Re:Zero Arc 5 Chapter 47 [The Prelude To Retaking The City] (TL by: u/fr81) (Chicken-Edited) (Part 1/2)


This chapter is translated by u/fr81!

I’ve corrected the mistranslated passages and smoothed out the text for this first part of the chapter so far.

I want to edit the rest of the chapter as well, but unfortunately it takes almost as long as it does to translate from scratch so I’ll probably work on the next chapter for now. ❤














Translator: u/fr81


Editor: TranslationChicken




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Chapter 47

[The Prelude To Retaking The City]


[Subaru: Let’s leave the task of dealing with “Wrath” to Priscilla’s team for now. Reinhard has given us his seal of approval about Liliana’s Divine Protection]

[Reinhard: An unfamiliar Divine Protection may not sound very reassuring. But, if it’s Liliana-sama’s song, I believe it will be an effective countermeasure against what we’ve heard about “Wrath”]

Following Subaru and Reinhard’s remarks, the gazes of the round table participants turned to Liliana.
She was playing with her hair, holding it under her nose pretending it was a beard,

[Liliana: No~ problem~! Please leave it to me! This Liliana, once she gets a request, definitely gets the work done. Rest assured. I only sing. Singing where I’m desired the songs that are desired! Isn’t that such a happy thing! And if I could get some tips as well, I’ll throw up my arms and cheer!]

[Subaru: You aren’t getting any tips out of this, so shut up with the capitalist-pig talk]

[Liliana: Bu-hi―― !]

The excited Liliana deflated, and Priscilla let out a snort in her stead. She swept her crimson eyes over Subaru and Reinhard in turn, and,

[Priscilla: And here I was wondering what you two were gossiping about, but it seems you were merely wasting your energy on useless consultation. I’ve already confirmed that singer’s worth myself. We’ll crush that raving fool]

[Subaru: Even if you say that, we still have to make sure……]

[Priscilla: Imbecile. ――I am the one staking my life on this singer. Why would I insist on this if I’m not certain already? As if I would take such reckless risks]

[Subaru: ――――]

Priscilla’s words did not leave Subaru any room to object. Indeed, the one who suggested using Liliana against “Wrath” was Priscilla herself.
In spite of her manner of speech and attitude, it was well-known that her prudence and cleverness were exceptional.

[Al: Princess-san, don’t bully the bro too much. Let’s just stay quiet, us two]

[Priscilla: What’s that, Al? Do you dare to contradict me, worm? A man sulking like a girl at your age. Do not degrade yourself in my presence]

[Al: ……’s not like that]

Turning away his gaze with a swish, Al rested his chin on his right arm and entered complete-observer mode. Seeing her servant’s reaction, Priscilla leaned back into her chair and let the matter drop.
Finally, it seemed like the conversation could proceed with the next topic.

[Subaru: And with that, the attack on “Wrath” will be left to Priscilla’s team. Next up…… would be “Lust”. As for who should handle that one, I would like to nominate Wilhelm-san]

[Julius: Nominating Wilhelm-sama? May I ask what your reasoning is?]

[Wilhelm: I have humbly requested as much from Subaru-dono, Julius-dono]

Towards the wondering Julius, Wilhelm raised his hand and answered.
The old swordsman collected his gaze―― and slightly shifted it upstairs.

[Wilhelm: As you all know, my mistress Crusch-sama is suffering still under the effects of the Witch “Lust”‘s cruel power. As Crusch-sama’s servant, I am obligated to fight for my mistress. This is also a wish of mine that goes beyond my sense of duty]

[Anastasia: If possible, you want to capture the Sin Archbishop alive, and ask ‘em about those symptoms. Is Wilhelm-san’s motive somethin’ like that?]

[Wilhelm: It is as you say. As such, please leave the subjugation of “Lust” to me]

His blue eyes, imbued with indomitable will, gave off a swordsman’s-aura that washed over the room.
Seeing the determination and loyalty harbored within Wilhelm’s gaze―― no one could raise a half-hearted word against it.
No one, except his own flesh and blood.

[Reinhard: Honestly, I’m against it]

[Wilhelm: ……Reinhard]

While everyone was overwhelmed by his swordsman’s-aura, only Reinhard’s expression did not change. Staring at Wilhelm with his usual serious expression,

[Reinhard: Currently grandfather has lost his composure. Of course, to feel hostility towards the Sin Archbishop who harmed Crusch-sama is understandable. However, I do not believe that you will be able to achieve the objective with that mentality]

[Wilhelm: I’ve lost my calm and that will interfere with the objective? Is that what you are telling me?]

[Reinhard: If only for Crusch-sama, failing to capture [Lust] would be unforgivable. Therefore, I will take on that task. At least, I will be able to face her with a better mental state]

Reinhard was right, at least in terms of ensuring as much certainty as possible. Wilhelm was being too brash and was losing his composure, he wasn’t wrong about that.
But, in front of Reinhard’s proposal, Wilhelm loosened his lips.

Devoid of the slightest tenderness, it was like the smile of a wild beast.

[Wilhelm: ――Losing calmness here is a given, Reinhard]

[Reinhard: Nevertheless, grandfather……]

[Wilhelm: Just who do you think your grandfather is? I am the Sword Demon Wilhelm. My only purpose had been to swing a sword, yet I couldn’t help but fall for the woman I loved… and though in my way of life I am distracted halfway, in the end, for what needed to be done, I have never let it go unfinished!]

A fierce smile came over Wilhelm’s usually clear and benign impression. It was reminiscent of blood, iron, and life set aflame, like a demon whose heart had been torn away by a blade.
Yet even here, there was still a touch of warmth in the demon’s eyes.

[Wilhelm: When I decide to wield the sword, my heart is uplifted. Losing my calm or not, on the battlefield it’s all the same to me. That is how I have lived on to this age. This time too, I have no intention of rotting away without repaying my obligation to my mistress in full. Your pointless worry is unnecessary]

[Reinhard: Even so, it’s not just a matter of idealism……]

[Wilhelm: An ideal held to the end becomes conviction. Even though it took fourteen years, this blunted sword still fulfilled my vengeance against the enemy that killed my wife]

Listening to Wilhelm conviction, which slew the White Whale and repaid his grandmother’s death in full, Reinhard couldn’t say a thing.
But even then, Reinhard lowered his eyes, unconvinced. At the obstinate posture of his grandson, with [Besides……] Wilhelm continued,

[Wilhelm: This one is not your field of battle. The battle in which you are needed is elsewhere]

[Reinhard: The battle in which I’m needed……]

[Wilhelm:――Subaru-dono. Please take my grandson with you to your battle. To rescue Emilia-sama, you will be fighting against “Greed”. Reinhard should act as your sword]

Suddenly hearing his name, Subaru opened his eyes wide. As if pulled along by the nodding Wilhelm, Reinhard’s gaze also turned to him.
Seeing this, Subaru scratched his head, deciding that it can’t be helped.

[Subaru: I actually wanted to wait until the matter of “Lust” was sorted out before mentioning this…… But, yeah. Your power is frankly something I want to borrow for my fight against “Greed”. For killing that sick bastard, I think I’ll definitely need your strength]

Regulus of “Greed” floated into his mind.
According to his fragmented knowledge of the Sin Archbishop’ abilities, the power Regulus possessed was the most dangerous of them all.
Though he could not say for sure, in the current situation, he could not imagine calling it by anything other than a stupid word like “Invincible”. Of course, he did not want to think of him as a simply “Invincible” existence. There had to be some kind of weakness or limitation about it.

[Subaru: To break through the “Invincible” defense of Regulus, we’ll need to fight him with an equally strong offense. His offensive and defensive capabilities are probably the strongest of the Sin Archbishops, I think. So I want to borrow Reinhard’s strength when we attack him]

[Reinhard: An untouchable opponent…… Certainly, for a monster such as that, I would be the right choice. However…]

Even after hearing of Regulus’ absurd power, Reinhard’s hesitation did not disappear. But, seeing Reinhard’s worries, another voice rang out.
That sound was coming from none other than the one next to Subaru.

[Garfiel: ――Right then. Gramps Wilhelm’ll just be goin’ with me]

Striding forward was Garfiel, gnashing his sharp fangs as he glared at Reinhard. Surprised, Reinhard looked back at Garfiel as if to say “You?”.

[Garfiel: Th’Captain chose you. N’ I know ‘bout yer skills as well. So I won’t be needed for rescuin’ Emilia-sama, then. Right, Captain?]

[Subaru: No, Garfiel… I wouldn’t say it like that……]

[Garfiel: I don’t need comfortin’. And I’m not sayin’ this stuff ‘cause I’m sulkin’. It’s the other way around. This time, there’s another bastard I gotta take care of]

His brows furrowing at the roughly breathing Garfiel’s attitude, Subaru finally realized it.
Indeed. Among those who had been transformed by “Lust” during the retaking of the City Hall, there had been one person who was close to Garfiel―― the person who was turned into a black dragon.
And so, for Garfiel, “Lust” was not just an unrelated opponent.

[Garfiel: It’s true we can’t forgive that bitch, but it ain’t jus’ that. Back when I fought with that duo, “Lust” was there…]

[Subaru: ――――]

[Garfiel: ‘Cause of my mistake, there’s an idiot that got injured who shouldn’t have been. That’s why I gotta give as good as we got. ‘N so, I’ll be followin’ gramps out there]

Receiving Garfiel’s keen gaze, Wilhelm silently nodded.
With this, the old swordsman and the young warrior were united in their desire for vengeance. At the root of it all, both of them driven by thoughts of a woman they cared about.
Seeing Garfiel’s expression, Subaru too had nothing more to say.

[Subaru: It might be a bit late at this point, but, “Lust”’s power is Variation and Change. She alters herself and can also force mutations onto others. And, her blood. No matter what, do not let her blood touch you. It’s what caused Crusch-san’s injuries. Personality-wise…… they’re all terrible, but she’s especially bad]

[Wilhelm: Understood]

[Garfiel: We’ll stomp ‘em and crush ‘em]

At Subaru’s final confirmation, neither Wilhelm nor Garfiel showed any sign of backing down.
Finally, Subaru looked to Reinhard, and even the Sword Saint, faced the firmness of their resolve, seemed to have lost the desire to object.

[Reinhard: Very well. I am certain of Garfiel’s ability. And if grandfather is there, together, they can slay whatever enemy they may face, that much is assured]

[Garfiel: Even if y’say it like that, it ain’t really satisfyin’. ’S like, “Torktoi’s modest but ‘s taste’s superb”, y’know]

[Reinhard: I do mean it. I have no doubt that you and grandfather will prevail. And I myself will act as Subaru’s sword]

Garfiel scratched his face with an uncomfortable look while Reinhard nodded at Subaru. Hearing the Sword Saint’s dependable words, Subaru felt like he’d been reinforced by an army of ten thousand men.

[Subaru: Sorry for the selfish request, Reinhard]

[Reinhard: It is fine. No matter where my battlefield is, I will give it my utmost. If that will be of help to you, then I can wish for nothing more]

[Subaru: And sorry for always relying on you. I’ll be relying on your strength, but……. I’ll also try to fill in any parts where you’re lacking, so please look forward to it]

[Reinhard: ――――]

Hearing those words, Reinhard suddenly widened his eyes and fell silent. Subaru tilted his head at this rarely-seen reaction, and Reinhard quickly smiled with [No],

[Reinhard: For you… that would be no problem at all. ――Right, I will look forward to it. You filling in for me… the parts that I cannot reach]

[Subaru: ――? O-ooh, then leave it to me. Leave it to me. Now then, it’s probably obvious from the flow of the conversation, but, next up would have to be “Gluttony”……]

[Julius: ――Then, Ricardo and I will take care of it]




Next Arc 5 Chapter 47 Part 2/2:


This chapter is translated by u/fr81!

I’ve corrected all the mistranslated passages and smoothed out the sentences for this first part of the chapter so far.

I want to edit the rest of the chapter as well, but unfortunately it takes almost as long as it does to translate from scratch so I’ll probably work on the next chapter for now. ❤



Next Arc 5 Chapter 47 Part 2/2:


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