Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 1 [The Place They Returned To](1/5)

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Chapter 1 [The Place They Returned To]


The grey gloom of the sky mirrored the state of Subaru’s heart.

In front of Crusch’s mansion, six dragon carriages lined up in a row. Those that fled from the Roswaal domain, the villagers of Arlam(or so the place was called) were all loaded up. Only the final special carriage was reserved for Subaru and Emilia.

The road will be long. So unlike the way here, they won’t be riding with the children, since there is a mountain of things he has to say to Emilia… and he wasn’t so insensitive as to let the children ride alongside “her”…

[I will become rather lonely]

Silently gazing at the dragon carriages, Subaru heard a voice from behind him.

Turning to see, it was Crusch looking at him. Her long green hair caressed by the misty wind, she closed her eyes, and seeing her, Subaru scratched his head.

[Subaru: It’s not like anything will happen if I stay here, I’d feel bad to just keep sponging on your hospitality —to be honest, I really should be taking some time to recover, but it can’t be helped]

Opening and closing his hands, Subaru thought about the state of his health, and smiled awkwardly. Back then, it was to recover his health that he came to Crusch’s mansion in the first place. Roswaal had a hand in sending him here, and it still annoys him to see that Clown’s wishes fulfilled so perfectly. As a matter of principle, even if he fulfills any of that guy’s wishes, it should be by continually stomping it.

[Crusch: Natsuki Subaru-sama, you know you’re welcome to sponge here as long as you like… even though it’s hard to say that out loud]

[Subaru: Thank you for your offer… but while I want to, there is still a pile of loose ends I need to tie up. There’s the White Whale, “Sloth”, and the whole deal with the merchants guild…]

Declining Crusch’s offer, Subaru shook his head. He was thinking of Julius and Anastasia.

Out of the three factions that joined forces against the White Whale and “Sloth”, only Anastasia’s purely benefited.

Crusch’s camp, by slaying the White Whale, had accomplished a glorious feat four hundred years in the making — but Crusch’s amnesia was a devastating blow.

As for Subaru and Emilia’s camp that defeated “Sloth”, the supposedly well-informed Roswaal’s absence from it all doesn’t bode well at all.

In terms of casualties, although they didn’t suffer heavy losses like Crusch’s camp, to Subaru, his loss was far too great to bear.

In comparison, only losing a portion of her mercenaries and supply trains, Anastasia’s forces are almost completely intact. And even though she wasn’t the main player in either battle, her forces made tremendous contributions with minimal losses, a highly profitable investment.

While the damage to their forces made the other two factions hesitate in publicizing their victories, it was not a concern for Anastasia.

In order to check Anastasia’s ascent, close coordination between Crusch and Emilia’s factions will be necessary…

….Seeing Subaru deep in those thoughts, Crusch yawned lazily. Subaru’s brows frowned when he saw this, and Crusch, an embarrassed expression on her face, only waved [nothing] with her hands…

[Subaru: Sorry to be so sentimental… but I’m ashamed I can’t repay you for your kindness…]

[Crusch: The ones that repay favors right away are not worthy opponents. Don’t worry about it when there is so much on your plate. Besides, we received plenty in return already]

Listening to Crusch’s courteous words, Subaru turned to look at the front of the special carriage. Compared to the others, it looked like an overly-decorated high-class VIP dragon carriage, and the honor of pulling it goes to—

[Crusch: Such an unambitious request… you want to treat this ground dragon’s wounds and take care of her?]

[Subaru: I do owe this ground dragon a great deal. Even though it’s only been a relatively short time, the number of times we rode into the brink of death is more than I can count. And I intend to face many more challenges together with her, so I won’t consider Patrasche to be a toy]

[Crusch: —In that case, I have no need to worry]

The ground dragon— Patrasche glanced at Subaru as he spoke, and then, as if rejecting his admiration, turned to Wilhelm. The old swordsman, who up to now had been checking the carriages before their departure, nodded at their conversation.

[Wilhelm: “Diana” is the most difficult breed of ground dragons to please. To shield her master with her own body, Subaru must be quite adored by this ground dragon]

[Subaru: Even though I don’t remember much, before the battle with the White Whale, I just decided to choose this one all of a sudden]

It’s true they have a bond. This was more than fortunate, because if he picked any other ground dragon, whether it’s the White Whale or Betelgeuse, he would not have made it out alive. Anyway,

[Subaru: I can no longer be satisfied by any other ground dragon besides you… Ah, seductive Patrasche!]

Touching the smooth texture of the side of Patrasche’s stomach with the palm of his hand as if to show off his affections, Subaru looked into Patrasche’s rather pissed-off looking eyes.

To Subaru’s overly intimate molestation, the ground dragon reacted with an expression of profound disgust from the bottom of its heart, and jerked her body as if trying to break Subaru’s fingers.

[Subaru: Ow! That’s overreacting just to hide your embarrassment! Though with all that exercise wiping windows back in Junior High, my fingers won’t break so easily!]

[Wilhelm: The ground dragon is joking with you. Such amiable communication must be an indication of the unwavering trust between you two]

[Subaru: Does that look like communication? It seemed to be just me offering my love one-sidedly and Patrasche rejecting me with her body language!]

That unspoken trust on the battlefield… is woefully absent right now. Now it’s just a sassy attitude… But in the end, even with the cold demeanor, Patrasche allowed him to pet her.


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Sorry it took so long guys! We’re in Arc 4!

At the beginning of Arc 4, the tone changed from the the dense, emotionally packed Interlude III into some lighthearted humor. I got lost for a bit there! I hope I managed to translate it to be enjoyable to read after all! This is only the calm before the storm though!


Once again thank you Jonathan K, Saranyu P, Jonathan B! And Kirt T and Stephen S! and Alberto G! and Jeffrey N! And Jonty J! MattErnest A! Justin F and Oleg Z! And Michael M, and Bentley M, and Micolo C! Zachary K! Marcel O!! Luis R! Guillaume C! Krzysztof C! Martijn T! Sergeev D! Julien/Terence T! Blake L! Macaulay K, Daniel K! Martin S, Vincent M, Brian D, Tim K, Julian H! Flavio T! Lennart W! Mohammed M! William W! David M! Mark M! Dawid K! Otto B! Steve B! Jason B! Alexandre M!!

And Jesse A! David S! Ly T! James Q! Alexander P! Jeffrey N! Shahril A! Giraffe! Gabriel D! Devon C, Rafael H, John W!! Son Wukong! Thomas A! John L! Matthew K! Loc V! Ayan S! Shippolover! Spencer N! Alexander! Dustin F! Nope! Hunter G! Aiman Z! Edsel R, Michal Z, Zarko B!

Thank you so much!! You are awesome!!

And thank you everyone for those wonderful messages! They really cheer me up!


Chibi Reviews just did another Re:Zero Web Novel video today!!


And Son Wukong did a live reaction reading for Interlude III!

Next Part 2/5:

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    1. Well turns out I’m 13 hours ahead and the 1:55 pm for you is 12:55 am for me. And I was wondering why there was no new part after those “few hours”…


    1. Hey bleachboy, Interlude II is the Chapter that follows after Episode 25, not Arc 4 Chapter 1.
      And the video thumbnail is a bit nsfw so I’ll convert it to a link for now! Sorry!
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  1. I have a small question. What is the gender of Patrasche? In the anime it is generally addressed as a her, yet near the ending they changed it to him. In this chapter, it is also addressed as her, yet near the end you changed it to his: “and jerked his body as if trying to break Subaru’s fingers.”
    Can you change it so that it can be more consistent?

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  2. These translations are sugoooooooooooi
    Really apreciate what you are doing. I have been so focused reading that i forgot to leave my personal thanks below. Keep up the good work 😀

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  3. 首だけで振り向く先、スバルの方を見ているのはクルシュだ。長い緑髪を湿った風に撫でられながら、目を伏せる彼女にスバルは頭を掻き

    It’s incorrectly translated. “Turning to see, it was Crusch looking at him. Her long green hair caressed by the misty wind, she closed her eyes, and reached her hand into Subaru’s hair, mussing it up.” SUBARU scratches his head. Crusch isn’t touching his hair.


  4. Chicken!!! Can I call you chicken? or… translationchicken is the way to go? anyway…. THANK YOU SO MUCH for translating the web novel! I really meant it, this work is just amazing, thank you for taking your time, thank you for keeping this story going for the unlucky ones that don’t know Japanese but still love this series, keep this up!!! I will be supporting you from now on till the end!

    Great translation,
    You rock.


      1. Dude, I think we should be thankful TranslationChicken is doing all this for the fandom with almost no compensation. I still think they should at least put ads on the website instead of relying solely on donations (unless that’d end up causing copyright troubles as well).

        Keep up the good work! 🙂


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