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Lost in a daze, Subaru stepped into the room where Rem was sleeping.

Ever since returning to Crusch’s mansion, whenever there is a chance, he would come to stay with her.

Even though he knew it would not happen, somewhere in his heart, in his weakness, he hoped she could just wake up.

In this state, he no longer had the courage or the will to face Emilia. Being Emilia, perhaps she would understand after all. If she was by his side now, it will only bring her pain. Unless Subaru looked for her, she would give him time to himself, even though she couldn’t stop worrying.

If Emilia was here, he’d probably cry, if only to comfort that weakness within his heart.

Though he hated that weakness, he could not cut it from himself.

[Rem… Even though you told me I’m strong, I… without you with me, I can’t find it Rem… I can’t…]

Nothing changed from when he left for the lounge.

Softly breathing. Her heart was beating. But other than this, there was not a single sign of life. Right now, only Subaru’s heart still carries her existence.


[Subaru: — It’s you… which wind blew you here?]

[Puck: Me being here, is that so strange? Even I had some kind of relationship with this girl before, right? Then occasionally coming here, what’s wrong with that?]

[Subaru: Where do you get the nerve…]

Gently touching Rem’s sleeping forehead, Subaru glanced to his side — Floating in the air, was a small grey cat wagging his long tail, looking at him.

At the meeting he was nowhere to be found, yet he showed up here. Noticing Subaru’s severe glance, Puck seemed taken aback.

[Puck: Why’re you looking at me like that? Did I do something?]

[Subaru: …Right now, you didn’t do anything… Go find Emilia, as long as you go float around somewhere else]

[Puck: Is that so? That’s a curious thing to say. Even though my freedom isn’t restricted, if that child gets in trouble while I’m not there…]

Flicking his whisker, Puck murmured leisurely. Then, floating up to Subaru’s face,

[Puck: But I think its better that I talk to Subaru right now]

[Subaru: …Acting like you know everything, it’s really pissing me off]

Subaru turned his gaze away. Even so, Puck silently waited for him.

Subaru sighed, even though meekly following along annoyed him.

[Subaru: You didn’t tell Emilia about the Witch Cult… What are your intentions?]

[Puck: No intention at all, if some things you can live without knowing, then not knowing is fine too. If Lia asked me, I would have told her, but she didn’t ask… People like that, if you just avoid them then it doesn’t matter, right?]

[Subaru: Yes, there are times when it’s fine to not know some things. But this is totally not the case for Emilia is it?? That girl came out of the forest, to become King, she is fighting to win the Royal Selection! There is no way to avoid the Witch Cult like that. —You know this, of course you know this]

Pressing low his voice, Subaru pursued Puck’s intentions. But Puck, wobbling in the air, easily dodged Subaru’s vigorous questions.

[Puck: The Witch Cult appearing… I suspected it too. But whether I would convey that to Lia is a completely different matter]

[Subaru: Even if it meant endangering her, and everyone else around her!? I don’t know what you’re thinking, but if things went the way they were Emilia would have —!!]

[Puck: I see… You did all this to save Lia. This child too… she sacrificed herself to help her. In that case I really need to thank this child…]

[Subaru: —-!]

In that instant, disregarding all the world, Subaru threw his punch.

At the Spirit in front of his eyes, without a trace of hesitation, he swung with all his might. The Spirit, easily avoiding his strike, washed its face with astonishment.

[Puck: What are you doing, all of a sudden?]

[Subaru: Don’t you dare touch Rem. Not with your hands, or your words…]

Surprised himself, his voice broke quietly.

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