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The atmosphere in the lounge froze. Only Subaru’s mind was heating up.

Taking in those words, he pondered a moment, quietly licking his lips.

[Subaru: Dissolve the Alliance? What are you trying to say?]

[Ferris: Exactly what it sounds like nyan. As things are right now, our Alliance will not be mutually beneficial nyan]

Perhaps because Subaru kept his composure, Ferris’ expression revealed a touch of admiration.

Rather annoyed by Ferris’ expression, Subaru wondered if Ferris was setting up the Alliance as a bargaining chip to gain an advantage in the negotiation. The more he thought, the more he commanded himself to keep calm. But even so, his head was nearly boiling.

[Subaru: Mining rights aside, we coordinated our efforts to defeat the White Whale, and after everything is done, now you want to back out after reaping the benefits? That’s a bit scandalous no matter how you look at it]

[Ferris: More detriment than benefits, Subaru-kyun]

[Subaru: Ah?]

Compared to Subaru’s aggressive attitude, Ferris went on casually, wagging a finger.

[Ferris: Nyan? “Gluttony” and “Greed” appearing together, for starters. After killing “Sloth”, an Alliance with Emilia-sama’s camp will only make us targeted by the Witch Cult… Considering what happened to Crusch-sama… do you still believe it’s in our interest to form an Alliance right now?]

[Subaru: That is…]

Glancing toward the completely different Crusch, Subaru hesitated to counter Ferris’ argument. Because deep in his heart, he was carrying the same wounds.

This time, it wasn’t Subaru who refuted Ferris’ words.

[Wilhelm: I disagree, Ferris]

Leaning forward in his seat, Wilhelm’s stern gaze stared into Ferris’ eyes. Ferris, eyelids narrowed, let out an [Eh-?] with a thin smile.

[Ferris: What do you mean nyan? After what Gluttony did to Crusch-sama, what do you think is the benefit of an Alliance that will draw the Witch Cult to us?]

[Wilhelm: To kill “Gluttony”…  An opportunity to avenge our master]

[Ferris: Vengeance? Is that more important to you than Crusch-sama’s life!?]

Against Wilhelm, Ferris refused to give ground.

Weighing heavily on both their minds, were thoughts of their master.

[Ferris: If we continue to deal with the Witch Cult this disaster will only repeat again!  Crusch-sama right now can’t even protect herself! When that day comes… If it’s physical wound or emotional wound, Ferris can heal you… But if you die it’s all over isn’t it!?]

[Wilhelm: But we cannot remain idle while the offender roams free. Crusch-sama’s memories, when we defeat the Sin Archbishop, there is a chance they will return. To give up this early, is far too rash]

[Ferris: Defeating that bastard will bring the memories back? I say, Wilhelm, to think lost memories can be brought back by killing the thing that ate it… are you daydreaming or do you think this is some kind of fairy tale w—]

[Wilhelm: —Felix!!]

With an ear-splitting roar, the swordsman’s aura resounded in the room. As if a gust of wind had swept in – was the sensation felt by everyone present.

All wincing from the shock, only Wilhelm’s keen gaze remained intact.

[Wilhelm: Felix… What you said just now. Never utter it again in front of Subaru-dono]

[Ferris: ……I’m sorry]

…Called by his true name, twice, Ferris closed his eyes with grief and remorse.

The others turned their eyes to Subaru, who was already sitting once more. His hands clenched tightly, faintly trembling, blood seeped through the gaps between his fingers, as if about to cover them whole.

[Subaru: ……Emilia-tan]

[Emilia: Don’t worry…… I won’t say anything like “I understand” or “it’s alright”… Even though I want to understand how you feel… that forgotten child… because I don’t understand anything, no matter what I say, it won’t be fair to you…]

Subaru looked up, into Emilia’s violet pupils that flickered with sadness.

In her eyes he saw a reflection of himself, in all his weakness… is that the Natsuki Subaru she sees?

…As if saved by that tender regard, Subaru shook his head.

[Subaru: To say something like “it’s alright”… even if I rip my mouth apart right now I won’t be able say it. But I am fine. Ferris, don’t worry about it. I… will not give up, as long as there is the tiniest fragment of hope left]

[Ferris: Really nyan… Subaru-kyun sure doesn’t like to give up…]

Watching Subaru trying to act like he was fine, Ferris’ countenance broke down into a smile. But his position remained unchanged.

[Ferris: As for Ferris nyan, I don’t agree that we should continue the Alliance. I will return Crusch-sama to herself, just watch. So something like vengeance against “Gluttony” we should just set that aside for nyan]

[Wilhelm: What we should do, and how… Crusch-sama, you must decide. It is not in our position to do it]

In the end, it all falls on her.

Both their eyes focused upon her, and Crusch, as if understanding, nodded.

[Crusch: There is still plenty that I do not know. And what I was before, I cannot remember. I want to tell you now, that it will be disorienting, being around me… But even so, I thank you for placing in me your esteem, and trust. And if I could, I want to live up to that expectation. For that, I shall try my best]

Despite losing her memory, it seemed her strength of character remained.

Just what is the core essence of a person? Seeing Crusch like this once more, even after forgetting everything she knew, Subaru could not help but ask himself that question.

But as to the Alliance, there is no better choice than to put the negotiations on hold for now.

[Ferris: In any case, if the one who holds all the key information concerning Emilia-sama’s faction… Margrave Roswaal isn’t present, then there is nothing we can do nyan. So for our next negotiation, let’s hold it on the condition that the Margrave be in attendance]

[Crusch: Yes, that is for the best. Then this meeting…]

[Ferris: Will be a secret —  So pretend it was about something other than an Alliance nyan]

Ferris shot a sharp glance at Subaru, saying this in an unusually low voice.

Subaru swallowed, but seeing no reason to disagree, he nodded. From their perspective, this decision made sense. If Crusch’s current condition is known to the public, her status as the most competent candidate will vanish.

In fact, the repercussions of Crusch’s amnesia becoming public knowledge is of the same magnitude as the prestige of slaying the White Whale. It is for precisely this reason that Anastasia wasn’t invited to this meeting.

[Ferris: Regardless of Julius, Anastasia will certainly use this information to her advantage. Good thing Crusch-sama’s condition hasn’t been seen by those kids of hers]

[Crusch: ….She will be present at the victor’s negotiations, what do we do about that?]

[Ferris: We can make an excuse and say you’re unwell. Ferris will think of something. As for Subaru-kyun, your side just need to keep this secret, understood?]

Requesting only silence, Ferris would not allow any further entanglement between their two factions. Subaru, noticing this, only nodded.

In the end, the meeting concluded without any progress whatsoever.

Acknowledging the desperation of their situations, more than anything else, the two factions are aligned in the uncertainty of their futures.

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As I understand it, Ferris was actually very traumatized when he found out Crusch had been attacked. The fear of Crusch actually dying is overwhelming for him. To Ferris, the alliance is more trouble than it’s worth, especially now that the Crusch army had been decimated and Crusch herself is unable to fight. I think Ferris believes that if the current Crusch just learned everything over again, she can become the same Crusch as she was before.

Wilhelm misses the old Crusch, who he is indebted to. Perhaps he believes that the old Crusch would want her memories to be restored, even if it meant being placed in danger.

So I think Wilhelm is thinking about what Crusch would have wanted, while Ferris is thinking about what is “best” for Crusch regardless of her wishes…


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