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[Ferris: Remember the agreement, Subaru-kyun! Otherwise all the Mana in your body will go on a rampage frying your brain until you die nyan]

[Subaru: What are you saying with that smile on your face!? And why are you threatening an ally!?]

[Ferris: Threatening? More like a death sentence nyan]

[Subaru: Worse than I thought!]

Flinging Ferris’ hand out of his own, Subaru turned away. For a brief moment, in all this commotion

—he faintly hoped perhaps Rem would react.

Sighing slightly, he pushed his dashed hopes out of his mind.

Near the luggage outside the dragon carriage, he found Emilia and Crusch talking.

[Emilia: Ah, Subaru. Is Rem-san’s bed prepared?]

[Subaru: Yep Ferris set it up perfectly. Behold! This is me and Patrasche’s GREAT CIRCUS COMBO! We’ll show you something even the Great Kinoshita Circus wouldn’t be able to show you!]

[Emilia: Even though I don’t know what you’re talking about, I got a bad feeling about this… let’s not do the Great Circus]

[Subaru: The sky! It’s too unfortunate! But my heart had already been beating up and down expectant of Emilia-tan’s misattribution of arousal!]

Subaru called it the “In this speeding carriage my life is in danger, could this increase in heartbeat be LOVE!?” self-directed battle plan.

But to hear Emilia say “Rem-san”… a piercing pain of unfathomable degree lingered in Subaru heart, refusing to disappear.

For an instant, Emilia’s eyes caught onto Subaru’s mouth, which had suddenly stopped moving. But before her words came out, Ferris came up behind Subaru.

[Ferris: Well, the dragon carriage is prepared nyan. Sorry it took so long nyan. It’s sad to say goodbye — Crusch-sama, anything to say?]

[Crusch: En, yes]

Ferris went to Crusch’s side. Subaru went to Emilia’s. Taking them both within her sight, Crusch took a deep breath, and placed a hand in front of her chest.

[Crusch: First, though I have said it many times before, you have my deepest gratitude. Even though I can no longer remember, I know that before I lost my memory, I wanted us to cooperate, and to be friends. I thank you once again]

[Emilia: No… I, Crusch-sama, there is nothing to thank me for. These days I’ve only been kept in the dark and left out of everything…]

[Subaru: En, it’s true Emilia-tan didn’t do anything. But I have everything handled so don’t worry. After all, my achievements are my Emilia-tan’s achievements too!]

Seeing Emilia shriveling in embarrassment, Subaru pounded his chest proclaiming this. Stealing a glance at Subaru, Emilia nodded slightly.

[Emilia: Thank you Subaru… Even though I don’t remember becoming “your” Emilia…]

[Subaru: M – my battle plan to “subconsciously inject impression of a romantic relationship into third party listeners” has been seen through…!?]

[Emilia: Because I was listening carefully… oh, sorry about that]

All the air pressure deflating from his chest, Subaru sank down, and Emilia apologized to Crusch, who was quietly observing their amiable exchange.

[Crusch: No, the relationship between you two seem wonderful. I must quickly work to return to the way I was with Ferris and Wilhelm]

[Ferris: Ferris will always be open to Crusch-sama in both body and soul nyan!]

Ferris, covering his cheeks with both hands, swerved left and right. While Ferris was swerving like an octopus behind her, Crusch seemed to accept it as it is, with a warm, even feminine, smile emerging on her face.

[Crusch: We will meet again very soon, I think, Emilia-sama and Subaru-sama. I wish we would forever be friends]

That was not a lie, it must have been her true thoughts… Subaru thought this.

Despite losing her memory, she did not lose the nobility of her heart. Honesty illuminates her conduct, false flattery and lies are not compatible with that.

Perhaps because that came through so clearly, Emilia’s eyes opened wide with surprise, her lips trembling faintly.

[Emilia: I am… For Crusch-sama, I am an opposing Candidate. The Alliance… one day it will return to competition between us]

[Crusch: En, that is true. With Emilia-sama as an opponent, I will take care not to fall behind, so I will do my best as well]

[Emilia: And even without that, I am a Half-Elf. With silver hair… Doesn’t it scare you?]

[Subaru: Emilia-tan that’s…]

She didn’t need to ask that, Subaru thought, trying to stop her. Seeing the desperate determination on the side of Emilia’s face, he knew this conversation mustn’t continue.

Emilia was serious, in asking that question. The emotional part of her knows she should never bring up her identity lightly.

Above all, to bring it up in front of Crusch Karsten. Subaru knew, to let this continue would be…

[Crusch: The soul determines the value of its own existence. For myself, and for others as well, to live with the Soul’s fullest radiance, unashamed, is the way we should live]

[Emilia: —-]

[Crusch: Somehow it feels like I’ve said that many times before. How should I say it…. Now that I’ve listened to myself, that was pretty sophisticated, wasn’t it?]

Crusch covered her mouth and couldn’t hold in her laugh. Hearing this,  Emilia stood dumbfounded, and did not say a word.

[Crusch: Emilia-sama, are you ashamed of the way you carry out your life?]

[Emilia: …I’m, not. Even if everyone around me thinks so, as long as I am not hated by myself, I can carry on and live this way]

[Crusch: If so, then don’t regret anything. Improve yourself, try your hardest, and stay true to the self you deserve. —You have a beautiful Soul]

Smiling, Crusch extended the hand in front of her chest toward Emilia.

[Crusch: To get to know you, I am happy. Fear? Not a single bit]

Biting her lips, Emilia carved those words into her memory, her chest hurting with emotion. She gazed at the outstretched hand. Crusch patiently waited for her. Then, Emilia’s fingers met the palm of Crusch’s hand, and they exchanged a handshake softly.

[Crusch: No matter what, I expect we will meet again soon]

[Emilia: M-me…… no. Me too, this time I should stand tall in front of Crusch-sama, shouldn’t I? Until then, I wish you the best of health]

This way, the two fellow Candidates of the Royal Selection, their promise to each do their best, was sealed.

Looking on from the side, Subaru’s heart swelled with the sense of accomplishment. That was one of the goals of Subaru’s struggle after struggle… Even though in the end it’s impossible for everything to be perfect…

[Subaru: ….after everything we accomplished… why do I still have this sad expression on my face? I don’t want to blame it on you… I don’t……]

Glancing toward the dragon carriage, appearing in Subaru’s eyes was the girl sleeping inside.

In such a happy occasion, Rem would not forgive me like this… Rem wouldn’t want to… I’m so selfish aren’t I?

[Crusch: Natsuki Subaru-sama, please take care. I will look forward to your future activity… and her recovery]

[Subaru: Much more activity from me… I don’t think that’s a good idea… To be honest, I’m the kind of guy that runs around trying to do everything as the last resort and still ends up being completely useless. About Rem… Miss Crusch is not an outsider. No matter what, she will recover. I promise, she will]

Crusch extended her hand to Subaru. But to shake hands in this state, isn’t that way too embarrassing? To cover up his embarrassment, Subaru gave her a high five.

A small sound rang out, and the brief contact between Subaru and Crusch’s hands ended. Her hand bouncing off, Crusch’s eyes blinked ever so slightly.

[Crusch: We will certainly meet again]

With these words, the master and servant bowed, seeing Subaru and Emilia off.

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