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The emotions brewing in his heart, perhaps they became too impossible to bear.

With his round eyes, Puck gazed deep into Subaru, and with an [I understand], he stretched his little body.

[Puck: I said something inconsiderate, sorry, I shouldn’t have said it. Instead of this… Let’s talk a bit about “Gluttony”]

[Subaru: …talk? What will that do now?]

[Puck: If you learn the nature of the thing that ate this girl’s “Name” and “Memory”, perhaps there is hope of fulfilling your wish, after all]

Jumping at those words, Subaru’s face flung up. Seeing this reaction, Puck nodded, then he turned up his small pink nose as if searching for a memory.

[Puck: “Gluttony”‘s Authority, to put it simply, is eating. When he eats a person’s “Name”, all memories about this person is taken, and when he eats a person’s “Memory”, that person’s own memories are taken. If both are taken, then the person becomes an empty shell. An empty shell won’t do anything, and could not do anything. This girl’s condition, is just that]

[Subaru: “Name”… “Memory”…]

Crusch’s memory. Rem’s memory and name.

Such is the effect of Gluttony’s Authority.

[Subaru: After killing the Sin Archbishop “Gluttony”… will the memories return…?]

[Puck: Ah, what would happen? Throw up everything that’s been eaten… even though I don’t like to think about it, is that something that can be done? You’ll need to ask the man himself…]

[Subaru: But the possibility exists, doesn’t it!? Rem’s memories, the possibility of retrieving Rem’s memories…!]

Turning back… Rem is still deep in her slumber.

Still softly breathing. Her heart was beating. Her body is still alive, only her memory, and her name, were eaten by a fiend.

[Subaru: Sin Archbishop Gluttony  —I will absolutely annihilate you]

[Puck: Even though I still think it’s not that simple…]

Puck’s last few words didn’t enter Subaru’s mind.

Subaru, right now, is defending that final fragment of hope like the very last bastion in his heart.

—When he arrived in the Capital, he found Rem after the attack, and when he knew all was lost, without a shred of hesitation, Subaru stabbed a dagger into his own throat.

What he felt at that moment, he could no longer remember. Everything had turned out so perfectly, so perfect beyond everyone’s expectations —  But the truth is, throwing it all away in that instant, none of it mattered to him.

If he lost Rem, if it meant walking into a future without her, no matter how many times he must endure that pain, he will —— Only this, Subaru clearly remembers.

Penetrating his throat, in blood, pain, searing heat, and loss, he lost all consciousness.

When he woke, what he saw was Rem lying in a bed.

The save point had moved forward. The place of return had changed. Subaru saw hell, and only hell.

Again! It must be some mistake, he must kill himself again… But Subaru hesitated. He was not afraid of pain or death. But he realized…

…Even if he returned to the previous save point, he could not save her.

At the save point before the battle with Betelgeuse, after the the battle with the White Whale, Subaru and Rem had already went in separate directions for several hours. It is too late to catch them before the ambush. But even if he could, Emilia will be abandoned. And even if he sent the expedition to Emilia with the plan and rushed to the ambush, how will he defeat two Sin Archbishops?

To defeat Betelgeuse, Subaru’s presence is indispensable, and Emilia’s escape cannot be managed without Wilhelm’s protection.

To sacrifice Emilia to save Rem, or to sacrifice Rem to save Emilia —Without sacrificing one or the other he couldn’t save anyone at all.

Faced with this impossible choice, Subaru lowered the dagger from his throat.

Unlike being erased by the White Whale’s mist, though forgotten by all the world, Rem’s body remains here. Beside her, unable to do anything, he merely sat there in a daze…

But that time spent in cruel futility ends here. It ends now.

Holding Rem’s sleeping hand, Subaru confirmed his resolve. Of one thing he is certain,

—I will

[Subaru: Retrieve… Rem, I promise… I will retrieve your memories]

It was a promise. That right in front of your eyes, the man you fell in love with, will become the greatest hero the world has ever seen.

We are still half way on that path, aren’t we?

[Subaru: I promise… Your hero will come for you. Wait just a little longer]

Lifting his face, teeth bared. It was a declaration of war.

The fiends shall regret the day they laid hands on what is sacred and inviolable.

For I, Natsuki Subaru, shall bring punishment upon you.

[Subaru: I will —I promise I will!]

In the days starting from Zero, I can no longer endure a single one without the thought of you by my side.

So I must retrieve…

The days that are lost, the days I have walked with you, and all the days I will walk with you again… With my own hands, I swear I will take it back once more!

-=Arc 3 Interlude III End=-

-=ARC 3 END=-


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