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Chapter 46

[A State Of Mind]


When going back to the rendezvous point with Wilhelm, everyone had been looking forward to Subaru’s return. With Reinhard looking at Wilhelm, the grandfather welcomed the reunion with his grandchild while pulling his chin.
While the two stood together along the wall exchanging sidelong glances, Subaru sat down next to Otto at the round table.

[Subaru: I’m sorry for being late. How did the negotiations turn out?]

[Otto: We just ended up with the same matters we got from the start. It will surely be better from Natsuki-san’s side …… how is Crusch-sama doing?]

[Subaru: It seems she isn’t doing well. However, it’s not like we can already say that there is no hope. Once we get to the negotiations after driving out the witch cult, we might be able to do something.]

[Otto: Is that so? If that’s the case then that alone is good news.]

With Otto stroking his chest with a *ho*, everyone else having listened to the story also made a similar gesture of relief. While viewing their reactions, deep down, Subaru wanted to give them a heartfelt apology.
Although it wasn’t a lie, it was a statement which was far removed from reality. There might be a way to save Crusch, which would also be considerably risky for Subaru. If her conditions were among the same conditions as Subaru’s, he would expect her chances to rise considerably. (TN: Probably referring to the conditions needed for the dragon’s blood injected by Capella to not be rejected or something like that)

[Subaru: Either way, Crusch-san’s return to the frontlines for this battle is impossible. Since it seems that Ferris also doesn’t want to be separated from her, I think is would be best if the relief party were to stay behind at the city hall. Additionally, where we’ll be meeting, there is the possibility that we will become unable to communicate.]

[Anastasia: That means the plan to attack the four places simultaneously hasn’t changed. Seems that gettin’ to the location from the city hall in the center as seen from each control tower comes first, right? Then… …]

With a clap, Anastasia looked out over everyone’s faces.

[In that case, shall we finally truly go into the main issue? ――There are four control towers and four Sin Archbishops. For the sake of defeating them, we will hold a war strategy meeting.]

From Crusch’s faction was the “Sword devil” Wilhelm.
From Felt’s faction was the “Sword saint” Reinhard.
From Anastasia’s faction were the “Valuable knight” Julius and the “Leader of the iron fang” Ricardo.
From Emilia’s faction were the “Spirit knight” Subaru and the “Shield of the Sanctuary” Garfiel.
And then, from Priscilla’s faction was――

[Priscilla: Me and Al will be together.]

[Subaru: Although you said such a thing … … will you fight as well? You’re a Royal selection candidate, aren’t you?]

When each faction’s fighters were affirming, Priscilla boldly raised her own name. When Subaru scowled at that, she snorted at him so as to try and scoff at him.

[Priscilla: I would surely be a candidate for the throne, don’t you think? Since the previously important fool has become useless, you’ve united every last one of the untaken weakling fighters. I stand above everybody both at the sword and on the stage precisely because I am who I am.]

[Wilhelm: Now you’ve become difficult to ignore. With “fool”, surely you musn’t mean my lord by that?]

[Priscilla: Since I have something in mind, just don’t stand in my way, I guess. There’s a devious expression, old soldier. Through withdrawal by “losing a fly to catch a trout” and the like, the tales of the chosen cannot be told.]

From the start of the discussion, Wilhelm and Priscilla already clashed with a dangerous presence. Seemingly habitually ignoring the scene, because of various circumstances Wilhelm’s side could not afford to waste time. Since Priscilla’s side generally operated in an excessive manner, that also did not leave out hateful language.

[Anastasia: Yeah yeah, let’s move the discussions forward, because both the weaklin’ and the fool stuff is all fine by me. We ain’t gonna turn on each other.]

[Priscilla: Oh, that’s boring. Isn’t my obedient listening to the weakling’s story to a manageable degree?]

[Anastasia: I guess it wasn’t like the story was about the victory of the weak? If you do not show the extent of your magnanimity, then nobody will follow you. Everyone is getting equally irritated. Have some patience.]

[Priscilla: Hmph]

As Anastasia’s remark was missing its target, Priscilla did not object as she only snorted. As she watched the weapon being pointed at her, Wilhelm, who had been staring daggers at her, had also withdrawn it.
Since it was natural that there were disagreements between the factions, he made a serious face.

[Wilhelm: Well then, Priscilla-sama’s faction will be Priscilla-sama and Al together … … even if your boy cannot expect to be taken into consideration?]

[Priscilla: Can something even be done by such a very delicate and weak child? That child has been accompanying me throughout merely for the sake of serving me. Naturally, we will put him aside beforehand.]

[Wilhelm: Understood. Then it’s been decided that we’ll capture the four locations with no less than eight fighters.]

The boy who was Priscilla’s butler ―― Schult, while drooping his head, was exactly evenly split between fighting and not fighting at the round table.
Leaving out the names of the eight combatants, the non-combatants were Anastasia, Schult, Liliana and Otto with Crusch and Ferris on the upper floor making six people.

[Anastasia: Before we split up our fighting force, shall we go ahead and reaffirm our knowledge of the Sin Archbishops once more? Let’s see, the person who has seen all their faces … … is just Natsuki-kun, right?]

[Subaru: Yeah, I think so. Although even I am disgusted with talking about the witch cult’s leaders, I will try to get myself to give an explanation. I know about their abilities, though to a certain extent.]

While gathering everyone’s attention, Subaru began to speak.
About the witch cult who which had attacked this city and the horrible Sin Archbishops who controlled it.

[Subaru: First is Wrath. This Sin Archbishop, who calls herself Sirius, is a fellow who’s completely wrapped in bandages. I don’t know what she looks like, though I believe she’s probably a woman. She attacks using the chains wrapped around her arms. In addition, it seems like she also uses fire magic.]

[Reinhard: If it’s only that then she doesn’t seem to be a significant threat. Is she considerably talented?]

[Subaru: If it’s said by you, then it’s difficult for anyone to answer, Reinhard. … … If we’re talking about simple fighting strength, then Wilhelm or Julius will be able to provide sufficient opposition. Her other ability seemed to be an equal match with Emilia though. Nevertheless, she has the Authority of Wrath.]

[Reinhard: An Authority… … ]

Reinhard frowned to that sound as he brought his hand to his chin.
Subaru continued as he nodded back at him,

[Subaru: The biggest point about a Sin Archbishop’s repulsiveness, is their characteristic ability called their Authority. Being an incomprehensible force which differs from both magic and sorcery, it’s useless to even think about how it works. Since every one of them is powerful, defeating the Authority will become the crux of defeating a Sin Archbishop.]

[Wilhelm: Since Subaru-dono had supposedly defeated Sloth in the past, was that the Authority itself?]

[Subaru: It was. The Archbishop of Sloth’s Authority, the “Unseen hand” was Sloth’s second ability. The Authority can grow an unknown number of powerful arms which are not only invisible, but also have incredible strength. If someone were to be caught in them, they could easily completely tear their body apart.]

[Julius: Having witnessed them myself, I’ve also verified their repulsiveness. In practice, it’s believable that just by snatching a body its power could gouch out someone’s flesh.]

Julius followed up on Subaru’s explanation.
During the united front against Petelgeuse, it was Subaru lending his eyes that made him see Petelgeuse’s “Unseen Hand”. He was in an ideal position to reinforce his explanation.

[Subaru: Moreover, Sloth has the ability to forcefully snatch away the energy of people in his range. Whether this was the Authority is difficult to tell, but we overcame it by using spirit art users who were immune to it. This was also because it was me and Julius.]

[Julius: Even if we were able to tell whose ability it was, assuming the Sin Archbishop was holding such a terrifying ability, it’s not like we would definitely succeed if we were to assign a capable fighter to the right opponent.]

[Subaru: You said an unusually good thing, Julius. It’s something like that.]

When Subaru praised him in his own way, Julius looked at Subaru with a discerning though lukewarm eye. While getting an uncanny feeling from that gaze, Subaru once again clearing his throat continued,

[Subaru: So, let’s go back to the discussion about the Authority of Wrath. What we know as of now about Wrath’s ability, is the sharing and propagation of emotions and senses.]

[???: Sharing … emotions and senses?]

Since Subaru’s explanation didn’t really make sense, most of the discussion members tilted their heads. Because it was difficult to explain, it was necessary for Subaru to choose his words carefully.

[Subaru: I mean, It’s that Wrath is able to unipolarize the emotions of people in its range. It makes one person’s anger into everyone’s anger and one person’s sadness into everyone’s sadness.]

[Anastasia: What the heck’s that? If that’s what it means, then it’s simple as to why.]
(TN: Interpreting ワイ as “why”. Probably wrong still…)

[Subaru: Certainly if it were just that you would just forcefully make yourself use your ability to sense the mood, but it’s not like that. The scary part of this ability is when it’s able to unipolarize until it reaches hostility. That is, if Wrath is your opponent and directs their hostility towards your perceived companions, it will definitely also be transmitted to the people in the perimeter.]

[Otto: So it turns the townspeople in its perimeter against us?]

[Subaru: Exactly.]

By snapping his fingers, Subaru indicated that Otto had drawn the correct conclusion.
Although it gave everyone depressed looks, the problems didn’t end with just that.

[Priscilla: Foolish commoner, did you say that Wrath or whatever can share emotions and senses some time ago?]

As the first to finally reach an understanding, Priscilla reclined on her seat.
Piercing through Subaru with her crimson eyes, while concealing her mouth with her folding fan,

[Priscilla: If the explanation from just now was about sharing emotions, then sharing senses is again different. And if we then assume that that is just my way of imagining things, is it not a considerably repulsive ability?]

[Subaru: I don’t know how you’re imagining it, but it’s the worst. Wrath’s Authority shares the wounds of people in its range. This does not exclude Wrath’s wounds.]

[Ricardo: If even the person himself ain’t no exception … … hey, bro, that ain’t true, innit? Ain’t that the worst? In other words, wouldn’t other fellas die if Wrath were ta be killed?]

He had already once realized that terrible scene in practice by Reinhard’s hand.
Even if they crushed Sirius, who was the source of the malice, that act alone would inflict permanent wounds to the people surrounding them. They wouldn’t know if anyone dragged into the fight would be fine if they managed to kill her.

[Priscilla: ――Interesting]

To this hopeless information, everyone held their tongue without coming up with counter-measures. In such a midst just one person, only Priscilla was cheerfully warping her cheek into a sneer.

[Priscilla: Very well. I will give that Wrath fool a picking. You’re free to rejoice.]

[Subaru: Well, wait, wait, wait up! Although I don’t know why you’re so eager, it’s not something you can take so lightly! Were you listening to what I said!?]

[Priscilla: Let’s settle that I was listening. Thus upon having listened to that, I have declared that I will go. They are indeed a disgusting opponent with cowardly methods, so it’s appropriate for me to cut them down.]

Without even listening to Subaru’s attempts to stop her, Priscilla looked over everyone while folding her fan to make a sound.
With that sharp gaze and zeal, she overwhelmed even strongest fighters present.

[Priscilla: If you’ve said everything about the Authority, then there is a verse that comes to mind about those Karakuri. “Wanting to be accompanied by the same masses who disregard you” and the like is impertinent. The vulgar masses exist entirely for my sake. If some insolent worm turns their hand to me, I immediately throw them out of my garden.]
(TN: most feasible description I could find)

[Al: P, princess … … Aren’t you bragging even a little too much?]

[Priscilla: What kind of foolishness are you saying, Al? Knowing your cowardice, what is it about that you get cold feet from the insolent opponent who sours my mood? With me, there is no point in being afraid if the singer is there.]

[Al: It’s not like I’m saying it because there’s nothing to be afrai… … Singer?]

When Al tried to stop his master’s irrational behaviour, he stopped as he heard an unexpected word. While generously nodding at her follower’s surprise, Priscilla, pointed with her folded fan at Liliana who sat at the corner of the round table.
As she suddenly became the topic of the discussion, Liliana opened her eyes wide at the fan that was thrust before her.

[Liliana: Did mean m-me with that name!? Why are you doing that so suddenly and neglectfully again!?]

[Priscilla: You musn’t be forgetting about your travels? How long your songs have shaken the hearts of the masses. You should do the same thing with that. In short, you should fight for the emotions of the vulgar masses and such.]

[Liliana: Seems like I was making you anxious just because I raised my voice a little? You might say that under no circumstances you are overestimating me too much, but pressuring a weak young girl like me … … ]

[Priscilla: Oh. So, if it’s your choice, you allow the song you inherited from your ancestors to be defeated?]

As Priscilla snorted, Liliana’s facial expression changed to Priscilla’s words which sounded like she despised her wholeheartedly.
Showing a forced smile, she wore a facial expression with an earnest charm as she menially tried to ward it off.

[Liliana: That is, what do you mean … … ?]

[Priscilla: It seems like it even if you do not think so. Does your song, which has been passed down so zealously, seem like it is being sung when the hearts of the people, which are begging for help, are exposing their sometimes unsightly cowering? That kind of loser’s whining, is that not all a bunch of idle futility? Even a dog’s barking is still better than insisting on being selfish. There, how is it sinking in? It’s like the praise of a loser.]

[Liliana: Aah Aah! You’re going so far as to say it!? Are you blurting it out!? Fine! I’ll go! I’ve understood alright!? Catching me, the minstrel Liliana, like that! Using such language! A woman will become obsolete with this silence! Even the late Kiritaka-san will come crawling out of his grave with regret like this!]

Because of Priscilla’s fierce provocation, Liliana became excited as she intensely exploded back at her. With her face becoming a bright red, she violently strummed the musical instrument placed on top of her lap.

[Liliana: Stop it if you were thinking about letting even a requiem be sung to comfort Kiritaka-san’s soul who pitiably fell into the city’s waters! I’m a scramble of emotions? Bring it on! I, the person who has come to inherit the song, and my song, which has dazed the people of the world, will we lose to an unknown power due to something like that!? We don’t know the song’s power after all! *Grrr*!]
(TN: Probably somewhat inaccurate in some places here. Liliana’s manner of speech feels weird in general…)
Schult and Otto hurriedly dragged down the thoroughly excited Liliana who was performing while lying sprawled on top of the round table. Taking a distant view to the corner of the room where Liliana who started playing was held down, Subaru had shifted his focus to Priscilla.

[Subaru: Her manageability aside, you seem sure of her success. But even if you’re right, to just throw her into this when you don’t know her chances … …]

[Priscilla: I am not planning to lose or anything. Everything in this world will be made to my liking. Besides, it is because I was together with that singer that I have come so far as to this city hall. After taking her around with me precisely because I recognised that singer’s usefulness, I have again decided to take her with me.]

[Subaru: Are you saying that Liliana is an opposing force to Sirius?]

[Priscilla: It would be my defeat if it were not for that singer. And something like my defeat is impossible in this world. Therefore, it is because of that singer. Need I explain this any further?]

Because none of the insufficient explanations were feasible, it steadily became unbearable for Subaru. However, it was Schult who raised his hand instead who tried to follow-up on Priscilla’s remarks.
The butler boy’s adorable eyes quivered as he chose his words with utmost care,

[Schult: U, uh well … … I think that it’s true that Liliana’s song has a special power. It’s true that they were released from anxiety or irritation when they listened to Liliana-sama’s song … … That is also what we learned from several refuge shelters which we passed by before we came here.]

[Subaru: You were letting Liliana sing to the refuge shelters you were visiting?]

[Priscilla: I believe I said so.]

[Subaru: You didn’t say that!]

Even the insufficiency of her explanation was excessive.
While being troubled by Priscilla’s attitude, Subaru turned his head to Reinhard.

[Subaru: Hey, Reinhard. Do you know of an innate ability that can see people’s, or rather … … Oh right, they’re divine protections. Can’t such things like divine protections be seen?]

[Reinhard: I think there’s a divine protection which learns about people’s divine protections. I’ve heard that the owner of the “Divine protection of Judgement” can see them. They aren’t in Lugunica, but in Vollachia, aren’t they? I see, so we want to check what kind of divine protection Liliana-sama has? It will certainly become one of our main questions.]

When he understood the purpose of Subaru’s question, Reinhard went deep into thought.
Since he just tried to ask because he had nothing to lose, even he knew that he had asked something unreasonable from Reinhard. Subaru shook his head to the pondering red haired youth and said “Never mind”.

[Subaru: Although I strangely expected something since you said that you heard all kinds of incredible things, it’s not like you’d be convenient to that extent. It’s fine. For now, we’ll be able to cancel Wrath’s authority somehow with Liliana’s song after testing it a little … … ]

[Reinhard: You don’t need to worry about it, Subaru. ―― I’ve received it now.]

[Subaru: Ha?]

Patting the shoulder of Subaru who tried to propose an experiment with Liliana’s song, Reinhard smiled. After that, while narrowing his blue eyes, he gazed at Liliana who was performing in the corner of the room.
And then,

[Reinhard: I was surprised. Liliana holds the “Divine protection of Telepathy”.]

[Subaru: I was surprised by you because of the divine protection from just now. Eh? What did you say just now? Did you say that you received it? What did you receive, the treasure that is children?]

[Reinhard: Subaru, it’s not a situation to be making fun of. I have been able to confirm Liliana-sama’s divine protection. The “Divine protection of telepathy” is, so to speak, a divine protection which transmits the owner’s thought to others. It’s a divine protection which primarily just transmits trivial thoughts to companions whom the owner shares a close bond with, but … … a song, huh? I hadn’t even thought of something like that.]

While Reinhard was honestly admiring Liliana, Subaru’s jaw dropped after seeing him with such a face from his side.
Since Reinhard’s power was already a cheat, this guy, who was said to be beyond superhuman, was being loved way too much by the gods.
The divine protection he needed, that divine protection which he thought of turned up in his possession or something if he wished for it.

[Subaru: ――――?]

Barely managing to reach even a thought, Subaru picked up on what happened.
He could acquire a divine protection he thought of if he wished for it. At least it could only be expressed with what happened to the present Reinhard himself. Though that in and of itself was an extremely and reassuringly enviable power.
Since it seemed likely that he was mistaken about something, Subaru did not finish his remark.
The members of the Wrath capture group were decided ―― Priscilla, Al and Liliana.


-=Arc 5 Chapter 46 End=-


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This translation was done by SFL!

I haven’t made any modifications to the text, though I might edit it in the future when I have time.

For the next one, I’ll be collaborating with fr81 for Ch.47 since it’s a pretty important chapter. I’ll be editing that chapter one before posting it here ❤


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    1. Sword saint divine protection is a cheat of a cheat ability. Reinhard didn’t obtain liliana’s DP, but more like comprehended it like playing a game with cheat engine. That way no matter what new enemies and what hidden DP they have, reinhard will be abble to understand after seeing it just once and defeat them.


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