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[Subaru: Thank you for back there, Wilhelm-san]

After the meeting in the lounge, Subaru called out to Wilhelm outside the Karsten Mansion. Stopping in his steps, Wilhelm turned to Subaru.

[Wilhelm: Not at all. I was of no help, I’m ashamed of how deficient I am. Above all, I was unable to assist you today]

[Subaru: Don’t say that, without Wilhelm-san, we wouldn’t have defeated the White Whale. And afterward I was able to entrust Emilia and the villagers to you. I am really really grateful!]

These were unpackaged, genuine words of gratitude. But, even this could not lift the gloom from Wilhelm’s face.

Never forgetting a past kindness, always carrying the pain of others within himself. This man… isn’t he too good-natured for his own good?  Subaru smiled at the thought.

[Subaru: Even though the situation hasn’t settled yet, have you had a chance to visit your wife’s grave? Even though it’s no consolation, but at least you avenged…]

[Wilhelm: —!]

At Subaru’s words, Wilhelm’s face suddenly collapsed with deep emotion.

Seeing those intertwined waves of grief and sentiment, Subaru didn’t know what to do. Noticing Subaru’s hesitation, Wilhelm bowed deeply.

[Wilhelm: Subaru-dono, I must apologize!]

[Subaru: Wait, don’t be like this,  you have nothing to be sorry about, I should be thanking you right now…]

[Wilhelm: No, that is not true. The words I spoke in the meeting were not out of genuine desire to be your ally. It was my vain, selfish sentiment that made me support the Alliance. For concealing my guilt, I am deeply ashamed]

Not understanding Wilhelm’s words, Subaru furrowed his brows.

Seeing this, Wilhelm took off his overcoat, and rolled up his left sleeve – revealing a bandaged wound around his left shoulder. Through the outer cloth one could see that the inner layers are wet with blood.

[Subaru: Does it hurt? You should get Ferris to look at that]

[Wilhelm: This wound cannot be healed. It was dealt by an opponent who possessed the Divine Protection of “Death God”]

[Subaru: Can’t be healed? …Then, Wilhelm-san!]

What an unhealable wound leads to, even Subaru knows this.

Normally, if bleeding can’t be stopped, it’s like a timer being set on one’s life. But unlike Subaru, who looked full of apprehension, Wilhelm shook his head calmly.

[Wilhelm: My life is not in danger right now]

[Subaru: How can that be? That wound… what kind of attack…]

[Wilhelm: I did not receive this wound today or yesterday. It was from a long time ago, and it recently re-opened. But, for me right now, the wound is too large]

Listening to Wilhelm’s quiet words, Subaru’s small body quivered and contracted. Not knowing why he is having this reaction, even the roots of his teeth felt like they didn’t fit in his jaw. All this came from the “Sword Demon” in front of him, an incredible aura that could freeze ones liver solid.

Continuing in his calm, gentle voice

[Wilhelm: The effects of a Divine Protection becomes stronger, when the owner of the Divine Protection is near. When “Death God”‘s owner approaches, the wounds they inflicted will open]

[Subaru: Then that means… the person who inflicted your wound long ago… is near…]

[Wilhelm: The one who wounded my left shoulder… Is the Previous-Generation Sword Saint]

Listening to Wilhelm, Subaru’s breathing stopped.

Gazing into Wilhelm’s eyes, he saw the frozen glitters of emotion.

[Wilhelm: Thearesia van Astrea. The wound dealt by my wife has re-opened. In order to find out why, I must continue to pursue the Witch Cult…]

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