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By the time Subaru arrived at the Tomb, his body could no longer feel the cold.

The snow had clouded his vision, and it felt like his eyelashes were frozen, but, spilling a white breath from his shivering lips, Subaru didn’t seem to care.
The only thing his heavy, leaden thoughts could envision was a single, solitary girl.

With his footsteps echoing upon the stone-tiled corridor, Subaru headed into the depths.
At the Trial room, there would be a girl whom he had put to sleep, waiting for him.

[???: ――Subaru?]

When he reached the open space, a voice like a silver chime called out his name.
Letting his feet be lured in by that voice, he entered the room. And, upon seeing him, the one who called to him raised a voice full of delight.

[Emilia: So it is you, Subaru! Gees, where did you go? I was so worried]

Emilia ran up to him with skipping steps and took him by the hand.
Pouting, she pressed his hand against her chest, transferring over her tender warmth as she looked up,

[Emilia: ……are you tired?]

[Subaru: yeah…… maybe, just a little…… tired]

[Emilia: Ehehee, I see. In that case… in that case…]

Emilia giggled at Subaru’s straightforward admission, her cheeks blushing red.
Then, still holding onto Subaru’s hand, she suddenly sat down on the spot. Folding her legs and sitting on her side, she pulled the half-crouching Subaru closer,

[Emilia: Here, go ahead, Subaru]

[Subaru: ……a lap.. pillow?]

[Emilia: Yep. Subaru, you like my lap pillows, don’t you? That’s what you told me. I do remember these things, you know. Here, go~ on]

She gave her lap a pat, smiling as if both proud and embarrassed at the same time. Obediently, Subaru sat down and settled his head on her soft thighs.
The moment his short hair brushed against her skin, Emilia let out an enticing [Mn~], but soon proceeded to stroke his head with practiced form.

[Emilia: How many times is it now, that I’ve given Subaru a lap pillow?]

[Subaru: not sure…… this is the third, I guess… somehow, it’s always when I’m exhausted and broken]

[Emilia: You know, Subaru, it’s fun to fiddle around with your hair and cheeks… Ta~ke that, fiddlefiddle~~]

Pulling on his bangs and poking her finger into his cheeks, Emilia happily played with Subaru’s head.
Knowing that it was an expression of her affection, he didn’t feel the slightest urge to push her fingers away.
In a world that was ending―― for now, he just wanted to drown in Emilia’s love.

――Because he had already lost most of his blood and viscera.

The goriness of Subaru’s current state would make any normal person want to look away.
His back had been scoured by fangs, and one could probably see the bones if he lifted up his clothes. Profuse blood was streaming from his demolished thighs, and on his right hand, which he used to swat away the incoming rabbits, only his thumb remained intact.
Perhaps it was delusional tenacity that led his murky consciousness here. That, along with the freezing cold that had ironically dulled the sensations of his body.

[Emilia: Subaru, did you get a little lighter?]

[Subaru: I’m trying out the blood-loss diet…. it’s…… like dump the ballast, and get lighter and light…er… something… like that……]

[Emilia: I don’t understand what you’re saying, but you did something crazy for someone else again, didn’t you? That’s the kind of person you are, Subaru. I know that, but…… I still get reeaally worried]

[Subaru: ………]

[Emilia: The truth is, I only want you to do that… for me. But, I know that’s being selfish, and I wouldn’t want to see Subaru pretend not to care about anyone else because of me. ……Even though that’s me being selfish too… sorry]

Emilia’s rapid-fire words grew distant.
Unlike the frigid cold outside, the Tomb’s interior retained a certain level of warmth. This ironically restored Subaru’s metabolism to its normal levels, and renewed his sedated bloodflow.
Fresh blood dyed the stone slabs red, as even more was coughed out of Subaru’s mouth.
Dots of splattered blood stained onto Emilia’s white cheeks. But――

[Emilia: Say, Subaru, are you listening? There are so, so, sooo many things I want to tell you, and ask you. So, please. Stay with me. Listen to my voice. And let me hear yours, ok?]

Emilia didn’t seem to mind the touch of blood on her cheeks.
Or rather, she never even noticed them. Her amethyst eyes were on Subaru, and were certainly seeing him―― but they simply hadn’t accepted the reality they reflected.

From the moment Subaru set out from the Mansion, he was already littered with the marks of Elsa’s torture. Being dragged to the Tomb by Garfiel must have only worsened his miserable appearance.
But Emilia didn’t make note of Subaru’s wounds, or seemed at all worried.
Even now, with various parts of his body missing, eaten by rabbits, she didn’t react any differently.

Right now, Emilia wasn’t seeing reality.
And perhaps, Subaru was just the same.

[Subaru: ――――]

He was supposed to warn Emilia of the danger and take her far away from here.
The Great Rabbit had already overrun everything outside the Tomb, and would probably rush inside at any moment. When they do, Emilia wouldn’t stand a chance.
Just like Roswaal, and the villagers who chose to die in the fire, Emilia would not escape a cruel and gruesome death.
But, even knowing this, Subaru didn’t warn her.

Because, within moments of losing his life―― he couldn’t escape his selfish desire to face the end at Emilia’s side.

Roswaal’s words and grisly demise, the regret for Garfiel and Ram’s deaths, the devastation of losing Petra and Frederica, and the sense of powerlessness of his inability to save Rem and Emilia, all struck Subaru to the core.
Pain, or even the terror of death, none of it mattered anymore.

――Right now, all he wanted was to vanish from this world.

Subaru’s haphazard and selfish wish would be fulfilled.
The world was clouding over, while little by little, his consciousness and his soul fell away from this place.

Strength deserted his limbs, and the last of his sensations left his body.
All that remained, all that stayed behind, was Emilia, seemingly unaware of Subaru’s departure.

[Subaru: ――――]

So, was he going to leave Emilia behind?
When he was the only one she could rely on, when she had lost everyone else she could depend on, was Subaru going to leave her too?

[Subaru: a――]

It was too late to regret it now. It was too late to do anything.
Without uttering a sound, life faded from his eyes.

Emilia didn’t seem to notice it, but only adorably tilted her head at Subaru, who had gone quiet.
Then, she smiled, and brought her face closer――

[Emilia: Subaru――]

[Subaru: ――――]

She took the silent Subaru, and kissed him on the lips.


――His first kiss was of the cold taste of Death.



-=Chapter 68 End=-






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    1. This chapter was so sad yet amazing, she knew but didn’t accept it. Truly deserves an award for one of he most tragic deaths. Kinda like the titanic scene.

      Imagine if this world continued on with just emilia living, it’s too sad (maybe this version of her in this loop was satella). This reminded me of the loop when Betelgeuse took over subaru’s body and julius had to kill him, the scene at the end when emilia looked at a distance at the time subaru was killed after all his work.

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          1. This might be one of the most peaceful at the end because he was with Emilia, but this was the most tragic loop so far. It was really long, he was almost beaten to death by Elsa, absolutely everyone died, the villagers were turned into ham and it was so shocking that he didn’t accept it, his body was half eaten by rabbits, I mean, this one was pretty fucked up actually. But the end was kinda whimsical, very poetic indeed.


          1. I was thinking about this recently too. I wonder if we’ll see that revelation later on. If so, it’s good that he at least tries to do the right thing at the end, most loops.


        1. I don’t think he’s entirely dead yet there. His consciousness is still there but he’s going to die in a matter of moments so he knows about what just happend. Or… he might have an idea it happened.

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  1. This is probably one of my favorite deaths so far… Not because of the whole Subaru x Emilia thing, but because of how poetic it was.. I enjoyed it. It wasn’t like with the death by great rabbit, which was insanely brutal and graphic.. No, this was a quiet, and peaceful death.. A death that Subaru has long been denied.

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    1. Stained with blood lays a pity whom lost his fingers. A defeated boy gazes at a broken girl. The end grows near as their lips touch here.

      The kiss of death tastes vile.

      Was that dramatic enough?

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    2. Our hero, battered and broken, shuffled his steps into the the ever-warming arms of the woman he loves. Accepted with honey-laden words too sweet for the ears, he laid his head upon the lap of his snow-haired princess, all too aware of her state of mind. With this current world diminishing around them, not a sound but loving whispers filled the darkened air of the Tomb. Knowing his fate, he drowned softly in her love, and the pain of his wounds, grave indeed, had given way to numbness. Silently, his spirit left him, and the maiden, with her amethyst eyes brimming with love, looked into his, which had gone dark with the passing of his life. With a soft, radiant smile, she kissed him, and with this, the fate of this world was sealed with a kiss of cold, unerring death.

      How was that?

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      1. Marvelous. One day I’ll know enough english and vocabulary to write like that. Not that im a writer or anything, just for the sake of knowing


  2. thank you chicken sama, and im in the same boat. someone spoiled this and all im left with is a wanting for them to kiss within a real reality. so depressing and bittersweet. Emilia~Tan ;(

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  3. thank you chicken sama, and im in the same boat. someone spoiled this and all im left with is a wanting for them to kiss within a real reality. so depressing and bittersweet. Emilia~Tan ;(

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  4. I’ve been waiting for this moment since when I got spoiled about it, it wasn’t very clear on the circumstances of Subaru’s death. It’s a very sad death, the saddest one together when the suicide when he founds out Rem had fallen prey to the Autority of Gluttony.

    Thanks for the released chapter 🙂

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    1. It’s difficult to rank “saddest” deaths, but if I had to rank them, this one certainly would be near the top. It came after Subaru sustained loss after loss, after all, in the same loop.


  5. This was the moment I was talking about .
    I believe that this is the most painful death so far for Subaru in more ways than one . ( well maybe except when he committed suicide and realized he wasn’t able to save Rem ,)
    On the physical side is one of the worst because he had to walk in the snow after the torture from Elsa and being eaten alive from the rabbits , but also on the mentally is one of the worst .

    Witnessing the deaths in the mansion and village ( including Beatrice this time , and also being wrong on Frederica ) , seeing the people on the Sanctuary committing suicide by burning themselves alive , seeing Roswaal killing Ram ( and Garfield , yea he was there as well ) and realizing he wasn’t really feeling the sadness a normal human should feel when his close friends die like that .
    And to top it all of this moment . Having one of his deepest wishes being ”fulfilled” only to serve as torture for him in the future , because of the context of the circumstances since Emilia was mad and because he didn’t even feel anything from the blood loss making this like the author said poetically ”the cold taste of Death.” .

    Also how would Subaru feel in the future . I mean when the inevitably kiss it wouldn’t be the first time for Subaru , plus having all this sadness and pain being tided together with the first time he was able to have one of his biggest desires achieved .

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      1. Ram went to hug Garfield and Roswaal wasn’t having it. “ see, m~y brochure didn’t informmmm me of this, and, I was quite displeased. So naturally I took matters in my own hands. Hmmm~.”

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      2. Wasn’t that just two chapters ago? Ram was holding Garfiel back from Roswaal and Roswaal punched through both of their chests from behind Ram killing her almost instantly and then kicked Garfiel’s head off before he could transform in anger and grief. It was a pretty graphic scene.

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    1. I agree with about everything you said except the sadness part. It is perfectly human behavior to not feel sad about their deaths, if you consider that they both killed subaru in the past. I mean even if su-bo “forgives them” or just forgets that it ever happened, it is still in his subconscious
      They are a potential threat to him, not “close friends”.


        1. One time, she mercy killed subaru be4 rem could “ask” him nicely about being a spy. We know this for sure, since it was wind magic killing him and rem doesn’t use wind magic if I remember correctly.

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          1. But Rem can use wind magic. There was this episode when Subaru stood on the forest watching the mansion, trying to ser when the supossed “killed” would come. And then Rem caught him and when he tried to run away she cut his leg with wind magic


      1. Being sad about Garfiel’s death isn’t that weird , since he is potential threat .
        In case of Ram thought is different . She did help him a lot of times , even in most of the loops in the Sanctuary when she protected him from Garfiel and helped him gather the villagers . When the witch cultists attack she also helped .
        Also she is Rem’s twin sister , I mean come on this alone can make a person be sad just because he could be reminded of the other sister just because of how they look alike ( although to be honest the last one is kinda subjective ) .


  6. I have a feeling that she’s hiding something… The Emilia that I know cares a lot for Subaru… But this time she doesn’t even ( kind of ) talk about Subaru’s wounds….. -M

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    For those of us who got spoiled of this particular scene before, i’m sure this is one of the most long-awaited chapter. Thank you so much Chicken for your noble work. Now let us just hope this will truly be adapted into Season 2.

    P.S. : try reading this chapter while listening to STYX HELIX song, you’ll get goosebumps #shiver

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      1. There are also some Q&A from the author that are also interesting to read .

        But y , or Re:Zero wiki there are synopsis of the books and also some sites translate the ”best” moments , and ofc this one was included .


  8. Damn… what a drastic was to end a loop. Lost literally every one damn thing and the only reason he keeps going on, Emilia, went mad and crazy and aaahhh. I hope next loop will be THE ONE!

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    1. Well, this loop was the first one he intended to throw away for the sake of intel gathering from the very beginning, so it’s not very strange for it to end in such a way… I wonder if he will be able to do it again.

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  9. This death of Subaru is by far the one I like most right…
    So much happened in this loop. He’s been battered too much.. Lost so much.. And there’s also that shocking moment from Roswaal’s actions and the info he had given. He has suffered so much..and still continued to walk to the broken Emilia and died on her lap..with their first kiss.
    Wow… such dark, tragedy…

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    1. I still think being turned into an ice statue, headless and kneeling, with Rem in his arms was even more soaked in despair.
      This death was truly dark as well, but that scene with credit roll in red letters, was just too powerful to compare.


      1. You comparing the anime tho which had the advantage of direction and sound. Despite having little in the way of visual this a really powerful chapter, I’m sure the anime staff can elevate even more just they did with ep 15. Presentation is key.

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      1. The LN condensed and shortened Arc 4 WN into 6 LN volumes, just like Arc 3. So if season 2 happens, 20-24 episodes should be enough for this arc (if they don’t rush it like they did for Arc 3)


        1. Oh Oh MAJOR QUESTION HERE: What parts did they condense? Because I’m currently reading through the LN; do you know what sort of scenes they took out of Arc 4? Because so far I don’t really see any scenes in particular needing to be taken out….

          Really interested in whether or not you know, please send a response if you can.


        2. The scene where Rem lands on those thugs in arc 3 would’ve been amazing.
          “Rem, don’t kill them”
          She turns to look at the gang and says ” I shall half kill them,” with the sweetest voice.
          That would’ve been so amazing


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  11. The fact that this was their first kiss…UNACCEPTABLE, BLOCKED AND DENIED. But well, technically he had already died, so it wasn’t REALLY their first kiss…LEAVE ME TO MY HOPE. ;______;

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  14. Although it’s kinda obvious something’s up with emilia, has anyone else noticed it was never actually confirmed that she went mad? Also aside from what roswaal said


    1. Subaru was totally destroyed, missing fingers, with bones going out of his body and she was just smiling at him with just passion in her eyes, she was of course mad and with some gears off.

      Even though i wanted to say she was okay, she wasn’t.

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  15. I don’t usually comment in fact this is the first time…’s just that the way this chapter ended damn poor Subaru this really is his most tragic death


  16. That death was drawn out asf, Soo much torture n bullshit just to get shawt on by ur writer….. rough
    And we are still not done with majority of the mysteries and this only adds more frustration to our boy’s unstable mind. Subaru just stay taking these Ls
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    I can’t even image just how Subaru will look and feel when he wakes up in the previous loop. Also I’m glad you did not release this on valentines day because that would been like pouring salt on an open wound.

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      Fear not the dark and let the feast begin.”

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    1. “Le baiser d’Émilia est si dégoûtant que ça. Je suis perdue là.”

      Non, pas vraiment. C’est juste la situation actuelle (Subaru est en train de mourir, il perd tous ses sens, Emillia n’est plus elle même depuis qu’elle s’est réveillée etc).


      1. Essentially. He died in the arms of the woman he loves. This is as peaceful as a passing that he could ask for. Yes, the place was falling down around them, but he didn’t die by being horribly mutilated, or eaten.

        So yeah, I’d argue that it was pretty peaceful.


        1. I would like to burn the great rabbit with promeuthium flames and crush their burning husks beneath my adamantium boot (thumbs up to whoever knows what I am)


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  21. So… can we considere that deeply inside of her, Emilia has feelings towards Subaru? Yes, the chapter shows us that she’s broken, she lost her hopes and dreams and put everything on the only thing that was always here for her : Subaru. But when I read the loop, especially this part, I feel like despite her mental state, those words are all but a lie. The text says that she denied what she was seeing (meaning that she had the choice to, she just didn’t want to face the truth of losing what was left for her so her true self was here, or at least a part of it). I mean, even Garfield and Roschii (kinda) confirmed that there was something up to her about Barusu.
    That aside, that was beautiful. A screaming pain drowning in a beautiful painting. I just feel frustrated about the fact that it went that way. Even one of the thing if not the thing he wanted above everything else, hanging just above his face, he couldn’t get it in the end. I’m also sad for Emilia. She denied the death in front of her eyes, but now that he’s dead in this world, at which point would she be hurt? What would happen to the last part of sanity she kept?
    Also where will Subaru respawn and how would he feel? Devastated, Broken himself, full of regret and anger and sadness. I can’t wait.

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    1. I can’t really explain things here without spoilers, and I’ve only gotten through what is translated of Arc 5 myself, so bear with me.

      Emilia has feelings for Subaru. Obviously this is the case. But Emilia doesn’t really understand romance, or romantic feelings. At heart, she’s a young and naive girl, in many ways. She cares about Subaru a great deal, but she herself cannot recognize these feelings as necessarily being “romantic love,” and Subaru himself is fine with this (mostly). Until Emilia herself can emotionally mature, she won’t be able to return Subaru’s affection in the way that he desires, but given how she clearly feels – I doubt it will take forever.

      This certainly was a beautiful update. However, Emilia being utterly mentally broken makes any attempts to analyze her behavior from this difficult at best.


  22. Oh yeah, reading this in English puts a much darker feel to the already dark parts of this story.

    Emilia’s sickly-sweet demeanor in this route really surprising. I did some real thinking on why this change was brought about, not because Roswaal had something to do with it, or Puck, but why Subaru was the one to receive her affection in this kind of deranged state she’s in.

    My actual theory is that Subaru’s feelings pierced her immediately. She has been continually moved by Subaru’s spirit and actions thus far, and she’s already fallen for him, but she doesn’t know how to handle it. Now, Puck’s absence obviously had an effect on it, but she’s been going the gradual change of relying on someone other than herself, or Puck; hence Roswaal’s “Emilia’s extremely weak” comments.

    She obviously feels an immense amount of affection for him, regardless of her being able to understand them, or denies them. I’m not convinced that it’s a survival technique.

    Thanks again, Chicken-dono.


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      ~Second is after he set off the rock bombs from imploding Emilia’s cart. After Betelgeuse.


  24. How many times has Subo died now? Welp lets start the death count.

    1st: Elsa
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  26. Chicken-sama im actually curious, how much have you read? Here i thought youve read all of this since you translated parts of 6 and was just returning to translate the story to english.

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  27. I dont want to sound rude or anything, i am immensely grateful for your work and time, this is a serious curiosity that’s been nagging me to ask.
    Chicken-san, why does it takes so long to translate a chapter? They are fairly short and, i don’t know if it’s because of your work or not, it does not use a lot of exotic words that you would need to spend a good time with a dictionary to attribute it a different meaning. Is japanese really that hard? Or is it because of ur IRL activities?

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      But even in normal circumstances, it takes 20-30 hours to complete an average chapter. Think back on when you had to write essays in school, it’s not as easy when actually doing it.

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        In any case, hope you get better soon and enjoy your trip!


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    Thanks for the amazing chapter!


  34. “But, even knowing this, Subaru didn’t warn her.
    Because, within moments of losing his life―― he couldn’t escape his selfish desire to face the end at Emilia’s side.” Subaru is by far at his worst up until this point of story. I’m infuriated because of his indecisiveness and spinelessness. In the world, where there is literally zero reason to keep living, he can’t end his life. Why he couldn’t just use Lewes’ clone and blow up himself? More importantly he decided to risk Emilia and other precious people’s life to him, he forced them to suffer for no fucking reason. And no, he didn’t lost his sanity. And if Emilia would be eaten alive because of his retardness, I would never forgive him, despite the fact that Subaru is by far my favorite character. And what an irony, his first kiss was stealed by his stupidity and Emilia being out of her mind, kind of his punishment. Truly pathetic. Btw, Emilia is still super cute, even if she is out of her mind, EMT ❤ that's a miracle.


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