Re:Zero Arc 3 Interlude III [To Each, Their Oaths](2/6)

Start Reading from Interlude II after Episode 25:

Continued from Part 1/6:

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—By the time Subaru arrived in the Capital, it was already over.

His conversation with Emilia on the road were all gone from his mind.

The girl sitting safely next to him, Subaru should feel content, and relieved, having finally, finally saved her. But in the relentlessly galloping dragon carriage, the only thing on Subaru’s mind was the other girl.

[Who is… Rem?]

Looking confused, she tilted her head as she said this.

He scrambled to look for the smallest hint of a joke, something in her voice, in her expression, hoping against hope the words “Just kidding~” would come out of her mouth…

Whether it’s Petra, or the other kids, no one remembered her.

Having confirmed this fact with everyone on the carriage, Subaru commanded the driver to rush to the Capital with all haste, on his face was the desperate expression of someone riding into death itself.

Impossible. There must be a mistake.

It was all going so well. Everyone was saved, the objective was completed. Despite enduring so much pain and sorrow, taking so many scars within his heart that will never, ever heal, everything worked out in the end.

And still–

[Aha! It’s Subaru-kyun! Impressive, Crusch-sama, you managed to find that capricious little stray!]

On the way to the lounge, seeing the two in the hallway, someone called out to them.

Shaking around in a short dress, liberated from the knight’s garments, a pair of catlike ears twitched. Ferris walked over to them and gently picked up Crusch’s hands.

[Crusch: Ferris-san…]

[Ferris: I’m just Ferris! Ferris and Crusch-sama have known each other for a very long time nyan. If you still add a -san to my name I’m going to die of loneliness and despair nyan]

Holding up Crusch’ hands in one hand, Ferris used the other to nudge Crusch in the shoulder. At such affectionate interaction, Crusch looked like she wasn’t sure what to do with herself, but essentially accepted it as it is, and with a [Sorry], she lowered her head.

[Crusch: To become just like before… Even though it’s not easy, I will try my best, Ferris… Yes. Just Ferris]

[Ferris: It’s alright nyan, because Ferris is always Crusch-sama’s companion, and will always stay by your side. And to be together with such a cute version of Crusch-sama, Ferris will find even more reasons to fall for Crusch-sama nyan, just the thought of that makes Ferris happy nyan!]

Playfully swinging Crusch’s captured hands up and down, Ferris blew her a kiss.

Watching them, the unease growing inside Subaru’s heart became unbearable.

Even though Crusch had changed so drastically, Ferris treated her the same as always, and accepted her as always, it was something beyond what Subaru could understand.

Inside that smile of Ferris’, how much inner struggle must be lying within? Subaru doesn’t know, nonetheless, the thought of it alone filled him with sentiment.

[Ferris: Subaru-kyun, get in the lounge nyan. Emilia-sama and old man Wilhelm are waiting for us]

[Subaru: …A..ah]

His thoughts must have added something into his voice, but Ferris didn’t seem to notice. Saying [This way, Crusch-sama], Ferris led her by the hand.

In the subtle atmosphere between Subaru and Ferris, Crusch tried to hide the uncertainty looming between her brows. She looked at them, one and then the other, and in the end not saying a thing, silently followed behind Ferris’ steps.

Taking a deep breath, Subaru bit his lips, and closed his eyes.

His mind was on edge. His heart felt desolate. In that state he didn’t want to see anyone at all. But it can’t be helped. He will not make excuses to comfort himself.

Because the last thing he’d want to do, is to blame her for his pain.

This way, they made their long-overdue entry into the lounge.

Noticing all eyes were on him, Subaru looked around the room. Other than himself, there were four people present, Emilia, Wilhelm, and one step before him, Crusch and Ferris.

Seeing he must be the last one, Subaru closed the door behind him, and ever-so-naturally sat down next to Emilia.

[Emilia: Subaru…]

[Subaru: No-problem. I’ve calmed down now, Emilia-tan — I, am, alright]

To Emilia’s worried call, Subaru lightheartedly retorted. Only his eyes weren’t looking at her. Rather, he couldn’t see her at all.

If he met Emilia’s eyes now, he would have revealed a despised part of himself. The very thought of it filled him with uncontrollable dread.

[Ferris: Now that everyone is here, let’s begin!]

With the sound of a clap, everyone’s attention landed on Ferris.

It would be impossible for Crusch to direct a meeting in her condition, so that task fell to Ferris.

Roughly surveying everyone present, Ferris walked to the front of the room with an arm in the air.

[Ferris: Since there are no objections nyan, let’s assess our situation]

Thus, with a smile, a meeting from which everyone wanted something completely different, began.

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

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  2. Hmm I absolutely don’t get why he isn’t killing himself straight away. I mean, it’s not like he could do it anytime and knowingly reset to a certain point( which always ever so happens to be convenient plot points, but that’s another subject) so any second he wastes without resetting he’s endangering the chance of getting back in time. Huuuh….. so annoying, always no logic


  3. God, nice to see Ferris still caring for Crusch despite her nor really remembering anything. His dedication to her is enough to help her at all times even if he’s dying inside.

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