Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 1 [The Place They Returned To](2/5)

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Continued from Part 1:


[Subaru: So I got my name into the credits for slaying the White Whale, and then I saved Emilia by killing “Sloth”. And now I got my beloved ground dragon… The reward is quite nice isn’t it]

[Wilhelm: Killing the White Whale, how significant that was, Subaru-dono not realizing this is something admirable indeed. Perhaps one day the world will properly thank you for this great achievement. I look forward to that day]

[Subaru: Yeah I think so too! Wait.. but wasn’t I just running around the Whale’s nose like bait all that time?]

To Subaru’s not even humble words, Wilhelm looked on with a warm smile. His insides itching from that warmth, Subaru shook his head as if trying to get rid of that feeling.

[Subaru: All that aside… I won’t be seeing you for a while Wilhelm-san. Please take care of your wound]

[Wilhelm: Sorry I made you worry. It seems the distance is getting farther, the bleeding has stopped. But no matter what, the day when I fight alongside Subaru-dono again will come. Until then]

Wilhelm’s wound — the unhealable wound dealt by the Previous Generation Sword Saint, Thearesia van Astria. Mentioning this brought a sharpness into Wilhelm’s gaze. His mind turned to the Sin Archbishops that assaulted Crusch, “Greed” and “Gluttony”.

If the death of the “Sword Demon”‘s wife had to do with something other than the White Whale, these two are the most likely suspects.

Subaru, same as Wilhelm, holds a strong hatred for Gluttony. No matter what, they must eventually come face to face with this Sin Archbishop. While the Witch Cult is something they would rather avoid, “Gluttony” is an entirely different matter. For they must defeat this Sin Archbishop to retrieve those irreplaceable things… Crusch’s memory is one, and more importantly—

[Subaru-kyun, Rem-chan is settled in, want to check?]

Saying this, from the carriage window poked out a head with cat-like ears — Ferris. Seeing Ferris step out of Patrasche’s special carriage, Subaru walked over. Peeking in, in the spacious interior, some seats had been replaced with a makeshift bed, and on it, a girl was sleeping.

She was not wearing the familiar maid’s dress, but wore a soft blue sleeping gown, that matched the color of her hair. A girl in an unwaking slumber, forgotten by all the world. She loved Subaru, and Subaru loved her. Perhaps, she was that kind of girl.

[Subaru: That thing is safe right?]

[Ferris: Hey I’ve been careful, I am a healer nyan. Though Rem’s physical wounds are already healed, she is no longer a patient nyan]

Silently, Subaru gazed at her sleeping face. Ferris’ words were brash, but the side of Ferris’ face showed something different from the usual playfulness. Perhaps Ferris was feeling the pain of his own powerlessness, not in regards to Rem, but Ferris’ peerless master, Crusch.

[Ferris: You really want to bring her with you?]

[Subaru: Yes, I’ll bring her with me. She won’t get better by staying here… no I didn’t mean it’s your fau…]

[Ferris: I know nyan, Subaru-kyun isn’t that mean nyan]

Seeing Subaru’s embarrassment after his remarks, Ferris smiled awkwardly.

[Ferris: In fact]

Pointing a finger at Subaru,

[Ferris: Aside from Rem, an even bigger concern is Subaru-kyun isn’t it?]

[Subaru: Me?]

[Ferris: Don’t play dumb nyan, your gate is over-strained nyan. While healing you I had to forcefully inject a large amount of Mana through your gate, it could be a bit damaged nyan. Are you feeling weak or tired, physically and magically?]

At Ferris’ question, Subaru turned his neck and shoulders. Spinning around, he couldn’t find anything wrong. He jumped a bit and there seemed to be nothing to worry about.

[Subaru: No problem. Both the used parts and the unused parts are fine. Putting the gate aside, I don’t usually use magic anyway]

[Ferris: You’re not a magic user after all. If it’s Ferris, Ferris would have to avoid using magic except in emergencies nyan… en, that’s good nyan]

Seeing Subaru aloof to the critical condition of his health, Ferris gave up. With wide, round eyes, Ferris looked around Subaru’s neck, pulling around his collar.

[Ferris: But no more straining yourself. Even though Ferris can squeeze out every toxin from Subaru-kyun’s body, if your gate shatters into a thousand pieces Ferris won’t be able to fix it nyan. So take the time to properly recover it… about two months nyan]

[Subaru: Two months without magic… for a guy who didn’t use magic for 17 years, it’s nothing!]

Joking around after hearing the diagnosis… come to think of it, Subaru hasn’t even been in this world for two months, even though from his perspective it was more like 4 months — it all feels like a very long time.

Thinking about all that happened since he came to this world, how hard would it be to finally rest for two months? He wasn’t sure himself.

[Subaru: En… although I do always manage to get myself caught up in some disaster… Wait, did I just trigger a “Flag”!? I think I heard the sound effect!!]

[Ferris: Too bad, Ferris is no expert on treating brain problems nyan]

Subaru apparently appalled by his own remarks, Ferris looked at him rather disinterestedly.

Affected by this reaction, Subaru decided this conversation should be coming to an end. After some thought, he reached out his hand to Ferris.

[Ferris: Nyan?]

[Subaru: No, I really should thank you for everything you’ve done to help me. For healing me, and when we’re against the Whale and “Sloth” if it weren’t for you, it would’ve all been a mess…… and for Rem, thank you]

[Ferris: ….nyan. You don’t seem to be mocking me nyan, so be it]

[Subaru: Ooo! My ability <> has activated! Stay calm!]

A clumsy expression of thanks, but Ferris seemed to like it. In any case, his feelings got through. Ferris held onto the out-reached hand, and they shook.

[Subaru: Such soft, slender fingers… I can’t imagine what you’d be like with masculine hands]

[Ferris: On the cute and perfect Ferris, wouldn’t that be too disappointing nyan? Be it body hair or skin, everything on Ferris is all natural nyan]

Ferris raising a hand with pride, Subaru caught a glimpse of the impeccable white legs under Ferris’ skirt. Taking in the sheer beauty of its form, Subaru’s shoulders dropped dejectedly.

[Subaru: But, he’s a guy…]

[Ferris: Yep, Ferris is a man in body and soul nyan]

[Subaru: How do you get so smug about it? Which part of that is like a man?]

Dressed like a beautiful girl, calling Ferris a man is just too much — Although Subaru isn’t traditional or anything like that, even he knew Ferris’ behavior is the opposite of what would be called manly.

Against Subaru’s question, Ferris placed a finger on the corner of those lips. And with a charming shake of the waist,

[Ferris: Because, Crusch-sama said this suits Ferris, what I am, I am, and this most suits the radiance of Ferris’ soul. —Crusch-sama’s words, Ferris shall repay with everything that I am]

[Subaru: But…]

…the current Crusch doesn’t know this… but Subaru held back his words. Even if he doesn’t say it, Ferris already knows. And if he does say it, it will only hurt.

Subaru, more than anyone, would hate to do this. If someone talked about Rem, Subaru would be just as agitated. Perhaps Ferris knew this as well.

[—No matter what becomes of the House of Karsten]

[Subaru: ……?]

Suddenly, the voice struck Subaru’s eardrums.

Quiet, cold, a voice of frozen emotion.

Who that voice belonged to… if he heard it now, it would still give him pause.

Head lowered, Ferris’ expression is hidden behind the hair of his forehead, impossible to see.

In this way, Ferris held tight onto Subaru’s hand.

[Ferris: Only Crusch-sama, I will protect with my life]

[Subaru: …Ferris?]

[Ferris: That – Is – Why]

In front of the dumbfounded Subaru, Ferris’ head suddenly lifted, smiling with a jubilant voice. But compared to the playful, mischievous eyes Subaru was so used to seeing, in this instant, it appeared as if those eyes were lying.

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Next Part 3/5:

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        1. Tynkerd already finished Chapter 2, so we’ll collaborate starting Chapter 3.

          Nicholas has done a draft for Part 4 (Safin too unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding >_<) which I'll edit tomorrow!

          I'm working on Part 3 right now!

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      1. That’s awesome news! That should make your work load a bit more manageable too, are you gonna be editing everyone’s work or will everyone complete the chapters alone and send it to you to upload?

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        1. I want to ensure consistency in quality and style so I will edit everything, but it shouldn’t be one-sided.
          I might adjust my style to fit how everyone else is translating. And we’ll need to discuss it together to see how to make it more enjoyable to read.

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  1. [Myself: “Love! Action! Re:Zero! Obsession! Translation! Gathered together brought to a boil and swallowed whole! THE CHICKENNN! Is there anything in the world more DELICIOUS? No no no no no no no no no no there isn’t there isn’t THERE ISN’T! GLUTTONOUS READING! GLUTTONOUS ENJOYING! So! My Heart! My Imagination! My JOY and CHICKEN are TREEEEEEMBLING!!]


    thanks again

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  2. Great chapter, and right on time, thanks chicken =)
    I love feel of this chapter, it truely is a calm before the storm, but unlike in many shows, actually contains useful informations and world building.

    One question, I fail to understand the following sentence
    [Subaru: Yes, I’ll bring her with me. She won’t get better by staying here… no I’m didn’t mean you…]

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  3. heya, it’s good that you are getting more and more popular. always nice to read re zero everytime i wake up. as the story, it seems subaru now able to maintain his composure. i hope wilhelm will fight together with subaru when fighting ley and regulus. as usual, thanks for translating

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  4. [Subaru: Yes, I’ll bring her with me. She won’t get better by staying here… no I’m didn’t mean you…]
    [Ferris: You’re not magic user after all. If it’s Ferris, Ferris would have to avoid using magic except in emergencies nyan… eh, that’s good nyan]

    … no, *I* didn’t mean you
    … You’re not *a* magic user after all

    Just small wordings that mess with the fluidity of the reading that were probably skimmed over. Other than those small things, thank you again for another great chapter 🙂
    You’re the best as usual!

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  5. Man… I feel like I’m missing something about Ferris character.
    That aside, I’m loving everything you write (even the replies are lovely).
    Good vibrations!

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    1. Ferris is a reverse trap character. Everyone is being led that she is physically a he acting like a she, but she is actually a she, because her race have no male physique. Only male or female mentality. Ferris is all girl down there.

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  6. do U have any idea on how many parts the first chapter will be split on?
    Thanks a lot for the translation
    No , seriously you don’t even know how much I mean that, thank you.

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  7. Hey,

    Thank you so much for the translation! Don’t know how much I would be agonising having to wait for the next anime release. If I may ask, what is your Japanese level and how difficult of a text do you think Re:Zero is? I am currently studying Japanese and would love to eventually be able to read the novel raw. Once again, thanks for your hard work! It is much appreciated.

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    1. As a reader of the web novels myself, I’d say it’s pretty standard light novel level. Have you ever tried reading a light novel before? If not, the next best way to put it would be… keep a kanji dictionary (electronic or pocket-paper) with you while you read it. If you’re reading the web novels, having a site like or something open to copy-paste into is helpful. I also think there’s a browser or mobile app that can translate kanji or kanji compounds into English context when hovered over, though I haven’t been able to find it myself. If you STILL can’t get through the grammatical context, then you’re probably just not fluent enough at it yet.
      I’ve never taken the JLPT before, let alone studied for it, so I’m not sure how to best judge what level of that you’d best pass in preparation. Possibly level 2 or 3? Going by the old 4-level system, I mean.

      Really, if you’ve never read a light novel or novel-like Japanese prose before, I wouldn’t say Re:Zero is a beginner-friendly work, but it is doable if you have the general knowledge and tools. If it ends up being too difficult, try starting with a dialog-based visual novel game or something that focuses more on dialog than exposition. Even the more difficult of those are very much doable with the right level of grammar and vocabulary. The new Re:Zero game recently announced might be better suited to a newcomer to Japanese literature or prose media.

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  8. From someone that usually just sits back and enjoys the content of the online universe without giving much back, the amount of effort you have put into this and the sincerity of my appreciation of what you are doing forces me to post this comment. I Greatly appreciate what you are doing here. I fell in love with this anime so I personally thank you for translating it for those of us without the ability to!

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      1. Yeah, I… damn, that came as a shocking. Which you did an amazing job translating the moment. Was Ferris’ gender revealed in previous sections? I did not notice it until now. (Also, I’ve noticed that you’ve been pushing out a section per 2 days, and wanted to say don’t push yourself too hard)

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        1. Ferris’ gender is known in the anime haha did you miss it?
          In the translations I avoided using “he” or “him” to refer to Ferrris except when he is in an emotional or dramatic situation.
          So instead of saying “his” lips I’d say “those” lips.

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      2. Yep, I missed it, I guess it is time for me to re-watch it haha. You are getting a lot of love so I won’t take up anymore time of yours! Cheers and good night!

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  9. It’s nice to have a translation of this ongoing. Having stumbled through this chapter (and other chapters) in Japanese, I can appreciate the work that goes in. Keep up the good work! I have nowhere near the time or endurance to do what you do…and it’s nice to have the translation to look back to afterwards; my limited kanji knowledge means I spend so much dictionary flipping time that sometimes bigger meanings get lost.

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  10. Thanks alot for the translation ^^
    It’s always great reading the new parts of the story. I always end up checking the website several times to see if there is something new (even though i know that updates won’t come that often).

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  11. I’m by no means an expert in English, but I got tripped on this phrase:
    “come face to face this Sin Archbishop”
    Feels like “to face this” and “come face to face with” got mixed.

    All glory to the Chiken!.)

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  12. You know dude. I really appreciate your works. Since the anime has finished i got nothing left to watch in monday morning before going to school. I’m getting used to wake up earlier at 5 AM to watch rezero then go to school, but it’s gone now );. But now i have chicken who lemme read rezero’s novel for free xD. When i have time to visit this website, i always check for the new chapter, even this morning when i almost late for i school, i read your this on the road xD. So thanks you very much >//< i love you.

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  13. This is by far the best translation i cam across, much better than what i tried to do. You are doing such a good job with this, I just want to keep reading. Can’t wait for the next update.

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    Another amazing translation kami-chicken-sama. You never disappoint! 😀
    Thanks a lot!

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  15. Oh hell no Felis better not turn out being kinda crazy or twisted and ended up doing some shit that will screw Subaru over.Oh and I’m still praying and hoping that he will eventually turn out to be a girl we have to hang onto the hope.Oh almost forgot idk why but from reading what Felis did this chapter I feel like he’s somehow gonna kill Subaru idk just got that feeling.

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  16. Thank you for the wonderful translation work! :))

    Anyways, I have a few questions if you don’t mind. I am currently studying Japanese, so I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me some insights.

    This line:

    She loved Subaru, and Subaru loved her. Perhaps, she was that kind of girl.

    The original Japanese text is this right?


    When I read the original text, it kind of gives me a different feeling compared to your translation. I am no expert yet in Japanese, but here is the basis of my understanding of that line:

    Both 愛し and 愛そう are conjugations of 愛す (aisu).

    I understand this part (スバルを愛し) as (スバルを愛す), with 愛す being conjugated to 愛し due to another fragment/phrase that will be connected after it.

    This part (スバルもまた愛そうと) is where I am really confused. I thought that 愛そう is the volitional form of 愛す, and then (愛そうと) is actually (愛そうとする), where the する is just dropped for style or some sort of colloquial form. Following that, a (volitional verb + とする) means trying to do something with effort/will. At least that’s the extent of what I know about that pattern.

    I am also quite not sure how to properly interpret this part (そう思っていたはず).

    And so, this was the feeling that I somehow got after reading the Japanese text:

    She loves Subaru, and Subaru now is also (trying to love) her. She must be that kind of girl.

    I also kind of feel awkward about that (trying to love) interpretation of mine, as it is kind of odd to imagine, and I don’t think I ever found a single line in the novel so far that even remotely supports that idea.

    So if I’m missing something, please enlighten me Chicken-sama. 😀

    PS: I ship Subaru and Rem to the ends of Lugunica, and I want the best for her. Partly one of the reasons why I searched for the original Japanese line haha.


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    1. This was a difficult line for me to properly translate as well.

      I might have translated スバルもまた愛そうと more literally with “Subaru also undertook/resolved to love (her) as well”
      Like: “She loved Subaru, and Subaru resolved to love her as well, perhaps she was that kind of girl”

      In the WN and LN, after the White Whale, Rem pretended to be dying, and Subaru told her she is his, and his alone, and he won’t let anyone else have her, and that he would have killed himself if she died.
      The Anime left this out sadly, and come to think of it I really should translate that scene if I get a chance.
      Anyway, last chapter he did kill himself when he saw her, and later this chapter he tells Emilia that he loves Rem as much as he loves her.

      The Japanese could alternatively be translated as something like “he (is, is in the process of, is going to, will be) loving her as well”.
      Considering the position of this line in the story, translating this as “tried” would be too confusing, with too many ways to misinterpret this in English.

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      1. Thank you for answering my question! 🙂

        Hmm “resolved to love her” certainly sounds like a better version of “tried to love her”, but still, given all the possible direct translations to English, I’d have to agree that they all seem off and could leave a different impression to the readers.

        After thinking more about it, it seems the author just wants to convey that (Rem is a girl who has her love finally being reciprocated back to her).

        I guess this is just another example of the fact that you can’t directly translate one sentence from one language to another without slightly changing or altering the original meaning.

        But kudos to you for being able to convey the author’s original intended message! 😀

        I think a lot of readers would be very happy (including me hehe) to read about that part where Rem pretended to be dying. How dare the anime leave out that part. Hahaha

        Thanks again, and more power to you!

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  17. I know this is stupid but, the grammar in, “Wilhelm looked on with (an) warm smile.” It should be a warm simile. But that’s just me being a perfectionist

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  18. Aside from all of the lost memories and name. I’m here thinking about the possible reaction of Ram when she sees Rem. Will she remember her twin.?Or nah. Omg! Onto the next part!! Btw. I’ve been reading your translations from arc 3 thanks ! You da best chicken in the whole wide world!!!


  19. ” Subaru: En… although I do always manage to get myself caught up in some disaster… Wait, did I just trigger a “Flag”!? I think I heard the sound effect!! ”

    I didnt understand the part above, what he meant by Flag ? Is there anyone wanting to enlighten me ?


  20. So i watched the anime and read the 3 manga arcs. But i have no clue what is going on here. Crusch has amnesia, Rem is messed up badly. Can somebody fill me in?


      1. After going through the manga ia searched for arc 4 but this was the only thing i found. So i started reading it but found myself lost a bit. Thank you for taking the time to clear things up for me by the way, i really appreciate it.


  21. Touching as always! I can’t help but feel too damn bad for Subaru and Ferris, who lost the most during this period. Thanks again!


  22. Should I read he spin off in order to follow up with what’s going on in the family Karsten? Re:Zero Ex?

    I do the translation of your website to Portuguese and I also wonder if a partnership could happen, like “we translate to protuguese” kind of banner in the website or just, “Read In Portuguese” menu that would lead to my website kind of thing, you know?


    1. Oh but I’m way back compared to you since I want to meet the same quality of the good job you do.

      Like back on Chapter 2

      So if not now, when I do catch up to you maybe?


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