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Chapter 41

[Heroic Reveries]


[Anastasia: You sure came back early?]

As they returned to the City Hall, Anastasia greeted them with a somewhat strained smile.
Having left the building full of bravado only to return like this, honestly, Anastasia’s was about the last face Subaru wanted to see.
But this was no time to be concerned with such feelings.

[Subaru: Yeah, I’m back. But I’ll head out again as soon as I’m done here. There’s just something I have to try in the City Hall first]

[Anastasia: Did you come up with somethin’ again? I got a bad feelin’ about this]

[Subaru: Well…… the first shelter was a horrible sight, I mentioned that in the communication mirror already. And I think the influence of Wrath must have affected other shelters as well]

[Anastasia: So they’ve succumbed to the emotional resonance… It’s not like I don’t feel it myself. If I let my mood drop, it feels like it’ll just keep on droppin’ forever. ……But I guess it works a little differently on everybody]

Subaru nodded at Anastasia’s analysis.
In fact, Subaru had also noticed this on the street. The effectiveness of Sirius’ Authority can vary drastically between people.
Perhaps simply being aware of the Authority’s existence could help alleviate its effects: The fact that Subaru was able to calm Garfiel and Al this way precisely proved this.

[Al: I dunno how the shelter got like that, but I can’t help but worry ‘bout the same thing happenin’ to our main guys bunched up here. I’d really rather I didn’t come back here only to get caught up in another blood sacrifice or somethin’]

[Anastasia: Well, you had no need to worry about that. Luckily, we only have intelligent, rational people here. Though I can’t say the same about the guy who’s always screwin’ up the atmosphere]

Al, who came back with Subaru, said this while looking around the first floor of the City Hall. Hearing this, Anastasia snorted, putting a stop to Al’s smart-assery with a gibe.
Seeing Al reply with a silent shrug, Anastasia turned back to Subaru.

[Anastasia: So, what’re you plannin’ to do? You came back ‘cause you had an idea, right?]

[Subaru: Aah, right. ……By the way, where’s Julius? He isn’t with you?]

[Anastasia: I don’t like bein’ bombarded with question after question, you know…… Julius’ been actin’ a little strange. I think part of it’s because we haven’t found Joshua yet, but I’ve a feelin’ that’s not all of it]

[Subaru: Acting strange…… Now that you mention it, he was a little strange, wasn’t he?]

Waking up after the failed attack on the City Hall, Subaru did notice that Julius was less articulate than usual. He seemed to be making judgements and suggestions that he would never have made in normal circumstances, and there was a visible lack of confidence about him.
He was a man with a strong sense of duty. Subaru had thought that it was because of regret for letting Gluttony escape, but perhaps it was more than that.

[Garfiel: Capt’n. It’s a bad habit t’be concernin’ yerself with every problem out there. I know you’re worried ‘bout Julius, but that ain’t somethin’ we can fix right now]

[Subaru: Ah, yeah, you’re right. Well, I’m sure that guy’ll do just fine on his own without anyone worrying about him. Compared to that, we got our own things to deal with. Anastasia-san. The broadcaster on the top floor is still in working condition, right? It’s not like it’s broken, or we lost the manual or something…]

Brought back by Garfiel’s reminder, Subaru asked this question. On the receiving end, Anastasia blinked her round eyes a few times before answering,

[Anastasia: It’s not broken, and I’ve worked with similar devices before so that’s fine…… but what do you plan to do with it?]

Seeing the surprise in Anastasia’s eyes, Subaru scratched his cheek.
Even though he’d expect her to oppose it, it was the only plan he could think of. In terms of minimizing casualties, it would also be the most effective measure.

[Subaru: As I said in the communication mirror, the area is currently under the influence of Wrath’s Authority. The shelter we visited……. became washed in blood because some small irritation was allowed to fester. The slightest negative emotion could spiral into the extremest disaster. It’s scary]

[Anastasia: Yes. My thoughts exactly. The more people there are, the harder it is to control and the more rapidly panic spreads. That said, with the refuge shelters…… or even without the shelters, people will tend to huddle together. Right?]

Subaru quietly nodded to Anastasia’s question.
What’s so frightening about Sirius’ Authority is that the more people are together, the more powerful its influence becomes. And when people heard the Witch Cult’s threats over the broadcasts, that started an inescapable trend of panic: A truly sickening way of exploiting people’s helplessness.
It was unclear whether the Witch Cult was hoping for their cooperation, but the fact is that it created a vicious cycle that was threatening those people’s lives this very moment.

[Anastasia: Do you mean to say… you’ve thought of a way to counter it?]

[Subaru: It’s only a “Maybe this could work” kinda thing. I do think it’s worth trying. It’s just……]

Subaru’s words abruptly trailed off in front of Anastasia’s expectant gaze.
Seeing this, Anastasia narrowed her eyes as if to peer into Subaru’s innermost thoughts, while Subaru exhaled a deep breath,

[Subaru: Once we start doing it, everything will be heard by the Witch Cult, word for word. So there’s the possibility that we could run into other dangers if we provoke those guys]

[Anastasia: And in exchange, there’s a good chance that we can reduce the existing threat]

[Subaru: Yeah, that’s right. Now that we’ve retaken the City Hall, and with Sirius’ Authority being the only one affecting the shelters… even though it’s hard to balance the risks, I still think……]

It’s impossible to imagine how the Witch Cult will react if they did something big here. The dangers were equivalent to bringing a burning match into a gunpowder arsenal, as is always the case when dealing with the Witch Cult. What makes it so difficult to assess is that the gunpowder could also blow on its own at any moment whether they bring in the match or not.

[Anastasia: ――I think I know more or less what you’re planning to do now, Natsuki-kun]

[Subaru: Really?]

After briefly sinking into thought, Anastasia let out a long sigh and said. Hearing this, Subaru raised his brows, surprised at her reaction,

[Anastasia: Going by the flow of the conversation, and since you asked about the broadcasting device at the start, I’d be more worried if I still can’t figure it out after that]

[Subaru: W-well, yeah, I guess. So what do you think? You’re against it, aren’t you?]

She’ll probably oppose it, just as he thought beforehand.
And so, Subaru would have no other choice than to clear the giant hurdle of convincing Anastasia――

[Anastasia: Haa, what am I gonna do with you…]

[Subaru: ……Egh, you’re ok with it?]

[Anastasia: Logically speaking, it would be the best course of action. Regardless of how much I like winning, if it means leaving a mountain of corpses behind by the time we eradicate the Witch Cult, there’d be too bad of an aftertaste]

Getting that unexpected answer, for a moment, Subaru stood there stunned.
Meanwhile, Anastasia chewed her lips as if trying to deal with some indigestible emotion inside her, but it was Garfiel who broke the silence.

[Garfiel: Yo, Capt’n and Big’Sis-chan. What’re you guys talkin’ ‘bout doin’ again?]

[Anastasia: Such an unperceptive child… Even my Ricardo could’ve figured it out]

To Garfiel, who was left out of the loop, Anastasia tossed that unsparing remark. Garfiel gritted his fangs as he heard this, but Al patted his shoulder from behind, laughing at Garfiel as he turned around,

[Al: Basically, what bro’s thinkin’ is this: Rather than tryin’ to stop the Authority of Wrath from spreadin’ throughout the city, it’d be quicker ‘n easier to try to turn it to our advantage instead]

[Garfiel: Turn it, like what……]

[Subaru: Sirius’ ability causes the sharing of emotions. When people are anxious and afraid, that emotion swells as more people bunch together, until eventually, it gets set off by something small and explodes. So…]

[Anastasia: If you can replace fear and anxiety with another emotion…… paint it over with something like hope, then that’ll be what’s shared instead]

Garfiel’s question was answered by Al, and Subaru, then lastly by Anastasia.
While listening, Garfiel’s eyes grew wider as he leaked a groan of understanding,

[Garfiel: Aaah so that’s it! Then they won’t be killin’ each other. And if things go well, even the ones whose spirits’re broken’ll return to the fight]

[Subaru: When they’re engulfed by the surrounding atmosphere, even seasoned fighters would be unable to stand. If we can release them from that anxiety, I think we won’t have any problem bolstering our forces anymore]

[Garfiel: Ain’t that awesome!? Do it, Capt’n! We got th’arcane device. So th’sooner we start……]

[Anastasia: Wait wait! It’s not all that simple. It’s not like I hadn’t considered it myself…]

Anastasia clapped her hands to stop the over-excited Garfiel.
Seeing this, Garfiel bared his fangs,

[Garfiel: Hah? Why’re we holdin’ off? Y’just said you agreed, didn’t ya? Don’t tell me you’re backin’ out at th’last minute]

[Anastasia: I never said I’m backin’ out. I told you, I’ve thought about this. There’s another problem to this other than just weighin’ the pros and cons]

[Subaru: The pros and cons… the ones we talked about earlier?]

[Anastasia: The pro is the goal of this strategy itself: Eliminating anxiety and despair from the citizens so we don’t have that constant threat at our backs. The con is that whatever we broadcast into the city would naturally also get into the ears of Witch Cult. We have absolutely no idea how they’ll react]

Anastasia raised her hands to both Garfiel and Subaru, and with [However], she continued,

[Anastasia: In terms of disadvantages, I believe they’re almost negligible. The Witch Cult never forbade resistance when they made their demands in the first place. It’s as if they don’t even mind if they’re thwarted or opposed]

[Subaru ……Now that you mention it, even though we attacked the City Hall, they didn’t use that as an excuse to exact any retribution. It’s like what they did to the people in the City Hall was just for their own amusement]

[Anastasia: Amusement? I like that word. It’s a pretty accurate way of describing those guys’ sick inclinations]

Anastasia sighed, while Subaru wanted to gag just at the thought of those Sin Archishops’ faces.
However, they both agreed that there was no extra risk in making the broadcast itself. So then, Anastasia’s concern was――

[Anastasia: While I’ve no objections about the broadcast itself, the problem is…… what’ll it contain, and who’ll be saying it]

[Subaru: What and who……?]

Not understanding what Anastasia was saying, Subaru furrowed his brows.
If she was asking about who should make the broadcast over the city to rouse up the people’s hopes and chase away their anxiety, then――

[Subaru: Well, that’s where Anastasia-san comes in. People recognize you as a Royal Selection Candidate. If something inspiring comes from Anastasia-san’s mouth……]

[Anastasia: This might sound strange coming from me, but I think it’s difficult to expect that kind of effect from my words. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m not up to that task]

[Subaru: ――――]

Anastasia shook her head at Subaru’s intuitive suggestion.
Subaru didn’t understand her meaning. Since, naturally, the whole of Priestella would know about Anastasia’s position as a Royal Selection Candidate.
Her fame certainly far exceeded anyone else present.

[Subaru: Not up to it… why? I mean, Anastasia-san, you’re…]

[Anastasia: If renown is all that matters, then I would indeed be the most suitable. If that’s all it took to change things for the better, then I’d be happy to do it. But that’s not how things are. My renown and beatin’ the Witch Cult are not related at all. Just knowing that “Someone famous is fighting the Witch Cult”―― might do something, or it might not]

[Subaru: But……]

[Anastasia: In that case, it’d be pointless. What’s needed is hope. Hope that could replace all the anxiety in people’s hearts with a single stroke]

Subaru had no words to reply to Anastasia’s statement.
Honestly, he wanted to chide her for her faintheartedness and refute what she was saying. However, it wasn’t anyone else, but Anastasia herself who seemed to rue the pitifulness of that statement the most.
Anastasia could not have said those words without thinking. Quite the opposite.
It was precisely because she had thought it over thoroughly that she had judged herself unworthy of that role.

[Anastasia: I may be able to trick and beguile people with magnificent words. And I’m sure that out of every ten, five would be deceived. But it’d be only a frail, desperate straw that would give way at the slightest whiff of wind, and all it would accomplish is create a momentary change in feeling]






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