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Note from TranslationChicken:

I originally intended this as an April Fools joke, but I was so tired from the jet lag… >_<

I’ve been bombarded with requests for Arc 5 and this chapter, so here you go, gees, now stop pestering me!!
Just know that I only read what I translate, so I don’t have any idea what’s going on with the plot here except from the wiki summary I read years ago before the anime ended. I literally have no context so please let me know without spoiling me if anything sounds weird.

I’ll work on this chapter when I have time, and I might continue with these if you guys are interested.

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Donning his usual clothes and his usual air, Al looked around the room,

[Al: Are these all the old faces in the City Hall? I thought there’d be more?]

[Subaru: ……They’re with Crusch-san upstairs. More importantly… where’ve you been?]

[Al: Me? Oh yeah, I ran like hell and found a corner to hide in the moment the trouble started. I popped out to have a look once I saw the situation’s calmed down a bit. Then I heard the broadcast too, and came to the City Hall hopin’ I’d find my’bro or someone who knows what’s goin’ on here]

Showing off his astonishingly happy-go-lucky optimism, Al answered while making metallic creaks fiddling with his helmet. Listening to this, even the others couldn’t help but be put off by his answer.
It was the kind of disdain towards someone who chose to save their own skin even though his friends were severely in need.

[Al: Hey don’t look at me like that. It’s not like it was my fault that I was late? I mean, I’m sorry for not bein’ there, but that was totally a case of bad luck, y’know? Besides, I doubt one more guy like me would’ve have made a difference]

[Garfiel: Oy, gen’ral. Th’hell’s with this guy. ‘S he fuckin’ with us?]

Watching Al say it with a shrug, Garfiel, who had been irked from the start, was nearing his limit.
Come to think of it, Garfiel and Al had never actually met. When Priscilla showed up at the inn and shattered everyone’s amicable atmosphere, Garfiel wasn’t there, either.
So in his eyes, Al must’ve been some strange man who just showed up out of nowhere.

[Subaru: Wait wait, Garfiel. That guy’s Al. He’s Royal Selection candidate Priscilla’s Knight. I haven’t told you yet, have I, but all five candidates are gathered in the city right now, and……]

[Al: Correction, bro. I’m just Princess-san’ lackey, not’er knight. I wouldn’t wanna get stuck with uptight title like that. Oh, no offense, bro]

While Subaru was calling to stop Garfiel, Al corrected him with a sarcastic jab. Seeing that attitude only made Garfiel grit his fangs while blue veins popped out of his forehead.

[Anastasia: Alright that’s enough! That’s enough! It’s just gettin’ more and more confusing so can all of you please shut up!?]

Before their banter could escalate any further, Anastasia clapped her hands to turn back the mood.
Then, with her round eyes glaring directly at Al,

[Anastasia: Showin’ up all of a sudden and goin’ straight to messin’ up the atmosphere, you’re just like your master, aren’t you? Flauntin’ your personality defects will only make people think even less of you. Just stop]

[Al: Ouch… the truth can kinda hurt, y’know. But, too bad that’s just how I am. People’re always tellin’ me I get on their nerves. I guess screwin’ up people’s rhythm can be a survival technique as well]

Sticking his finger through the gap between his helmet and his neck, Al said while scratching the back of his head.
Meeting his rebuttal with a sigh, Anastasia turned to Subaru,

[Anastasia: Things have just gotten more complicated, but my position isn’t going to change. We have to accept the premise that sacrifices will have to be made, and from there, we can start plannin’ towards victory. If you don’t want there to be civilian casualties, Natsuki-kun, then start thinkin’ about how you are goin’ to achieve it. Even though I say this, I don’t want to see more deaths either]

[Subaru: Then, you won’t mind if I go check out the shelters, will you?]

[Anastasia: ……You’re free to use your time as you like. Either way, our need to bolster our forces hasn’t changed. If you find anyone in the shelters who can fight, get them to tag along]

Although reluctant, Anastasia withdrew her opposition to Subaru. Having her outright agree would simply be too much to hope for. So in this case, he had no complaints.

[Anastasia: Take the Communication Mirror with you. We’ll be in contact, but for now, let’s set the deadline for your return to be six hours from now. Be careful, we mustn’t make any mistakes from now on]

[Subaru: Deadline, huh… I forgot to ask, but, what time is it?]

[Julius: It’s still the same day, just approaching midnight. ――Counting from now, we only have nine hours]

Julius told him the time limit in Anastasia’s place.
If they hold the next strategy meeting in six hours, in practice, he would only have three hours free to use as he wished. He would need to find a way to convince Anastasia within that time frame.
Then, they would have to come up with the manpower and plan needed to defeat the Witch Cult and destroy them before time runs out. Only then, would the city be saved. Or rather, that alone is not enough.

He will have to retrieve Emilia. Reclaim Rem’s memories from Gluttony. Restore the people transformed by Lust to their normal forms. And only then, would their victory be complete.

[Subaru: We don’t have much time. Do you have a map of the refuge-shelters?]

[Anastasia: Yes. Take as many copies as you need. We’ve marked out the ones where Ricardo and the kids of the Iron Fang have already visited, as well as ones being checked on now]

Anastasia gestured to Ricardo, who handed Subaru the map of their route. From the markings over the brand-new map, Subaru could see that the Iron Fang had started from the furthest shelters and made their way backward.
Considering the state of Subaru’s leg, it was a great help that only the nearest locations remained.
It was almost as if they had thought of this beforehand and left these for him on purpose.

[Julius: Subaru, I’ll go with you]

[Subaru: Julius… no, you better not. While it’d be nice to have more people on hand, it’ll be a problem if we don’t leave enough fighting force in the City Hall]

Subaru rejected Julius’ offer on the grounds that it would leave the City Hall too vulnerable.
Ricardo would go back to patrolling, and Subaru already intended to take Garfiel with him. Even though there was still Wilhelm upstairs, it would be too heavy a burden to leave the protection of the City Hall to him alone.
Besides, there was already a dark cloud looming over Crusch’s camp at the moment.

Hearing Subaru’s answer, Julius regretfully nodded in agreement.
It had always been rare to see him losing his composure like this. Subaru lightly patted Julius on the shoulder and jerked his chin towards Garfiel.

[Subaru: Garfiel will come with me. And we’ll see if we can find any more fighters in the shelters. We’ll try to contain the panic while we’re at it]

[Garfiel: Y-yeah, got it. Leave it t’me]

A bit late to notice Subaru’s invitation, Garfiel quickly drew in his chin and nodded.
Getting this confirmation, Subaru spread out the map in his hands, and, with the City Hall at the center, he began to wonder which side of Priestella he should begin with.
Their first priority should be securing their combat strength―― that is, to find out what happened to Reinhardt.

[Al: If possible, can we look in the shelters close to the inn first? I think Princess-san couldn’t have gotten far from there]

[Subaru: In that case, it’ll be closer if we go through this…… wait a minute]

With his finger on the map, Subaru suddenly stopped to look at Al who had waltzed his way into the conversation. Seeing Al tilt his head looking confused, Subaru pointed his finger at him, and,

[Subaru: You’re… coming too?]

[Al: Yeah? I’ll be kinda troubled if I have to go alone. And I’ll be even more troubled if I don’t find Princess-san. After all that’s happened, you aren’t gonna make me wander out there all by myself, are you? With things as they are, I’m scared something might happen if we don’t find her soon]

[Garfiel: ……Just th’perfect master-servant love, ain’t it, oy]

As unproductive as this sentiment was, Subaru was genuinely glad to have one more person join him. Hearing that Al was coming along, Garfiel made a disgusted expression, but, at this point, he was ready to set aside his misgivings for now.
As much as it irked them, there was no doubt that they wanted to save Priscilla.

[Subaru: As for Priscilla… I saw her in the park on First Street about fifteen minutes before the chaos started. In that case, she’ll probably be in a shelter nearby]

[Al: Really? That’s some powerful information, bro! Let’s start from there!]

Overjoyed at the new information, Al violently slapped on Subaru’s back.
And, just like this, accompanied by a cheerful Al and a scowling Garfiel, the three of them left the City Hall on their expedition to the shelters.

All the while, watching them from behind as they left――

[Scarf: Looks like we’ve been totally made into the bad guys…]

[Anastasia: Shush, scarf-fox. And it’s not like I haven’t thought it through…… but if Natsuki-kun can say the same when he comes back, then he’s just not capable of thinking at all]

With a tired expression on her face, Anastasia whispered, while her scarf softly shuddered.
And no one else would notice this brief exchange between them.


-=Arc 5 Chapter 39 End=-




Arc 5 Chapter 40 Part 1/2:


I skimmed over the Wiki summary since last part, but I won’t have time to read all the chapters. Before I get to the next chapter if you guys can summarize for me some key points I should know at this point, that would help a lot! ❤

And let me know if you find any typos! 


Arc 5 Chapter 40 Part 1/2:



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      1. You’re an Holy Chicken who came to earth to give salvation for us, poor inferior being who can’t understand japanese, and were locked to Anon’s work.
        (But I largely prefer yours, it’s more readable for a french guys like me. I even follow your Arc 4 translation cause it’s a great work. It’s just I couldn’t wait ><)


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  2. accept the premise that sacrifices will have be *to* made

    Bring as many copies as you need – I believe “Take” as many copies makes sense here since Subaru is leaving?

    As unproductive as it is – As unproductive as it “was” to match the tense of the rest? Maybe I’m off here.

    he was ready *to* set aside his

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  3. Hey chicken meh dude. Seriously dude thank you so much for translating arc 5. I read your arc 4 translations until I couldn’t wait anymore and ended up reading anons. But he hasn’t posted an update in months. Seriously chicken dude. I freaking love you.


    1. As for the major plot points and what you need to know. A year has passed since the end of arc 4 Anastasia invites the candidates to a water city I forget the name. :/ On Subaru’s second or third day there a sin archbishop appears and well. Ya… if you think arc 4 is hype. When you finally get to the chapter in arc 5 where stuff goes down. Ohhh my gawdddd chicken it’s so good meh dude. Stuff to know for the next chapter of arc 5 you translate. Reinhard is missing. Wilhelm’s scar/wound thing is hurting. Subaru and the gang have fought multiple times already and Subaru has died but after the recent battles he wakes up in a bed with his wounds. Emilia’s been kidnapped and Garfiel met his biological mother. So ya.


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          1. Spoilers from previous chapters.
            Garfiel’s mother did not die, but she was injured, and lost all of her memories. As a result, she forgot about Garfiel, and basically started a new life.


  4. If you’re wondering about the scarf, the two chapters prior to this revealed the scarf is an artificial spirit made by Echidna, and it has a copy of her personality, but incomplete memories. It doesn’t even remember its creator. Apparently, the sprit has a defect and is incapable of forming a contract, so it stays with Anastasia by choice as an advice giver. Not exactly a spoiler since this info was from the chapters before this one.


  5. I’m not sure about the scarf fox name. It’s already revealed that the fox has the same name as Echidona, so if you tweaked that for spoiler reasons, there’s no need.


  6. Thanks for this ❤
    About important plots I remember now and probably you don't know:
    1) Subaru is Emilia's knight and he made a contract with Beatrice after the mansion (including the library) burned off.
    2) Apparently, Reinhard killed Theresia, her grandmother, and this separated him and Wilhelm, but they tried to get along well in a meeting between the candidates except Priscilla. This was interrupted by Heinkel Astrea (Reinhard's father) in a bad way
    3) Puck and Emilia's contract is gone because of the trial and he is trapped in the cristal Emilia is wearing, the old one is dust
    4) Garfiel's mother is alive and she lives in Priestella, also she has a new family, but she lost her memories after she left the sanctuary because she had an accident. Also, her husband was in the city hall when Capella took it, so he is one of the people transformed, especifically the dragon, that's why Garfiel and Mimi went to there before the big group, but they lost and Mimi got big wounds that can't close (like Wilhelm's one)
    There are more, but they are not important in this arc I think, also you should read a few chapters since ch 18, where wrath appeared for first time, so you can made a better idea of her authority (I think her authority is the worst one, I was terrified about the posibilities and how she used it)


    1. Number 2 is incorrect Reinhard didn’t kill her the white whale did but I don’t think she’s dead she probably lost all her memories and joined the witch cult…why do i say she’s not dead? Cause she is the one who gave Wilhelm the scar and it reopens when she’s nearby because of her blessing….


      1. She dissapeared after the fighting with the white whale, but we don’t know exactly what happened, I’m just repeating Heinkel’s words, that’s why I wrote apparently


      2. It was indirectly. According to his dad it was something like Reinhard gaining the sword saint powers at a bad time leaving his grandmother unable to handle the whale like she originally planned.

        Also it’s been rumored according to Julius that Reinhards dad is kinda the one responsible for all the problems in their family in one way or another


        1. lets see pretty much this is a major spoiler i have warned you
          so what happened was that reinhard stole theresia’s blessing of the sword saint and she became powerless against the white whale and thats how she died it is true that the women that was up against willhelm was theresia but that was just a zombie pretty much pandora has the ability to make corpses move dats all theresia is 100% dead main reason is reinhard thats why they said he killed her


  7. Here’s the rundown Subaru Otto Emilia Garf come to Pristella to negotiate with Ana for a new crystal that could be a host for Puck. While the other royal candidates are in the city too and so are the archbishops. First Subaru runs into Sirius (Wrath) her ability is to control peoples emotions and also make everyone feel the same thing, which is dangerous since she can get anyone with in her range to get angry or become oblivious puppets to situations even worse if you harm or kill one person that injury extands to everyone. She can also manipulate fire.
    Then Emilia and Sirius fought but over time Emilia ended up under her control and she was about to be burned by Sirius but Regelus(Greed) saves her claiming to be his next bride.
    Subaru with the help of Beatrice tries to fight them realizes that Greed is pretty much invincible but can be caught off guard, and since Subaru had landed two blows on Regelus he returns the favor by destroying Subaru’s foot and Sirius spreads that injury to everyone who was around at the square and before passing out Subaru begs Beatrice to try and heal everyone there. She tries to but ends up exhausting all her mana and is currently in a state of suspended animation.

    The night before all commotion when everyone was happy and stuff Garf challenged Reinhard to test how strong he was against the best.. He got effortlessly rekt! Then went off to sulk and Mimi( who has the biggest crush on Garf) followed him. Through some events Garf ends up meeting his mother but she has amnesia.. So he doesn’t tell her who he is.. Then the next day after the witch cult broadcast Garf and Mimi try to rescue Garfs moms new husband since he works where the cult took over. When Garf and Mimi get there they’re stopped by a Beastman with multiple arms and swordswoman with pinkish red hair.. Mimi is terrified cause she realizes they have no chance against them but due to Garf being arrogant Mimi gets critically injured so she’s out rn
    And to the current situation Subaru Wilhelm Crusch Julius Garf Ricardo go back to where Mimi was injured to try get control of the tower which is being guarded by Cappella (Lust) she’s basically immortal and can shape shift and turn others whatever she wants. Fight ensues and outside Wilhelm and the swordswoman start their dance Garf and the beastman go at it and Ricardo stands as backup. Subaru Julius Crusch run inside and BAM our boy Gluttony is chilling there waiting for em Julius says he’ll hold him off and Subaru and Crusch go on to face Capella but due to Capellas trickery they’re tricked into thinking an innocent man is the enemy and Crusch get taken out. Capella then taunts Subaru.. But long story short she turned everyone working there into humanoid flies, and infected Crusch and Subaru with her dragonsblood and when Subaru woke up his foot had healed up perfectly but is covered in black which is unheard of and as for Crusch.. she wasn’t so lucky. Then Ana and Subaru had a talk where Ana reveals that her scarf contains the spirit of Echidona (but not the same tomb one) one of her attempts at immortality and we’re basically here


    1. This guy >’-‘ –
      – ‘-‘< that guy
      <-_-< those guys
      \°¿°/ is there any other guys we should know about?


  8. I think the scarf-fox should be replaced by its name cuz they hve known each other for a long time (Anastasia and echidna) and scarf fox is a little weird , but idk ur choice


  9. arc 6 35 [Thin Ice Relations] (Part 2/3)

    when are you doing th last part? and pls cont. with arc 6 the new chapter sare more interesting than this arc


  10. By the way chicken, why did u choose “general” for what garfiel calls subaru? I just want to know what the japanese word that garfiel uses to call subaru.


  11. Damn it ! I’ve become so addicted to these chapters, and i hope that you’ll be able to translate the next chapters when you get the time, thanks.


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    becose I don’t whant to check and check this page if it’s never gona get a next chapter.


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