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Chapter 40

[The Erosion of Wrath]


There were 25 shelters in each district of urban Priestella, totaling 100 in all.
Following Al’s suggestion to start their search from the First Street where they’d have the best chance of finding Priscilla, the three of them proceeded with the greatest possible caution to avoid any confrontations.

[Al: Still, aren’t we goin’ a little overboard? I mean, we got the lil’bro with us, so there’s no reason to be scared, right bro?]

[Subaru: This is not being overcautious. When our strength is limited and we’re facing such an overwhelming enemy, we can’t let down our guard for a second. Besides, it’s not just the enemy we need to worry about, we also have to be careful not to excite the others]

While he disagreed with Anastasia in the City Hall―― the possibility that the people’s anxiety would escalate into violence could not be ignored.
And so, Subaru’s plan to patrol through the shelters was both to recruit able fighters while verifying the situation as well as to contain the spread of panic.

[Al: Aw… when you put it that way…… Well I got no complaints about pickin’ the safest route. Since if we ever get into a fight, we’ll have to rely on the lil’bro here]

[Subaru: …….You’ve been saying this a lot, but are you really sure you can’t fight? I mean you made it to City Hall alright?]

[Al: If I had to choose between “Can fight” and “Can’t fight”, I’d choose “Can fight”… But even then, I’m still bound by human limits. If I have to go against guys whose strength’re way beyond humans, I’ll end up dead in the corner of the screen like a minion within seconds, y’know. No no no, that’s way too reckless]

Screeching the hinges of his helmet, Al flapped his right arm in an expression of his helplessness.
Although somewhat dissatisfied with that attitude, Subaru could understand where he was coming from. Regardless of how much effort, there were just heights that could never be reached.
When it comes to surviving in this world, maybe the cards were already dealt the moment you were born. No matter how much you train your body, you just wouldn’t look at Julius or Garfiel, much less Reinhardt, and think: “I’ll definite catch up to them one day”.

[Subaru: But, that’s not a reason not to fight, right?]

[Al: It isn’t? I thought havin’ no chance to win is more than enough reason not t’fight? But yeah, guess it’s different when it involves leavin’ somethin’ important behind… but I just ain’t that kinda character, y’know?]

[Subaru: ――――]

[Al: Don’t be mad, bro. Your high-minded ideas are fine and all. But they’re just not for me… That’s all]

With both of their minds already made up, it’d be futile to continue this conversation.
Seeing Subaru fall silent, Al apologized for souring the mood, when he noticed something that made him lift up his face. On the other end of his gaze was Garfiel, who had returned from scouting out the path ahead.
Almost without a sound, with all four limbs on the pavement, Garfiel scrunched up his face,

[Garfiel: I dunno… there’s nothin’ at all in th’three streets ahead. It’s so quiet its fuckin’ creepy. It’s empty, but that just makes it more suspicious]

Garfiel sniffed, as if sensing that something was off.
They had wanted to avoid fighting. But not encountering anything they had expected was even more worrying. It was a precarious feeling, but this was no time to be hesitating,

[Subaru: It’s troubling, but there’s no helping it. The shelter is right up ahead. Let’s just get to it for now. The road is safe, right?]

[Garfiel: My nose n’ eyes ain’t pickin’ up anythin’. Shit, this’s weird]

Scratching his short blond hair, Garfiel frustratedly kicked at the ground.
Subaru nodded, while Al shrugged showing no objection.

It had been fifteen minutes since they left the City Hall, but contrary to their caution, they got here entirely without incident. At worst, they were even prepared for the streets to be lined with occupying Witch Cultists. “Disappointing” would be an understatement.

[Al: I’m kinda surprised, but it seems the Witch Cult didn’t bring many followers on this raid, did they?]

While running, Al looked around as he made this comment about their circumstances. Subaru turned to him and asked, [What makes you say that?],

[Al: It’s simple, there’re way too few scouts watchin’ the place. You feel it too, right? Compared to how efficient they were capturin’ all the key points in the city, they’re way too slack with the defenses. Same with how they’re lettin’ the resistance do as they please. If they really wanted their demands met, they shouldn’t have done it like this]

[Subaru: Closing off the areas to ensure that their demands are met would’ve been safer, huh. Then why do you think they didn’t do this? Is there something else they want?]

[Al: I wouldn’t know anythin’ like that… Or, well, if I have t’guess……]

Although Al was about to let the topic drop, seeing Subaru turn him a stern gaze, he made what must’ve been a wry smile inside his helmet, and, after spending some time in thought,

[Al: ――Gettin’ their demands, not gettin’ their demands, it doesn’t really matter, does it?]

[Subaru: Huh?]

[Al: If they were serious about their demands, they’d have taken better care of the details. But I think you ‘n I agree that they left the hole so big that the wind’s just blowin’ through…… So, they can’t be takin’ their demands seriously. If they’re met, that’s good. If they aren’t, that’s good too. Feels like that]

[Subaru: What the hell…… then they’re just messing with us, aren’t they……!]

[Al: Well yeah. That’s what they do, isn’t it?]

Subaru fell speechless as Al casually replied.
At that last question, Subaru swallowed a breath, unable to refute it.

――It was just to mess with them.
But, considering the deviousness of the Witch Cult, it was nothing to scoff at. The way they somehow always seemed to be getting the upper hand in this siege was indeed full of questions.

In the assault on the City Hall, it was almost as if Capella and Alphard were lying in ambush, waiting for them, and yet the absence of Sirius and Regulus meant they weren’t committing all of their forces, same goes for the fact that they didn’t kill any one of Subaru’s companions.
And now, with how they were making no attempt to defend the city they had captured only further proved that they weren’t taking optimal measures for their apparent goal.

[Garfiel: Captain! Don’t listen t’a guy like that. And you, if y’fill th’Captain’s head with any funny ideas I’ll bash yer head in, yeah?]

As Subaru was sinking into thought, Garfiel shouted to him from the side. Then, turning his vicious gaze from Subaru to Al, running beside him,

[Garfiel: Goin’ on and on about that incomprehensible bullshit. Just shut up, y’bastard who can’t even fight! I don’t care what they’re fuckin’ plannin’, but I’ll just be sure to crush’em, mash’em, n’ send’em flyin! That’s all y’need t’know!]

[Al: Aw, that’s kinda extreme, isn’t it? I admit I’m useless fightin’ those guys head-on, but it’s too much to be sayin’ it doesn’t matter what they’re thinkin’. Or are you sayin’ it’ll be more trouble if we found out what they want?]

[Garfiel: ――You!]

With the shrill sound of gritting teeth, Garfiel stopped his sprint as if shaving into the ground. At the same time, Al stopped as well, as the two stared at each other in a perilous atmosphere.
Immediately stepping between them, Subaru pressed his hands against both their chests,

[Subaru: Wait! What’re you guys doing? This is not the place to fight amongst ourselves!]

[Garfiel: He ain’t one of us, Captain. This guy ain’t nothin’ good. It’ll be best we dispose of him here]

[Al: I try to stay away from fights when I can, but I’m not gonna go the peaceful non-resistance route against a guy who wants my blood, you know]

Garfiel cracked his knuckles while Al clicked his neck.
And seeing their belligerent attitudes, Subaru was just about to explode.
Feeling seething rage stabbing the insides of his chest, it was all he could do to keep himself from beating those two to death, when――

[Subaru: ……this is weird]

Instantly snapping out of that near-murderous rage, Subaru held his head.
That was way too huge of a leap in thought. Besides, what was he thinking, directing this kind of hostility towards his allies?
It was as if he was being driven mad by those two’s argument in front of him――

[Subaru: Unless……]

Just as he couldn’t explain the unhinged emotions inside him, at that thought, a chill ran down Subaru’s spine. Indeed, he had felt that sickening sensation many times before.

[Subaru: We’re being affected… because Sirius is nearby……!?]

Stiffening his cheeks, he commanded himself to stay conscious as looked around him.
There was no sign of that abomination in sight. No trace of her shrill voice, either. Yet that faint sense of nausea was weighing heavily on his body.

[Subaru: Hey! Garfiel, Al, stop this! Take a deep breath, calm down. You’ve also noticed it’s strange why you two’re suddenly at each other’s throats, right? It has to be the influence of “Wrath”. It’s making us lose control of our emotions]

[Garfiel: Hah? What’re y’talkin about, Captain. This’s because this bastard’s pissin me off…… no, wait]

[Subaru: ――――]

Garfiel held his face with his palm, trying to digest what Subaru had to say. He slowly shook his head, blinking several times,

[Garfiel: ……No kiddin’. Feels like I wasn’t myself just now]

[Subaru: That’s the power of “Wrath”. But, just to confirm… you’re sure there are no enemies nearby?]

[Garfiel: No smell, no sign of’em…… there’s no mistakin’ it. Unless…]

It was precisely because he was so confident in his own senses that Garfel was so disturbed by that thought.
In other words, the range of Sirius’ Authority must be far beyond what they had imagined. If that monster was indeed at the Control Tower, then the range of its Authority would cover almost the entire city. Though of course, this was definitely different in degree compared with what he felt in the Plaza.

[Al: Huh. So that’s what it feels to have your emotions toyed with. Not somethin’ I’d want to experience again, that’s for sure. Guess now I’ve seen how bad it can get]

Like Garfiel, Al shook off that momentary hysteria and muttered.
He turned to Subaru, and, with a jerk of his jaw,

[Al: But, bro. Doesn’t that mean it’ll be bad news if we don’t hurry?]

[Subaru: What’re you saying?]

[Al: Well, we had you to notice it first, and once you told us, we snapped out of it too. But the others won’t have that. If this spreads throughout the city…… I doubt the ordinary people would be able to keep their heads]

[Subaru: ――hk!]

With the worst possibility flashing across his mind as soon as Al pointed it out, Subaru looked at Garfiel. And Garfiel, having reached the same conclusion, nodded back as they immediately drove their heels into he ground to return to sprinting at full speed. Their destination: the nearest shelter.

[Al: Hey! Wait for me!]

Lagging behind the two, Al frantically tried to catch up behind them.
With speed as his only concern, Subaru went on kicking his feet into the pavement, oblivious to his surroundings. While Garfiel’s every step widened the gap between them, and within a matter of seconds, he had left Subaru behind and disappeared into the split in the road ahead.
According to the map, there should be a shelter right beyond the corner Garfiel took.

[Al: Watch the road!]

[Subaru: Garfiel ran ahead without fighting! That means no one’s there!]

Roughly answering the call from behind, Subaru reached the corner shortly after Garfiel. Turning without breaking his momentum, he sighted the small stone shed.
Wildly swinging open the door and then confirming that there were stairs leading below, Subaru rushed down in a frenzy. And, gradually, as his dim field of vision opened up ――

[Subaru: No way……]

――Amid bloody pools and echoing wails, a picture of hell unfolded before him.


※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※




Arc 5 Chapter 40 Part 2/2:


I had this mostly done for the last week, but I didn’t want to release until it’s ready…

I’m wondering if you guys would like a faster, dialogue-only translation of the Arc 5 and Arc 6 Chapters? I’ll still translate the most beautiful parts, but leave most of the narration for when I have more time. 

I really want the Arc 6 translation to catch up with the latest Chapters. Once Tappei-sama goes on another hiatus I’ll have a chance to start filling in the narration.


I’ve changed Garfiel’s address for Subaru to “Captain” since you guys asked for it.

“General” is still more accurate, but I’ll decide when I reach that point in Arc 4.


Let me know if you see any typos! ❤


Arc 5 Chapter 40 Part 2/2:


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    Reminds me of “all according to keikaku. (T/N: keikaku means plan)”

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    1. I mean, keeping things as-is when a suitable translation exists seems like going down a rabbit hole, when you consider the many differences between words in Japanese and English. I appreciate some words getting translator notes or such where it is difficult to translate things properly, but “captain” seems to fit very well in the context. Even if the word itself might more literally mean something like “general,” captain fits the more laid-back nature of the phrase as Garfiel uses it. At least as far as I understand it.


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    1. Its 1 year timeskip after the events in arc 4. He became Emilia’s Knight, Spirit Knight, same title as Julius since he got Beatrice as his contracted Spirit.

    2. They got invited by Anastasia to go to Priestella the water city. Same as all the other royal Candidates, crusch, felt and priscilla with their knights. Reason was to share informations etc pp. For Emilia’s camp, Anastasia has the information to get a crystal again for puck to reside in.

    3. After a bit in arc 5 happy going to recover from arc 4. When Subaru was out with Emilia, Priscilla and Beatrice in the park, when he gets something to drink with Beatrice, he encounters the Arcbishop of Wrath, Sirius. And dies again for the first time in a year. This time, his reset point is only 15 minutes before the attack of the witch cult. To Wrath quick insight: Can transmit her feelings and the feelings of others to any other living being and to all inside her radius. She can amplify those feelings etc pp. But the most important part is that everyone linked, obtain the same damage, and ofc if someone dies within the link, all of them do.

    4. Arcbishop of greed (Regulus) decided that he makes Emilia his wife, and abducted her during the fight with Wrath. Thats the wedding part mentioned in the demands from the witch cult.

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    7. Beatrice is atm in an animationless state since she exhausted all her magic trying to save subaru and the ppl involved in the encouter with Wrath. Subaru got his foot servered, so as all the ppl involved in Wraths radius. Subaru ordered Beatrice to heal everyone, not just him.

    8. The demands of the witch cult here mentioned: Give the Book of Wisdom (the one echidna had, including the 2 true copies which roswall and beatrice held), which none of them exist anymore, at least as far as we know atm. Give the 2 spirits (Echidna and Beatrice). And 3th, something about Emilia’s and Regulus Wedding.

    8. The fox scarf around Anastasias neck is actually a Spirit version of Echidna, she is Echidna, yet has no memories of her past. So she doesnt know she is/was the witch of greed etc pp. Thats about all we know at this point about the spirit version of Echidna. She just came across Anastasia and followed her around from that point on.

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    1. Chicken said it himself when i asked him of what word garfiel uses to call subaru after they made up. Garfiel uses taishō which means general. Garfiel is more like a chuunibyou than a delinquent.

      Wiki summary may say boss, or anon may say captain, but i like chicken’s version for keeping the closest meaning.


    2. The word is “Taisho”, which is “general”.
      It’s a modern military rank equivalent to “Full General” or “Full Admiral”, so it’s closer to the commander of an army.

      I feel like Garfiel’s address is like a samurai addressing his general.


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  17. Maybe doing that with arc 6? Skipping a bit of details on arc 5 is fine and all too since this arc is hecka slow it seems but just dialogue is too much


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