
And for that,

[Roswaal: If it means having you return to her, Echidona will be happy to reinstate your qualifications. Considering how she is, that is only natural. I still know at least that much]

[Subaru: …………]

[Roswaal: Don’t be conceited, Natsuki Subaru. You are not the o~~nly one who understands Echidona]

Spoken in a tone completely unlike Roswaal, it was filled to the brim with hatred and malice.
Struck by the intensity of its loathing, Subaru’s body froze. And it was only when he digested the meaning of those words that Subaru realized what Roswaal’s goal may be.

[Subaru: The reason you’re so obsessed with liberating the Sanctuary is…… because that’s Echidona’s wish?]

[Roswaal: …………]

[Subaru: She designed it so that the Tomb’s Trials would lead to the liberation of the Sanctuary…… and completing this would serve as some kind of offering to her memory, is that what you feel?]

[Roswaal: ……In life, Echidona had always wondered how this place would meet its end after her death. To that end, she left the Tomb’s mechanisms behind, and in there, she housed her soul. But for all of four hundred years, the ending she desired has not visited this place]

In the four hundred years since the Sanctuary’s Barrier was erected, not once had it been broken.
Echidona’s wish of witnessing its end never came to pass. Could Roswaal’s desire be showing Echidona that end so as to give her soul repose?

The idea itself wasn’t beyond Subaru’s understanding. While he never believed in ghosts back in his old world, in this world, Subaru had interacted with Echidona and the other Witches.
It did occur to him during the time he spent with them that if they had left regrets in this world, perhaps he would have liked to help fulfill them, if only out of gratitude.
But to live entirely for that purpose while disregarding the lives of everyone else would be preposterous.

[Subaru: That’s not the same thing at all. Roswaal, we can find other ways to give Echidona’s soul repose. I promise, I will make sure of it. ――So call off the attack on the Mansion]

[Roswaal: I refuse. I will fulfill my desires and Echidona’s wish. I will do what is necessary. I will ruin all those I need to, I will wound you, and I will bloody my hands if need be]

[Subaru: Stop dragging other people into your own self-satisfaction! If there’s something you want to tell her, pull her out and tell her yourself! Instead of making sacrifices of someone trying to create a future, some child who still has her future, and some girl who’s shutting herself in because she’s stopped believing in the future!]

There was no need for Frederica, Petra, and Beatrice to be sacrificed for this plan.
And there was no way he could accept Roswaal’s self-indulgent reasoning, especially when it completely disregarded the lives of those girls and was designed only to wound Subaru.

[Roswaal: I refuse. The only offer I will hear is “I will do as Roswaal intended”. All else I will reject. Their sacrifice is necessary]

[Subaru: Fuck off. I’ll have no problem exposing everything that you’re planning and all the consequences that’ll entail]

[Roswaal: Or rather, you ought to think before you act. What would be the point of doing such a thing? Making my misdeeds public will not change a single thing about the situation the Sanctuary is wrapped up in. Emilia-sama will lose her backer for the Royal Selection, and the relationship between the residents and the refugees will only deteriorate. How do you think Emilia-sama will do in the Trials with a malice-laden bomb at her back? How many times have you already seen Emilia-sama crumble?]

[Subaru: Wh-when Garfiel learns that Frederica…… that his sister is to be sacrificed in your plan, there’s no way he’ll just……]

[Roswaal: If that’s where you’re placing your hopes, then you are truly blind. Garfiel will never rush out of the Sanctuary to Frederica’s aid. Just the phantom threat of what might happen to the Sanctuary while he is away will paralyze him with fear: such is the pathetic, foolish existence that is Garfiel. Narrow-sighted, stubborn, relying on nothing but brute strength. Even with that half-witted head, he could see what could befall the Sanctuary without him. And so, you can never use him to your advantage. ――Because that child is far too desperately concerned with protecting the weak and brittle in this world]

A desperate child, a description that jabbed at Subaru’s chest.
It was the same evaluation the Witches had given to the self-sacrificing Subaru at the tea party. It would seem that Roswaal felt the same about Garfiel.
Unaware of this, or perhaps knowing full-well, Garfiel nevertheless wholeheartedly persevered for his goals.

[Roswaal: Garfiel will not side with you. And I have no intention of halting my plans. All you need to do is let your heart be withered, polished, and perfected. Nothing else is necessary. Accept this, Natsuki Subaru. ――Accept that the deaths of anyone besides Emilia-sama mean nothing]

[Subaru: Shut up! I! I’ll never become like that! I’ll never……. I’ll never think like you, I’ll never be like you! That’s just not how humans think!]

[Roswaal: …………]

[Subaru: I’m human. No matter what kind of random, incomprehensible power I’m given, no matter how much pain and suffering I endure, it’ll never change that. ――I’m human. I’ll always be human]

Declaring this to the silent Roswaal, Subaru backed off from his towering body. A flicker of complicated emotion briefly flashed across Roswaal’s solemn expression, but he immediately shrugged.

[Roswaal: We~~ll, no matter. So long as you have infinite chances, it is all the same to me. This time, I will give up on trying to convince you fo~~r now. I’ll be leaving it to the next me]

[Subaru: It didn’t work this time…… same with the next time and the time after that, I’ll never accept your proposals. I will never become like you]

[Roswaal: Leave the room now. This life no longer has any meaning to me]

Returning to his bed and withdrawing into his sheets, Roswaal left Subaru with these words and drew his attention away. He closed his eyes as if to sleep, literally shutting off any further conversation.
Seeing this, Subaru opened his mouth, but no words came.

[Subaru: ――――]

Instead, without breaking the silence, he merely left the room, feeling defeated.


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Chapter 84 Live Draft:


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        1. i know i am gonna get a ton of hate saying this but roshits brainless following of his book is a lot like a ‘normal’ religion. contradictions abound yet pl do not see it and when you point it out they say they dont ‘believe’ you. there are facts and things with a very high probability of being ‘true’ but they choose their irrational beliefs over what is obvious to those not obsessed.


          1. The difference is, Ros actually can see the immediate result of his actions to confirm his beliefs. His following to the writ may be brainless, but not pointless.


  1. There is small typing error at

    [Subau: …………]

    And one more thing. I hate Roswaal, kinda remind me of Joker who kept on trying to break people’s will so that they become like him.

    This is why I don’t like clowns lol.

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        2. cause he didnt just volunteer to be the villain he hired villains then sat back and watched. i would get it if it was necessary but of all the possible ways he could have handled things i do not see it. donas ‘ideal’ seems to be the path most riddled with problems. like tappie mentioned that ross could have killed the whale himself but instead he runs off to sanctuary pretending to be hurt with a self made problem literally something that dona created herself and could stop at any time but has to ‘satisfy her curiosity’ could this be more fked up?


          1. I also like the villain (Elsa) he hired. Like they say, you need yo work in order to survive and you should choose the job that makes you happy.

            And if Roswaal is that strong, he should’ve sided with Crusch who wants to dissolve the contract with the dragon. And the fact that he did not kill the whale justifies his insanity. Sometimes you have to become a monster for something you hold dear.


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    I’d like to become a Patreon patron but I’m on arc 5 so not much point (for me personally) if you aren’t still working on it.
    I know arc 4 is your priority since you read as you translate and I get it. Just thought I’d ask 🙂


  4. There IS afterall a reason people in certain sites said we could possibly replace Roswaal with Kefka from FF6 for a fanfic.


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    Of course he would be insane after four hundred years of trying to fulfill his’ love’s wish.
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    1. At this point one might wonder what Ros meant by 400 years, but thanks to Mr. Spoilers & co I know he actually is over 400 years old and knew Dona personally.

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      1. Same, really annoyed with the spoliers. I think that’s the second to last spolier I know of and hope to encounter.


      2. dont remember someone saying that but i guess there was enough foreshadowing on it. i mean why else would he be so obsessed with her /how can he contract her if she was already died and he cant go in the tomb/ actually cant believe i did not realize that one too.


        1. Ros not being able to enter the Tomb makes sense, since he is pure human. Only a half-human can take the trials, and those with qualifications. That said, Garfiel supposedly entered the tomb, being 1/4. Looks like he’s one of the exceptions, still. Dona has a wicked sense of humor.


          1. true probably any mix can and her skill of manipulation is just amazing. its not just a physical barrier but a mental one with sanctuary the pl there think they cant get out no matter what yet have not even bothered to even try in the first place why because their to scared of even trying to take the trails /pl get hurt/mentally damaged. the barrier is perfect /made by witch. seriously no one thought how for up and down ie fly or dig? can we destroy the tomb/mechanism/.


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      1. nah, i think you mean 99%, since i think he’s been pulling the string from 400 years ago, meaning since the first episode. he knew that day subaru would be summoned into their world, and so he prepare a plot of ‘elsa asking felt to steal emillia’s insignia’. conclusion: i think roswaal is the mastermind behind elsa buying the insignia. in that case if roswaal did not exist then subaru wouldn’t know or even meet emilia, and possibly not even summoned to that world


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    That was an intense standoff, I got goosebumps. Roswaal sure is a magnificent bastard. I love how he changes to serious tone and stops stretching his vowels. This kind of malice is way more threatening than what Garfiel ever can muster.

    Thanks for amazing work, Chicken! This sure was worth the wait.


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  9. Roswaal looked like a suspicious character from I first saw him in the anime, but I assumed they were gonna develop him as a “Looks evil but is actually kinda cool” type of guy.

    Like in mysteries where the villain is the one you’d least expect. Ros just looked way too obvious


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    i’m not quite sure but i think the last few words is a bit off, shouldn’t it be like this “and i will bloody my hands if i needed to be/needed to”?


    1. If need be is an idiomatic expression, it’s perfectly english. Just google it up, it’s a real thing. It’s kind of like an older way of saying if there is a need. English has changed a lot since the olden days.


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    Roswaal is absolutely insane. But I have to question just how much power he thinks Subaru has.


    1. apparently to rewind time whenever he wants and strength comparable to garf…yeah he believes whatever is written in donas book which seems to be a lot of assumptions. dona wrote this nonsense before she read subs mind really just /judging and assuming on this too/ accuracy seems to have been 2-3 loops which is insane to be able to predict a time traveler with any accuracy.


    2. I believe the only thing he knows about Subaru’s power is that he can “redo” and under some contract forbidding him to talk about it. And that alone, in Ros’ opinion, is insanely powerful ability.
      He knows that in terms of combat strength Subaru has almost nothing to show.


  14. This chapter should start with : “You are dead, piece of trash! I will destroy you and your plans”. And this should be the end. That’s all I needed. Not this bullshit. I don’t need Subaru to be “rational” right now. I don’t want to “learn” some answers right now. And fuck that “Emilia have to become a king” bullshit. What the actual fuck is this? He should go full berserk, this is the fucking time to do that. What about Petra and others? Did he forget about them being brutally killed, because of this piece of garbage clown? Did he forget how he buried them with his own hands? Then for what reason he performed that farce back then? Fuck this clown, I’m more disappointed in Subaru. This clown is not in position to dictate anything, this is just ridiculous.


    1. I don’t know why people seem to like Roswaal as an antagonist. If it is his true goals and motive, then I’m disappointed in him, I thought his goal would be something more “grand”, than fulfilling one of the Witch’s desire. He is just an insane dog, nothing more. Clown, yeah, actually it fits him really well. He is a true clown.


  15. Here is the plan… Talk to Emilia about her past. Find out what is actually dragging her down. If she is weak, help her to get stronger. Ram maybe a good example of this. A person, stuck in past, finding suitable support and using that support to raise one more time… After resolving Emilia’s hearth,
    Go to the mansion immediately, convince Beatrice and defeat Elsa, Beatrice is a lost one, a shut-in that desperately wants “that person” to come. It may take a loop or more but, learn or maybe memorize the words for making her come out of the library. With her help, defeat Elsa. And, take Frederica and Beatrice to the sanctuary, use their power to defeat the great rabbit. Meanwhile, Emilia must be guided through. She needs to talk about her past, her sins. SHe needs salvation not in the trails, but before the trails.


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