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Coming out of Roswaal’s residence, Subaru wandered beneath the moonlight.

[Subaru: ――What do I do?]

Muttering a seemingly impenetrable question, voicing the words that had been repeating over and over in his mind, he was answered by only an echoless silence.
His question reached no one, merely disappearing into the void leaving a lingering emptiness in his throat.

In every sense of the word, he was stuck.

He would have neither Roswaal nor Echidona’s help now.
Collaborating with Echidona was now physically impossible, and collaborating with Roswaal was now sentimentally impossible.

Subaru had conceived of this possibility.
That perhaps Roswaal was Elsa’s employer and the attack on the Mansion was in order to spur Emilia―― or rather, Subaru, towards the Trials.

It was almost as if Elsa knew exactly when Subaru would arrive at the Mansion. And then there was the death of the possible informer, Frederica, combined with Elsa’s knowledge of the hidden passage and the Forbidden Library. All things considered, the only remaining suspects were Ram and Roswaal.
However, Ram’s utter devotion to Roswaal would give her no reason to do anything against Roswaal’s interests, so that left only Roswaal. ――Yet, Subaru had always kept this possibility out of his mind, not because he didn’t want it to be true, but because he thought it couldn’t be.

[Subaru: If Roswaal is Elsa’s employer, then……]

When Emilia’s insignia was stolen the very day Subaru was summoned to this world, was that also on Roswaal’s instructions?
If the Gospel’s texts had foretold of Subaru’s existence, of the existence of the Authority of Return by Death, and of the fact that it would prove indispensable to Emilia’s victory, then the upheavals of that day would all have been necessary to procure Subaru as an ally.

His frantic efforts that day, the three deaths he endured to save Emilia, and Emilia’s smile when he asked her for her name, was all that simply playing into Roswaal’s hands?

[Subaru: If everything was following this prophecy…… then Rem’s existence being stolen, the Sanctuary being entrapped… all of it was according to someone’s plan……?]

In that case, all of Subaru’s desperate struggles would have been nothing more than dancing to the strings that someone else was pulling.
Was abandoning everything besides Emilia really the only way to proceed? Now that all roads were closed, was there truly no other choice?

[Subaru: What am I, stupid? ……No, I am being stupid. This is exactly the kind of brainless thinking that made Roswaal…… if I let the same thing happen to me, I……]

The Gospel is not absolute. No one understood this more than Subaru, who had personally overwritten the prophecies in Petelgeuse’s Gospel.
The future-instructing Gospel is not all-powerful. In fact, every time something deviated from the writ, Roswaal gave up on the world and placed his hopes on the next――

[Subaru: ――huh?]

He felt like he hit on something strange just now.
While speculating on Roswaal’s Gospel and carefully going over the events in sequence, Subaru sensed that something was unmistakably amiss. But he just couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

[Subaru: What is it… what….. something’s off. But, what is it……!?]

As if being given an impossible riddle, Subaru searched through the mist for some sliver of light.
Roswaal’s Gospel. Acting in accordance to the writ. Beatrice’ Gospel. The Witch Cult’s Gospel. The cessation of new prophecies following the death of its owner. Blank pages. Outcomes following the prophecy. Outcomes that don’t follow the prophecy―― this ongoing present that is currently deviating from the writ.

[Subaru: Still nothing. ――It’s one step away, but I just can’t reach it…]

Though he felt he was holding all the pieces of the puzzle, they would always scatter before he could form them into any semblance of an image. But it was a tug that he simply couldn’t ignore.
Every time he was stuck like this, it was by piecing together smaller clues into an answer that he found the way out.
This time is no different. If he could just assemble the fragments one by one――

[???: ――Subaru?]

[Subaru: Mn?]

The call of his name pulled Subaru’s consciousness out of the sea of thoughts.
Breaking out of the water’s surface, he found himself standing in the darkness under the pouring moonlight, and saw Emilia gazing at him with her shimmering silver hair swaying.

Unable to hide his surprise at this unexpected encounter and the pain that stabbed at his chest, Subaru raised his hand, and,

[Subaru: Oh, Emilia……tan. What’re you doing out here? It’s pretty late, you know?]

[Emilia: But that’s the same for you too, Subaru. If you stay up too late, you won’t grow any taller]

[Subaru: I… think I’m about finished with puberty, so I’m not super worried about that……]

Emilia came in with a topic that was slightly beside the point as usual. Regaining some of his calmness thanks to her reply, Subaru naturally slid himself to Emilia’s side.
They were in the middle of the Sanctuary, in something of an open plaza. Leaning herself against the mossy stone of a dried-out fountain, Emilia’s silver hair drifted in the night wind as she looked to Subaru beside her.

Gazing into the charm of her melancholy, amethyst eyes sent a sweet, aching pulse into his weakened heart.

[Emilia: I couldn’t fall asleep, so I kind of came out for a walk…… what about you, Subaru?]

[Subaru: ……Nah, it’s the same for me. I’m the kinda guy who can’t sleep if you swap out my pillow, and also Otto snores surprisingly loud]

[Emilia: I’m reeeaally surprised you’re dainty about those kinds of things, Subaru]

Emilia gave a quiet laugh, putting her hand to her lips. Watching her from the side, Subaru reflected that this was the first time he had reunited with Emilia since Returning by Death tonight.
In places unconnected to Subaru, people’s actions generally follow the same path across the loops. Which means, on the night of challenging the First Trial, Emilia would’ve always come out here for a walk, unable to sleep.

Being invited to the tea party, being threatened by Garfiel’s violence, discovering Lewes’ true identity, and learning of Roswaal’s dark machinations―― while Subaru was busy with all of that, Emilia was changing as well.

[Emilia: ……You seem down, Subaru]

[Subaru: Mn, I guess. I’m not, though]

[Emilia: Hmm, liar. If you’re the usual Subaru, you’d be more…… kooky?]

[Subaru: It’s been a while since I heard anyone say “kooky”……]

It’s been a while since they’ve had this kind of exchange, Subaru thought as his cheek softened with relief. [See?], Emilia pointed at Subaru’s cheeks, smiling,

[Emilia: There, you smiled. You always try to smile when you’re in front of me, Subaru, but you couldn’t do it just now]

[Subaru: ――――]

[Emilia: Did something painful……happen? If you’re worried about something…… if you want to tell me, I’ll listen?]

Having the softening of his once-tense cheeks pointed out and having those words of concern flung at him, Subaru desperately tried to contain the heat building beneath his eyelids.
Her gentle, compassionate words permeated throughout his body. Surrounded on all sides, helpless and stuck, when even the last ray of hope is cut, he almost wanted to cling onto that beloved, tenderly-offered hand.
This wavering conviction, unable to follow through with even the resolve he had only just made, was both pathetic and frustrating.

[Subaru: It’s…… my own problem. I can’t put that burden on you]

[Emilia: …………]

[Subaru: Compared to me, you have a lot more on your hands, right? The way you were after the Trial…… are you really alright now?]

[Emilia: Mn, I got you worried. That was unsightly of me, wasn’t it? Sorry. ……I think I ran into a problem I just wasn’t mentally ready for at all]

Subaru looked away, trying to change the topic, while Emilia managed a powerless smile in reply.
She leaned back into the fountain behind her, looking up at the night sky as if to distract herself.

[Emilia: Really…… I wasn’t prepared at all. I’ve gotten this far by running away from so many things that I needed to face, but…]

[Subaru: I don’t see how that’s a bad thing… What’s so wrong with running away from things that you don’t like? Does facing unpleasant things all the time mean that you’ll beat them eventually? And who says you have to beat them? If you run away and find a different path, and then decide to take that path instead…… is that really something people have to fault you for?]

[Emilia: Subaru……?]

Watching all those words spill from Subaru’s tongue as he rambled, Emilia furrowed her brows. But without noticing her confusion, Subaru only kept going,

[Subaru: Echidona, who put up the Trials, Roswaal who knowingly lured us here, and Garfiel who keeps getting in the way, everyone’s just doing it for themselves. You’re free to do whatever the hell you want but why drag us into it? And then you criticize us for not living up to your expectations…… the hell do you want from us!?]

[Emilia: ――――]

[Subaru: My head’s about to explode and I’m at my wit’s end. And yet and yet and yet and yet more problems just keep piling up…… and to top it all off, it’s supposed to be all my fault? Don’t make me laugh. Don’t make me laugh. Don’t――]

Just as he was growing dizzy from the surging emotions and inexplicable rage――
――Soft palms wrapped around the back of his head, as he felt his body being pulled downwards. Feeling his head plunging into the softness before him, Subaru inadvertently stopped breathing.

A hot, yet tender touch enveloped Subaru’s face.
Through its warmth, he heard a heartbeat, while his blanked-out consciousness began to realize what was happening―― realize that he was being cradled against Emilia’s breasts.

[Subaru: Aa, aah――?]

[Emilia: Take it slow. Quietly now. Take it slowly, and listen to the sound of my heart]

[Subaru: ――Nn]

[Emilia: Leave yourself to the steady rhythm, and quietly breathe in, and out…… and repeat. Once you’re calm, give me a pat on the back. Until then, we can just stay like this]

His spine tingling with pleasure at the sound of the whisper in his ear, Subaru’s breathing accelerated. The shock of his unhinged emotions was blown away, replaced by the torment of all the blood in his body boiling.
How did it become like this? He was listening to the quiet beating of Emilia’s heart, yet his own was about to jump out of his chest.
But even his panicked heartbeat was naturally unravelling alongside Emilia’s breathing as her palms softly caressed the back of his head. Obeying her whispers, he took a deep breath, exhaled, and repeated until his lungs and his heart returned to normal.
Quietly, he tapped Emilia’s back. Her hands on his head moved away at this signal, while Subaru stood up, withstanding his reluctance to part,

[Emilia: Calmed down now?]

[Subaru: ……Somewhat]

Facing her gleaming amethyst eyes, Subaru spilled a small sigh.
Hearing his reply, with [I’m glad], a relieved smile rose on Emilia’s face. Trying his best not to blush from embarrassment, Subaru gave a little shake of his head,

[Subaru: Sorry I lost it there… I really didn’t want to trouble you like this]

[Emilia: I don’t feel troubled at all]

[Subaru: But, you must be going through a lot more than I am… there’s no question about that. ……If I could, I should be saving you from all this…… that’s what I thought]

[Emilia: Subaru……]

He had always shown off his cool side in front of Emilia.
But the truth is, he was just an embarrassing, weak, conceited, useless, boastful try-hard who wanted to be at her side.

[Subaru: Nothing ever goes right… in fact I…… spoke with Roswaal just now. About whether there’s a way to free the Sanctuary without the Trials]

[Emilia: Huh?]

[Subaru: Truth is, I thought it’d be best if I took the Trials in your place…… but now, I don’t think I can anymore. So I thought I’d at least find the least painful shortcut, but even that’s not working out. Just… what do I do…… I’m sorry I’m so useless……]

[Emilia: Subaru――]

Subaru hung his head. Despite receiving so many chances to repeat through Return by Death, he still failed to find a single solution. Just how pathetic is that?
If he had done just a little better, he could’ve prevented those tragic worlds he saw in the Second Trial from ever coming to be.
And here too, there must be something he could do about this miserable situation――

[Subaru: But, I will find a way. I will make sure you won’t have to get hurt or suffer anymore. So please, trust me…]

[Emilia: ……Subaru]

[Subaru: Yeah?]

Emilia looked up at Subaru with her eyes drenched in tears.
Gazing back at those teary eyes, within his wavering heart, Subaru steeled his resolve to ensure that its most integral part would never falter.
He will defend Emilia, overcome the Sanctuary, save the Mansion, and recover everything.

Though there is not the faintest visible sliver of hope in the road ahead, surely, he――

[Emilia: I’m happy you feel this way. I truly am. ――But, I cannot accept this kindness]

Yet, the resolve he had just supposedly steeled was, by the lips of that girl with unyielding conviction in her eyes, flat-out rejected.



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        2. @Bobby Wright

          None of that is the reason why she not passing the trials and Roswaal’s simply underestimating her. However Subaru should not take the trials fro her, rather he needs to find out what is holding her back and address that. Subaru needs the help someone who isn’t connected to Roswaal. This situation this to big for him.

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          1. i was merely stating subs viewpoint and i know he will do exactly that. her will to beat the trails is rather lacking. she says she wants to accomplish her goals without being to dependent on subaru but what she has done so far has been to really on him. could have helped with the village’s mabeast problem but she let him do it. tied down right..they were going to do a suicide mission could have fought harder to join the fight same later on with the witch cult. do you think rem/ram etc would have been held back that easily? can we honestly blame rosshit in thinking she is a weakling?


          2. Emilia is the one who stated that she wanted to lift the barrier. Her failure to do isn’t relvant and it’s not for her lack of will. Suabru knows this that’s why pains him to her effort come to waste.

            She also never asked Subaru fro help so can’t she has been dependent on him, he got involved on his own violation. This part reason why rejected the broken Emilia in the last loop, becasue to her detriment she doesn’t really rely on anyone.

            She didn’t help with mabeast problem the beginning because Subaru told her she and Rem could handle it so she was putting her trust in him to do just that. Also when he left to go back to forest without telling her, Puck stopped her. I shouldn’t have to tell you why her servants would be reluctant to let Emilia put herself in danger while still a candidate here.

            With the Witch Cult Emilia already beat Guese in one loop, but warned the villagers and setup defenses in village before cult attacked. She safeguard the children while she in the carriage so I don’t what mean by not trying harder.

            So no Roswwal really is full if it, especially his idea of strong will means ruthless destroying everything your path to get what you want. Neither Subaru or Emilia want be like that.


          3. yeah ‘told’ he can handle it thats a lot of faith in someone she just met knowing he is weak, 0 magic and a complete noob. with a maid then complained later that she wanted to go but couldnt because puck stopped her really a spirit dependent on her mana which she could btw make him go back in the crystal. reason why he cant come out now is /guess/. idk on safeguarding being inside the carriage letting others fight then saying again she wanted too/. yes he is being overprotective but she was letting him do that. also the maids do not at this point care at all for emelia their just following orders. she was going with the flow of things letting others do her thinking for her. she is too scared to even try talking with the villagers so idk how she thinks she can get any kinda of support just from beating the trails they are kinda their because of the cult that was targeting her so that cancels that out/.


          4. also the ‘servants’ should be taking orders from emelia not the other way around thats really just showing their disrespect of her and they are all treating her like a child. pucks contract with her is the nail in the coffin. he is her care taker. cant really blame roshit for thinking that of her its pathetic.


  13. it wont really be explained properly but its not just the snow that will attract the rabbits its the delicious large mana reserves of emelia and rosswall. quite literally a self made problem on rosswall part the snow is just making them more obvious to the beast xd


  14. hello and thanks for you effort ..
    may i ask did Naggatsuki tabbei changed the site for web novel .. or something changed


  15. Ah~! I’ve finally catches back up! I feel your pain Chicken-sama, I’ve been suffering from a particularly nasty virus, while dealing with classes no less. Thank you for the chapter ❤

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  16. Somebody remembers which chapter it was, where Subaru spoke to Echidona for the 1st time about Roswal?

    I remember her reaction confused me back then. I want to double check whether it makes more sense now with the new intel we have gained so far…


    1. be spoilers at this point but she was making a joke that its the same rosswalls name and sub said their eyes were different etc. rosswall said he remembers dona from 400 years ago.. and we know the rosswalls all had short lives and they only change their middle initial. just think about the facts so far. (./.)


  17. q/a from tappei
    Q: About Sanctuary, it’s been said that halves lose consciousness at the boundary, but couldn’t they get out if a human or someone who wasn’t influenced put them in a dragon carriage or something and carried the sleeping person out? Or is it just mentally impossible before the trials are cleared?
    A: If you tried to take a half out of “Sanctuary”’s barrier, they’d explode. It’s the same reasoning as the animals from Linda Cubed, that explode violently if you take them to another planet. That’s a lie. But, unconscious halves taken outside of the barrier won’t wake up. Their minds are left behind inside the barrier.


      1. idk most likely killing greed archbishop /ironic as fuck/ when sub wants help from the greed witch. it sounds like her soul was stolen. 2nd getting Shaula’s help .forgetting details. 3rd the dragons blood which they can get if emelia becomes king. dona mentioned that in her what if


  18. I’d just like Subaru to finally make Emilia open her heart about her past… but each time he tries to console her, he finds himself into her breasts.
    Well that’s better than a confession, actually.
    Thanks for the chapter, Chicken!


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